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Jack Chi:Dog Breed Profile

Also known as Jackahuahua or Jackhuahua, Jack Chi is a cross between Chihuahua and Jack Russell Terrier dogs. These adorable dogs are energetic, intelligent, and extremely friendly. They are a mixed dog breed of two purebreds, and thus, their appearance is sometimes unpredictable. Some puppies look like Chihuahuas, while others may derive their features from Jack Russell Terrier.

Like Chihuahuas, Jack Chi dogs are small and perfect for people who like to adopt mini dogs. They are undeniably affectionate, and when appropriately trained, they quickly adapt to the surroundings. However, these dogs can be quite stubborn, so you'll have to remain patient while training them.

Jack is a breed of fun-loving dogs, and thus they easily bond with people in your family. Also, rather than attacking the strangers, these dogs become friends quickly. These dogs occasionally bark, so if you are looking for a quiet and friendly pup, this one is an excellent choice. Even though Jack Chi is a designer breed, you can find them in shelters and local rescue groups.

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Jack Chi Breed Characteristics

  • About Jack Chi Breed

    Jack Chis are intelligent, friendly, and very playful, especially when around kids. These are apartment-friendly dogs and also quickly adapt to office environments. They are extremely energetic and low-maintenance compared to other breeds. This is why these dogs are great for beginners or novice owners.

    The average lifespan of a Jack Chi is 14-18 years. Although these dogs are very affectionate, they don't mind being left alone for a few hours. They rarely bark and the common reasons for barking are fear, alarming, protection, attention-seeking, and compulsive barking. Their biting potential is low, so you can take them for walks in parks without worrying.

Jack Chi Breed Daily Care

Hair: Jack Chis have a short and dense coat. These dogs are low shedders, and thus, maintenance, and therefore, the need for daily care is also less. Brush them once or twice a week with a hard-bristled brush to keep their coat healthy and smooth.

Ears: Check the ears of your Jack Chi for any signs of infection and clean them to remove debris.

Teeth: Brush their teeth twice a week with good dog toothpaste.

Nail: Regular trimming of nails is required.

Eyes: These dogs are prone to allergies and, thus, always look for inflammation, redness, or fluid discharge to detect eye infections. If you discover any issues, consult your vet immediately.

Recommended daily amount: As Jack Chis are small dogs, you should feed 1 to 1.5 cups of healthy and high-quality dry food every day. Divide the meals into 2 parts, and that's adequate. As per their size, feeding small meals to them in small portions is extremely important to keep their energy levels up. Their weight gain potential is average to high, so feed them with healthy dog food and maintain an activity routine to prevent obesity. Also, measure their weight regularly.

What food to choose: The food given to Jack Chis must be balanced calorie content and high protein content to support the energetic muscles and prevent obesity.

How to keep good shape: Jack Chis can gain weight very quickly, so to keep them in good shape, keep an eye on their weight, they need up to 550 calories a day so feed them with healthy and nutrient-rich dog food.

How many times to feed your dog: It is recommended to feed them twice a day.

The dietary needs of a Jack Chi can change throughout time, so consult your vet and follow their diet recommendations for the dog.

Jack Chis are considered healthy dogs. However, these dogs are susceptible to skin allergies, and thus, it is essential to visit the vet regularly. Here are some of the common health problems Jack Chis suffer from:

Patellar Luxation

Patellar Luxation is a common orthopedic disease where the kneecap of the dogs becomes dislocated. This condition generally develops after 4 months of age. Around 23% of Jack Chi has this condition, and thus, it is a hereditary issue. Its symptoms are limping, abnormal gait, and pain.


The treatment of patellar luxation includes massaging the kneecap into place, surgery, or using braces.

Heart Problems

Jack Chis generally suffer from heart valve problems, mitral valve disease, and patent ductus arteriosus or PDA. In PDA, a small vessel in the heart doesn't close, and if the seriousness of the defect is high, it can lead to congenital heart failure. On the other hand, mitral valve disease occurs in mature dogs and is caused due to weakened heart valves. The valves that allow blood to flow backward in the heart are weakened, which causes strain on the heart.


PDA can be repaired with heart surgery while mitral valve disease is managed with medication and also with exercise and dietary restrictions.


When some fluids build up in the skull, it can lead to hypoglycemia. The build-up puts a strain on the brain and can also lead to spastic gait, seizures, or decreased mental functioning.


Treatment of this condition includes medication or surgery

Tracheal Collapse

When the rings of cartilage are improperly formed or weak, it may lead to tracheal collapse. Signs of this condition are difficulty breathing and coughing.


Mild cases are treated with medication, and for severe cases, surgery is needed.

Jack Chis try to be the pack leader, and thus, it is important to remain calm and consistent while training them. Always use positive reinforcement and techniques to encourage these dogs and show them that you are in charge. Most of the time, they respond well to the training, but sometimes, they may show stubbornness.

If you find it overwhelming to train these dogs, you can get them professionally trained. Also, remember that these dogs see smaller animals and pets as prey and, thus, might show aggression. So to train them well, start with early socialization.

Jack Chis are extraordinarily energetic, and regular exercise is needed for them to remain healthy. To reduce the risk of obesity and various other health issues, it is important to take the dog on a couple of long walks, jogging sessions, or arrange a scheduled playtime. As their parents are hunters, these dogs also love getting engaged in hunting activities.

You can play hide and seek, various ball games and use toys to make them feel satisfied. It is also essential to maintain a regular care routine for these dogs and visit the veterinarian to keep your dog healthy. A regular exercise schedule and check-up routine will keep these little creatures healthy.

Jack Chi Breed History

Jack Chi was first developed in the US, and the purpose of breeding was to create a breed that can adapt to the modern lifestyle and becomes a great companion. There is very little information regarding the origin of this mixed-breed dog, but it is believed that Jack Chi was developed decades ago. The history of its parents, however, goes back to 1800.

Chihuahua's history goes back to the 9th century, while the Jack Russell Terries were bred in the United Kingdom in 1800. These dogs were originally used for hunting purposes before becoming family pets.

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