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Malchi:Dog Breed Profile

The Malchi is defined as a hybrid dog that was the result of crossing two different dog breeds, namely the Maltese Terrier and the Chihuahua. The race is also known by the name of Maltechi or Malachi. It should be noted that the Malchi is a small dog breed that was created with the same ambition as that of the Doodle, i.e., producing an energetic companion that doesn't shed much.

Even though they might look like teddy bears, they can sometimes be fierce and intolerant towards children. Their coat can be either short or long, depending on the qualities they inherit from each of their parents. You can find them in mostly caramel and white color. These dogs tend to bark loudly, which can be solved with the help of proper behavioral training.

Malchis are great for the apartment lifestyle and will not need much outdoor exercise during the day - since they'll be fulfilling their needs by staying indoors. Moreover, these dogs tend to have immense loyalty and affection towards their owners and owners' families.

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Malchi Breed Characteristics

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    The Malchi can be described as a small breed of dogwhich generally has a weight ranging around 12 pounds, mainly when grown fully. Since the dog is a cross between the Maltese and the Chihuahua, the overall appearance can indeed vary - even from its own sisters and brothers from the same parents. It all depends on which parent has the most potent gene, which will be responsible for influencing the development of most of the dog's characteristics.

    Apart from the dog's coat size (small/long), it should be noted that the coat is straightforward and soft to maintain. Talking about the facial features, you can see Malchis with tall ears from time to time. They usually have long, folded ears that resemble the Maltese Terrier. Eyes are generally dark brown, and excess fur hangs over its forehead. Their overall life span ranges from 12 to 15 years.

Malchi Breed Daily Care

Hair: When it comes to the topic of maintenance, they have a moderate to a high maintenance schedule. It doesn't matter which color your Malchi consists of, and you have to spend some substantial amount of time to ensure that your Malchi stays tip-top. To do this, you need to bathe your dog frequently. Moreover, you also need to brush your dog's hair daily to prevent tangling or matting - with the help of a regular pin brush.

Eyes: Inspect your dog's eyes on a per-week basis and ensure that there's no redness or fluid discharge. Moreover, you also need to clean your dog's eyes regularly from any tear stains.

Ears: Apart from that, since the Malchi tends to have folded ears, there's a chance of extra moisture trapped inside the ear canal, which may lead to micro-organisms' production. Ensure that you clean your dog's ears regularly to prevent any mold or ear-wax build-up.

Teeth: You can perform brushing on your dog's teeth three times every week.

Nails: Lastly, trim your dog's nails once every few weeks. This will help in decreasing the overall chance of scratching and promoting excellent paw health as well. Ensure that you don't cut the nails too much; otherwise, it can lead to bleeding.

Recommended Daily Amount: It’s recommended that you provide your Malchi with one cup of high-quality dry dog food on a per-day basis.

What Food To Choose: Always opt for high-quality dry dog food from known brands, to ensure that your dog gets the ultimate nutritional source. The food that your dog will be eating should have balanced proportions of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

How To Keep Good Shape: Since Malchis are prone to digestion and intestinal problems, you mustn't feed them much food. Treats should also be limited, as well.

How Many Times To Feed Your Dog: It's suggested that you feed your dog two times per day. Divide the total amount of daily dog into two halves and thereby provide the same for lunch and dinner.

The following are some of the significant health conditions that the Malchi may suffer from:

Shaker Dog Syndrome

Condition: Also known as the 'White Dog Shaker Syndrome,' this situation mostly affects small-sized dogs, especially the white ones. Symptoms include uncontrollable tremors. It's believed that the symptoms are caused by a slight inflammation in the brain, making the body's immune system attack the dog's nervous system.

Treatment: Mild cases will not require any treatment. However, if the situation is worse, then the affected dog will have to take medications, which will act like steroids to suppress the body's immune system.


Condition: It's a state where male Malchi pups have retained testicles. It should be noted that testicles usually descent into the scrotum because sperms cannot survive at body temperature. Retained testicles are generally found in the abdomen or groin. Unfortunately, the sperms will get destroyed due to exposure to warmer temperatures, thereby leading to cancer.

Treatment: In case the testicles don't descend into the scrotum with six months of age, surgery might be required.


Condition: Such a situation generally refers to the build-up of fluids inside the brain cavity. Dogs that are affected by this disease are typically born with such a problem.

Treatment: The overall severity can vary from one dog to another, and the worst cases will require surgery. Medications can solve mild cases.

The Malchi can be defined as more of a lap-dog than a working breed of dog. This means that they can get away by receiving meager amounts of exercise. However, it's recommended that you take your dog out for short walks regularly and thereby play a game of fetch with it sometimes. This will help in developing mental stimulation.

It's recommended that you take your dog out for short walks regularly and thereby play a game of fetch with it sometimes. This will help in developing mental stimulation.

Malchi Breed History

The Malchi originated in the USA by mixing two different dog breeds, namely - the Maltese Terrier and the Chihuahua. Talking about the Chihuahua, the dog originated in the 1850s, in Mexico. The American Kennel Club then recognized the dog in the year 1904. As of the current time, the dog is the 11th most popular dog breeds in the USA.

On the other hand, the Maltese Terrier had originated about 2000 years ago, and its place of origin was in Italy (and some parts of Asia). The dog was famous in the 16th century across Europe and was bred by the English during the 19th century. During the same time, the Malchi was brought to the USA and was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1888. Thus, the Malchi dog breed was thereafter born.

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