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Golden Cocker Retriever:Dog Breed Profile

The Golden Cocker Retrievers are some of the rarest dogs in the world. Initially originating from Scotland, they were there to help people working with cattle to find them and relocate. In the latest years, their proliferation to all parts of the world created a global demand for them. Not to mention the appreciation for their scarce services that no other dog can perform.

These mini dogs are always there when you are hunting. They can also help you find precious truffles on the mountains where they can dig deep in the ground to retrieve them. Some emergency authorities also use the Golden Retriever dogs to research and rescue missions for people that require emergency.

For all these reasons, the famous Golden Retrievers are here to make the difference. Their unique ability to adapt to any environment and the intense smelling ability make them essential for any person that wants to find people or other things quickly and easily.

Golden Cocker Retriever Breed Picture & Video

Golden Cocker Retriever Breed Characteristics

  • About Golden Cocker Retriever Breed

    The Golden Retriever breed is one of the prettiest around. It is not arrogant to say that the Brat breed is among the ones that people bring to exhibitions and try to make them as beautiful as they can.

    The breed can also have a longer life than others provided with the best nutrition and shelter. Today there is always the aid of drugs and other therapies that make dogs be more resilient to external factors and live for more than 15 years.

Golden Cocker Retriever Breed Daily Care

Every dog needs grooming, and the same applies to the Golden Retrievers:

Ears: Try to get them always dry without wiping them all the time.

Eyes: Remove any type of night debris and keep them always wet.

Teeth: It would be wise to keep them clean and brushed every day. Keep an extra eye on the gums that need to look great and fresh.

Nails: There is no need to cut their nails as the Golden Retrievers use them to dig in the ground. Just clean them up.

Hair: Their hair needs some cutting procedures when the summer comes. Make sure you cut it to the level they feel comfortable.

Recommended daily intake: They can eat at least ¾ of a cup to each meal. Please ensure that they don’t have more than a cup through any meal as this can activate the acid reflux in their stomach and vomit.

What food to choose: You can keep the Golden Retrievers dogs happy with fish and meat croquettes. Some of them do need to have some canned dog food that is high in protein and grains and low in calories. Make sure they do eat all of their food and they don’t take food from strangers.

How many times to feed your dog: It would be better to feed your Golden Retriever breed at least twice a day. Some of them do need three meals a day.

How to keep the good shape: You can simply keep them in good shape by getting them out to walk. If you are jogging then take them with you and they will feel happy and energetic once more.

Like all dogs, they have some problems with eyes and ears.

Hereditary Hearing Loss

Condition- These dogs can suddenly lose their ability to hear sounds. The only way to understand that is when your dog doesn’t seem to listen to your orders.

Treatment- Many people suggest you don’t expose them to direct sound sources that can lower their hearing thresholds. Giving them some magnesium supplement may also help maintain their hearing ability.


Many Golden Retriever dogs suffer from diabetes from the early stage of puppies. That is why they may suddenly lose contact with the environment and stay on a comma state for a few hours.

Condition- It can harm their ability to eat and communicate with people and other dogs.

Treatment- You may avoid offering them sweets and fruits. Carbs and grains should also be limited to one serving per day. The anti-diabetic pills for men and insulin could be a good solution for older dogs.

You should follow a strict training schedule if you want to have healthy Golden Retriever dogs in your family. People who train them say that you have to do so from the puppy stage. The best training for Golden Retrievers would be to learn them sit down, stand up, and run.

Then you can learn them follow the person who is running in front of them. Finally, the best training for these dogs remain the smell and find training. You need to bring in front of their nose an element to smell and then try to find it in the surrounding area.

That is the primary job of the Golden Retrievers that can easily find anything that smells like the specimen in half a mile radius area.

They are among the dogs that need little care. You should always get them twice a year to the Vet for their regular examination and vaccination. Then you have to take care of their fur by brushing it daily and make sure you clean its teeth and gums regularly.

Even though the breed is resistant to cold and hot weather you need to place them in a secure dog house to always be fresh. That is of crucial importance especially when you have to do with puppies that need all the affection and protection you can provide them.

Golden Cocker Retriever Breed History

Golden Retrievers are awesome creatures that hunters use for centuries. Today you can find many breeds that come along well with each other. These dogs have a common ancestor that belongs to the British type.

They were the trademarks of Scotland and never had to abolish their noble title. These dogs are better to live in large homes with yards rather than small apartments.

Lately, we have seen the variations of Canadian and Australian Golden Retrievers that seem to adapt to the different climates. These dogs remain essential for many farming works and can give you much love and devotion.