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L Wchen:Dog Breed Profile

Originally from France, the L Wchen is a true European breed, and its ancestors are found throughout southern Europe. The renaissance is a small, cheerful, and lively dog that originated in pre-renaissance Europe as a companion dog. Luo Qin dogs have great differences in color, according to the breed standards, as long as there are no special requirements, the individual can be classified as the breed.

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  • About L Wchen Breed

    The L Wchen, alias: The Little Shih Tzu, is characterized by a compact, well-proportioned body; a relatively short and wide head, with the same short and wide muzzle; a lively, proud and confident gait, with emphasis on the fact that the hair must be trimmed with a long, lion-like Mane. The above appearance characteristics together with its cheerful personality and positive attitude, the formation of its own special style. Lively and curious personality, strong vigilance, smart and love, is a cute and intelligent extrovert one of the best companion dogs.

L Wchen Breed Daily Care

We should make it a habit for L wchen to bathe without fear of water, and for our dogs to make it a habit for people to trim their nails. Because many dog owners fail to allow their dogs to have their nails manicured at an early age, they need to be anesthetized twice a year in order to have their dogs’ long nails manicured, because they are not allowed to walk their dogs in the city during the day, resulting in insufficient exercise for the dogs, the growth rate of the nail is faster than running-in, making the nail too long, or even long into the claw pad, causing injury or infection.

We must let the L Wchen dog gradually form such a Diet Habit: what you give it, it will eat. No matter what breed, no matter what Iq, as long as they are kept as pets, they will gradually learn to bargain with their owners on food. For example, they look at the food and don’t eat it, even after feeding time, as a way to express their dissatisfaction with the food. At this point, I’m sure many pet owners will eventually give in and offer him something else, and it will be even more tempting than before. But some dogs may also be unmoved, and then the owner may find all the delicious home, and then let the dog pick their favorite food. This is definitely not the way to go.

The right thing to do is to take the L Wchen to the doctor first, and if the doctor is satisfied that the dog is not sick and does not want to eat, then after feeding time, no matter how much the dog eats or does not eat at all, also immediately take away food, in the middle do not give it any food, until the next time to feed, still insist on this, until it eats.

We need to make the dog understand that it’s now or never to eat the food.

L Wchen is prone to skin allergies, which are caused by exposure to irritants. For example, when an L Wchen is lying on the grass, some weeds and plants can irritate the pet’s skin and cause an allergic reaction. Many seed plants cause skin irritation in some animals. Animal Skin irritations caused by plants can cause redness and swelling in the chest, abdomen, Groin, and paws, dogs often scratch or rub their bellies on the grass or on the carpet because they can’t stand the itch.

The diagnosis is not easy because it is difficult to determine the cause of itching. When you find that your pet has these symptoms, you must immediately take him to the pet hospital, because if you let him scratch for a long time, he will cause a local infection. Veterinarians can inject pets with allergy shots or take allergy pills for treatment. However, if the allergy occurs many times, a careful physical examination should be carried out to identify the source of the allergy and avoid re-exposure to the substance causing the allergy.

When we train an L Wchen to go to the bathroom, we teach it to do it on a pee pad. When our dog knows to defecate on the pad, we can put the pad in a fixed place, take the dog to the pad before the habitual defecation, let them smell the pad, a dog will know to defecate regularly after a long period of guidance.

Infant L Wchen dog is in grow tooth, they and person are the same, they also can afflictive, want a thing to be used to grind tooth, so the likelihood can change a body "destroy crazy"! With the dog at home, we should pay attention to the placement of things, try to put a little higher, put in the dog can not bite the place.

Most of this phenomenon is now weaned after the puppy, and also on the dog during the teething period, this time you need to prepare healthy snacks for it, molar stick to help it through this time, a scolding is not very rational, if you can add a few small toys, it must be the best! By the time the L Wchen's permanent teeth are full and no longer itchy, it is less likely to bite. If the dog still bites, there may be more psychological problems, such as insecurity, loneliness, or the expectation of your company.

L Wchen Breed History

The L Wchen, which comes from Europe, originated before the renaissance, and its ancestors can be said to have spread throughout southern Europe. Goyer used to draw these cute little dogs. The breed has been around for at least 400 years, but by the 19th century it was thought to be extinct. Fortunately, their situation attracted the attention of Belgian breeding experts, and they were able to survive until now. Later, for the better and wider development of the breed, breeders provided the basic dog group to breeders in the United Kingdom and the United States. A petite dog with a cheery disposition, Luo Qin is a great companion dog, often trimmed to look like a small lion in order to please ladies.

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