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Mountain Cur:Dog Breed Profile

Mountain Cur is medium in size and was originally used to help herders move herds. The ideal shoulder height for the dog should be less than 50 cm; the ideal weight should be 25 kg to 30 kg. At present the dog lives mainly in the steep mountain area, is the cattle shed, the stable, the hut as well as the home faithful Guardian.

Mountain Cur Breed Picture & Video

  • About Mountain Cur Breed

    Mountain Cur is a working dog whose primary job is to protect and drive herds. In general, working dogs have higher IQs than other dogs, followed by easy training, obedience, and high value. Mountain Cur can be very docile, pleasant, and friendly when it’s indoors, but it’s also a good playmate and bodyguard when it comes to the unexpected. In addition, whenever the cattle and sheep separated from the team, it will nibble their tail or heel to urge them to return to the team as soon as possible.

Mountain Cur Breed Daily Care

Some people who like to beautify Mountain Cur are keen to use an electric hair clipper for small animals because it’s quick and easy. In this way, you can keep your pet clean and tidy at all times very quickly and in very little time, but you should pay attention to the following points: 1. This grooming method is only suitable for pet dogs, do not use in the upcoming exhibition of dogs. 2. The hair will become soft and curly after being trimmed with this type of clipper. 3. Too close to the skin can damage the dog’s skin. Once you have cut the skin below your throat and around your ears, apply some ointment or baby oil to these areas. 4. It’s best to have an assistant when shaving your dog so that it doesn’t get agitated and interfere with the process. 5. After shaving, we must wash the dog and get rid of the hair.

First of all, dogs like Mountain Curs have a weak stomach when they are young. We can’t treat them like other dogs and let them eat people’s leftovers. We have to buy some soft dog food for them to eat, but be sure to choose dog food from big manufacturers. If we have conditions, we can choose dog food imported from the United States. After all, mountain dogs come from the United States, so we can give them the choice of dog food from their hometown, but if the general economic conditions of the dog food are also available, but no matter where the dog food is the same to choose regular.

As we focus on Mountain Cur’s health, we need to be mindful of the amount of food we feed our dogs every day. Let’s not feed the dog too little. It will starve the dog. If we feed too much, it will cause the dog to be fat, we must adjust according to the change of the Mountain Cur’s weight in time. The choice of ingredients is also very important. There are three criteria for choosing the right food for Mountain Cur: Age (puppy, adult, middle-aged, or older), the level of physical or physiological activity (active, athletic, and breeding), and size (small, medium, or large).

A well-trained mountain dog can bring us great convenience in the breeding process, but also bring us more fun in life. First, we need to show our dog what he can and can not do at home. The Great Swiss mountain dog is moderately hard to train, and after a lot of practice, we can get the dog to remember the instructions. But if we don’t let the dog practice these movements for a long time, the dog may forget what he has learned. Therefore, when we hand over the new movements to the dog, we must ask the dog to repeat them in a timely manner.

When we take care of a Mountain Curpuppy that has just come home, it’s best to give the Mountain Cur serum or Immunoglobulin shot immediately to strengthen the system. It is prohibited to give the dog a bath immediately, but only after the dog has adapted to the new environment for a few days and is eating and excreting properly. When the dog gets home, we should control the amount of food the dog eats. We should feed the dog below the normal amount and gradually increase it to the normal amount within a few days. If there is anything suspicious about the puppy we have just bought, we should call our doctor. If necessary, we should take our dog to the Animal Hospital as soon as possible to avoid irreversible consequences.

Mountain Cur Breed History

Mountain Cur is a golden short hair used by early American settlers. It has the ability to trap wild animals in the tree hunting skills and the courage to face difficulties. The dog also plays Brad in the Hollywood film adaptation of the Book of the same name, “old yeller. ”. Of course, in the days of American expansion, special hunting dogs were needed, and they were very important mongrels. By the early 1950s, the yellow dog lived only in remote mountains and swampy areas of the Southwestern United States. The breed varies greatly in size and color and maybe Beige, yellow, Taupe, black, and Brown, or striped.

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