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Mastador:Dog Breed Profile

Another interesting case of a dog is the Mastador one. That breed is the combination of Mastiff dogs and Labrador. For that reason, the Mastador breed shares common characteristics from both ancestors. However, the new dog is more playful than the ancestors and seems to adapt better in large families. It gets along well with children and is ready to protect them in case of a threat.

These dogs used to accompany the shepherds who wanted to deal with cattle in the suburbs. Today, the Mastador are dogs you can find easily at your local pet shop if you are ready to pay a substantial amount of money to get them. They need constant vet visits to ensure that they have done all their vaccination and remain healthy no matter what. It would be wiser to keep them in your yard, building a doghouse that is going to make them feel better and cozy with you.

Mastador is one of a kind and can offer you multiple hours of joy and pleasure without asking for anything more than affection and care.

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Mastador Breed Characteristics

  • About Mastador Breed

    The Mastador dogs are powerful and can offer you quite a few joyful times with family. The dogs are ready to love your kids and can spend numerous hours with them.

    The breed is also fertile and can give heirs of its own. The Mastador dogs are healthy to the fullest extent and can live with you for more than 12 years.

Mastador Breed Daily Care

Like any other dog, the Mastador breed has some grooming requirements as well:

Ears: Try to keep them dry and clean all the time. They like to scratch them against the wall, so make sure they don't do it often.

Eyes: Their eyes lack natural tears. To have fewer consequences from the dry eye disease, you better give them some lubricating ointments and solutions.

Teeth: Always brush their teeth and massage their gums to feel healthy.

Nails: You don't have to cut or trim their nails as they need them to get grip against the ground and run.

Hair: They belong to the type of dogs that have a medium type of coat. The bright hair they have needs some careful brushing and can offer you the excitement to be together and show your affection to your Mastador.

Recommended daily intake: Mastador dogs like to eat a lot. However, the recommended portion would be to have at least two cups of food on a daily basis without taking into account the various servings between the meals.

What food to choose: Vets show their preference to the lean meat protein. Others do suggest to have some fish oil and omega 3 containing food. There is also the need for some grains to make their intestines work better.

How many times to feed your dog: The best practice would be to feed your dog at least 3 times per day. You don’t need to make it feel hungry cause you don’t know how it is going to react.

How to keep the good shape: The best way to let it have a good shape would be to get it with you in your training. The Mastadors like to play the catch and throw game and will let you chase them in the fields for their exercise and training.

They are the healthiest crossbred dogs you can find. They develop some vision problems when they get older, so you better get them examined by a vet.

Bacterial Infections - It is a common issue for Mastador dogs.

Condition- Many germs can enter their sensitive skin and create problems that will make them lose their life gradually. They can even have a bacterial infection to their eyes so you need to check on them all the time.

Treatment- All cases of bacterial infection need lots of antibiotics and thorough daily cleaning. You need to be there for your dog when it needs you.

Hip dysplasia - A very common skeletal issue for dogs that come from a crossing in different breeds.

Condition- It develops usually after the first two years of age. Dogs can have difficulty in walking, running, and jumping. Sometimes their life is in danger too.

Treatment- The Mastador dogs can have a slight surgery and the vet may restore the lost activity of the hip joint. Others can have some pain medications to bare with the situation.

Mastador dogs like to have an excessive training session. They wake up early in the morning, and they are ready to go out in the wilderness. They also like to play the catch and throw game with your kids, and they simply can't have enough of this training.

They can also get specific training to become blind people, guardians, and defenders. They listen to all possible sounds helping them to identify any potential threat on the road.

Finally, they love high jumps, and that is why you should prepare to give them specific training for such a difficult chore.

There is nothing particular you need to do with Mastador dogs. The best care would be to bathe them at least twice a week. Then you better clean their nails from debris and mud. That helps them remove the bacterial load and stay healthy.

On the other hand, it would be plausible to have them close to other dogs so that they can exchange barkings and get rid of loneliness. Ensure you may also take care of their tails as it seems to be an obstacle to their daily movement.

Mastador Breed History

TheMastador dogs share common characteristics between the Mastiffs and the Labradors. They are adorable and have made their appearance in the 18th century, particularly in the North American colonies.

They were present to the American Civil War, being some of the most active dogs used as post officers between the camps. Later on, they tried to replace other dogs to the cattle guard and seemed to be successful in that chore.

The history of the Mastador expands to the 20th century when people started looking for a robust type of dog to have in apartments. These dogs may need a larger place to live, however, they can compromise with an apartment if they love their masters.

Mastador dogs would rarely fight on their territory with other dogs, and they don't quarrel with other people when they meet. They do like to be among families and kids and ask for a reward of a treat.

Once you become a friend, you will never miss its care and attention. Mastador dogs are the best companions for lonely people or those who want to train together with their dogs.