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Irish GlenofImaal Terrier:Dog Breed Profile

The Irish GlenofImaal Terrier is a small dog with medium-length hair and greater strength. They are quiet while working, dragging their prey out of the cave. When hunting, they use their thick, slightly curved front legs to slam on their prey, and then bite them with strong, sharp teeth. They also learned the habit of snatching prey from wild birds and mammals. In addition to their hunting nature, they can also be partners for people who are smart, strong, optimistic, and love to exercise.

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  • About Irish GlenofImaal Terrier Breed

    The Irish GlenofImaal Terrier is born with a talent for hunting, of course, in addition to being a working dog, it can also become a qualified companion dog. The dog is smart, lively, healthy and strong, optimistic and active, and loves sports. Positive attitude, agile movements, can quickly enter a state of calmness and concentration when working. In life, he has regained his playful nature, brave and fearless, gentle and kind, full of personality, and extremely loyal to his master. No matter the master's living conditions are bad or generous, he will never leave and will always be by his side.

Irish GlenofImaal Terrier Breed Daily Care

We should dry the Irish Glenofimaal Terrier after a shower by wrapping the dog’s body in a towel and then moving it onto the stage to dry it off. And then we’re gonna blow-dry the rest of the water with a hairdryer. Blow-dry the specific order is: from the head, one side with a brush, to comb a bit by bit straight each part, until the root of the hair until completely dried. After the blow-dry, we will use a straight comb to re-comb the whole body hair to see if there is a knot or not blow straight hair.

When feeding the Irish GlenofImaal Terrier, the owner should not give him the chance to swallow chicken bones or fit any other bones. Because these bones will remain in the throat of the Irish GlenofImaal Terrier pup, once there is a broken place. The bones could then slip into the Irish Valley terrier's body and Pierce its gastrointestinal tract and tract. And don't waste leftovers from your home to your Irish GlenofImaal Terrier, because their nutritional needs are completely different from our own.

The small but active Irish GlenofImaal Terrier requires plenty of exercises. Ask her to drink more water after exercise and reward her with a pet snack after she has rested for a while. Training for the Irish GlenofImaal Terrier is relatively difficult, so it takes more time and patience to educate it. Many people raise the Irish GlenofImaal Terrier because of its thick and beautiful hair, so be sure to comb it carefully and take a shower with care. Don't use your own shower gel, use something special for your dog. Don't stop cleaning your ear just because it's painful to see it plucking. Brush his teeth and expel parasites from his body from time to time. Only by doing these little things well can the dog grow healthily.

Training the Irish GlenofImaal Terrier requires a strong heart, a dogged determination, and a determined attitude. There will certainly be more problems in the process of domesticating a pet dog, and the owner should not give up halfway because of difficulties. Therefore, training the Irish GlenofImaal Terrier requires the owner to have a persistent spirit. The host's attitude towards the Irish GlenofImaal Terrier is important. No matter how cute the Irish GlenofImaal Terrier is, parents should maintain a reward - and - punishment attitude during training. Do not spoil or indulge the Irish Canyon terrier. In order for the Irish GlenofImaal Terrier to complete its training and become sensible, the strict training policy cannot be changed at will.

The Irish GlenofImaal Terrier is a little hairy and has dry skin and no body odor. As a display dog, its coat must be carefully trimmed. The Irish GlenofImaal Terrier does not usually bark for no reason, unless it senses danger. It will definitely bark to warn its owner, but it will not shout wildly. Sometimes when the door is closed, he may bark when he hears strange footsteps approaching, but he does not bite. You have to use a water fountain to drink, because the white hairs on your mouth turn yellow when exposed to water, which makes them look very unclean. Of course, this is usually the biggest problem for terriers. Another big problem is skin, which is estimated to affect about 20% of Irish Valley terriers. It's best to take the Irish GlenofImaal Terrier out for a walk, walk, and run every day. Proper activity is not only good for his physical health but also his mental state. Staying indoors as a whole can make him feel bored and irritable.

Irish GlenofImaal Terrier Breed History

In 1575, George Taberfeller mentioned the Imaar Valley Terrier in his book "Aristocratic Temperament". And the name of Irish GlenofImaal terrier is derived from its hometown-a place called Imaar Valley in Ireland. In that era, the reason why people raised such tough and aggressive terriers was to hunt prey with certain defensive capabilities. These kinds of terriers have fluffy and rich hair that looks a little messy, but they don't care about their appearance and focus on work. He was extremely calm and composed while working, able to courageously drag the prey out of his cave and hand it over to the owner while he was still. When hunting, they use their sturdy, slightly curved front legs to violently trample on their prey, and at the same time use their strong, sharp teeth to cooperate with the bite, and they have fully learned how wild birds and mammals are holding their prey. Kind of a habit.

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