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Ibizan Hound:Dog Breed Profile

The Ibizan Hound has a keen sense of sight and smell, excellent jumping ability, and is a natural-born hunting dog. But in fact, in the past, a long time ago, it has also been raised as a sheepdog.
The IBIZAN is intelligent, friendly, and very understanding, but its dogged, cool nature makes it occasionally seem a little aloof. With great affection and loyalty to his master.
Like activity, to the broad field, will show it to run the great enthusiasm and innate superior hunting ability, great perseverance, and decisive and brave.

Ibizan Hound Breed Picture & Video

  • About Ibizan Hound Breed

    The Ibizan Hound is native to the Balearic Islands. Thousands of years ago, merchants brought the Ejby to the Mediterranean islands. The dog is known throughout France as the Charles Spaniel. The Ibizan Hound is a silky, smooth, variously colored hound. At the same time, the dog had long been spread throughout the Spanish mainland, where it was used both as a gun dog and as a hare-chasing hunting dog. Ejby is affectionate with his owners and can be sensitive to strangers.

Ibizan Hound Breed Daily Care

The small size of the Ibizan terrier, with its beautiful, shiny coat, and its easy grooming, combined with its intelligence and friendliness, has made it one of the most endearing companions of all time.

In the daily feeding process, except in the summer, the dog feed must be warm, and temperature control at around 40 degrees, too high or too low, too high easy to burn the dog’s teeth and mouth; too cold will lead to diarrhea dogs.

Dermatosis is the most common summer illness for Ibizan Hounds. The combination of high summer temperatures, strong ultraviolet radiation, and flowering and seed production in the wild makes dogs more prone to pruritus in the summer. Therefore, we should pay attention to our Ibizan Hounds when we take them out for a walk.

The Ibizan Hound has many talents, is flexible and easy to train. It can be a great family dog or a great player at dog shows, and we can train it to be a guard dog.

The Ibizan Hound is strong and adaptable, so it is relatively easy to breed.

After eating,the Ibizan Hound should be careful not to do any strenuous activities immediately, in order to avoid indigestion.

Ibizan Hound Breed History

The Ibizan Hound is very old. It was used by humans as early as 3000 years ago. It was one of the hunting dogs used by the kings of Egypt. When the team dug up the Pharaoh’s tomb in 1922, they found the image of an Ibizan Hound carved into stone, which they identified as the Guardian dog of the deceased. Then, in the eighth century B.C. , Phoenicia’s traders brought the dog from Egypt to the Spanish island of Iberia, which they named after it. The United States imported the Ibby in 1956.

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