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Jug:Dog Breed Profile

The jug is not a pure breed; it is a hybrid of a Jack Russell Terrier and pug. They have the basic features of the parent pug. But they have a slightly longer nose in comparison to a pug so that they have lesser chances of breathing problems as faced by the pug. Jug dogs have become quite popular breeds in the last ten years. Cross-breeding has been done to decrease the chances of genetic diseases that are common in pure breed pugs.

The first cross offsprings are bound to have the best results in terms of the occurrence of genetic disorders. They are very friendly in nature and affectionate dogs. But at the same time, you will see they are fearless dogs. So dogs even inherit the hunting instinct from their parent Jack Russell. They love to go out and are highly energetic. They are fun to have around in the family as a companion. They bark a lot and do not like to stay alone; so they may show separation anxiety. At an early stage, they must be trained and taught to socialize.

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Jug Breed Characteristics

  • About Jug Breed

    Jugs are very obedient and intelligent dogs. They can easily differentiate between friends and foes. So they are good guard dogs. Some even like to hunt. They are social and playful. Being small in size they are generally loved as lap dogs. They do not weigh more than 20 pounds so easy to lift and walk around as well. They love to play games and show tricks to gain attention as they are fast learners. They bark at outsiders and need the training to reduce their barking habit.

Jug Breed Daily Care

Hair: Their hair generally short and needs brushing twice a week. Though daily brushing makes them feel nice and cuddly for you to play with them. Shampoo once a week keeps them fresh and disinfected. Use shampoo suggested by a veterinary doctor only.

Teeth: Their teeth need to be cleaned by the brush every week.

Nails: Trimming once a month should keep them good. Just make sure they do not have sharp edges so that they do not hurt you when you keep them in your lap you play with them.

Ears: Check ears regularly for any debris or infection.

Eyes: Regular cleaning of eyes will keep their eyes healthy.

Recommended daily amount: 3/4 cup

What food to choose: they should have a balanced diet of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Include egg, chicken, beef, oats, and rice in their meal.

How to keep good shape: Half an hour of physical exercise or playing is sufficient to keep your dog healthy.

How many times to feed your dog: Three times daily.

Avoid overfeeding them. They tend to gain weight and become lazy due to less activity. Though the amount of food will change with age and weight, consult a veterinarian.

Breathing issue:

Jugs inherit the breathing problem from their parent breed of pugs. Though their snout is shorter than the pug they may still face breathing issues when they grow old.

Treatment: Proper medication and regular exercise can help in treatment.

Protruding eyes:

They have protruding eyes as they age and this may at times cause a few infections.

Treatment: Keeping eyes clean regularly can avoid the problem and otherwise medication is sufficient to treat them.

Jugs tend to have little dog syndrome and feel like pack leaders at times. They need to be handled firmly and patiently as punishment does not help. They are smart and intelligent and follow orders well. They are very quick learners as they like to please people with tricks. They need to be trained to maintain low noise and not bark unnecessarily. They have to be properly introduced to all family and friends as they tend to bark at strangers. They also need to be taught the difference between friends and foe so that they do not bark at anyone they come across. They need to be trained to behave well and softly with kids. They need a proper leash as at times the hunting instinct may take over and they just might want to chase a bird or any other animal.

The jug is an active dog and very intelligent. They like to play games. Indoor activity insufficient for them but they would love to go out in the open for a walk. You can also take them out in open spaces and let them run for a while. A minimum of 30 minutes of good exercise is needed daily but not too vigorous as it may lead to breathing problems.

Jug Breed History

The first cross-breeding is believed to have been in 1960 in the United States of America. Though, the real origin is not known. It is a common dog loved in the USA, Australia, and the UK. They are good lap dogs or designer dogs. Their hair quality allows them to be well-groomed and look like soft toys.

They are energetic and fearless in nature. They get intelligence and hunting instinct from their parent breed Jack Russell Terrier. While, they are loving, adorable, cuddly just like pugs. They are social and friendly for those whom they stay on regular basis. They are alert and like to be informed about all the activities around them. They are good guard dogs for apartments. They like to chase around small animals like squirrels and birds as they have the hunting instinct in them. Once in a while, you must take them out to open spaces to enjoy and chase such small animals. They are very loyal to the owner but do not like to be left alone for long intervals. They tend to become destructive. They have high barking habits unless trained. They are sensitive and jealous of other pets around as they like all the attention to themselves.