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Goberian:Dog Breed Profile

Do you want to keep a Goberian? The mixed breed of Siberian Husky and Golden Retriever gave us an energetic, smart, and friendly dog breed called the Goberian. They inherit their parents' both the best qualities. Goberians are family dogs, they are renewed with good temperament, friendliness, and would love being around you. They are excellent companions and best friends for you and your family.

If you don’t like your Goberian becoming antisocial, you need to give them proper exercise. They love jumping, hiking, and walking in the park. You can always adopt one from your nearest rescues and shelter, hence would recommend adopting instead of shopping, if you're planning to expand your family with Goberian.

The Goberians are considered to be a large dog breed, which can height between twenty to twenty-four inches with a reasonable weight of forty-five to ninety pounds. The weight can depend on their age, which could be a puppy, adult, or senior. Their life span is considered to be ten to fifteen years.

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Goberian Breed Characteristics

  • About Goberian Breed

    Name: Goberian

    Height: 22-24 inces

    Weight: 50-90 lbs

    Lifespan: 10-12 years

    Coat color: Black/White/Brown/Gray/Cream

    Coat Density: Dense

    Coat Texture: Wavy

    Puppy price: $250 to $1500

    Temperament: Intelligent, friendly, social, and smart

    Suitable for: Inexperienced dog owner

    The stunning blue eyes, golden coat, loving, and loyal breed. Goberian dog is one of the most beautiful dog breeds you can imagine. This breed is only possible due to its parents, a mix of Golden Retriever and Siberian Husky. The Golden Retriever can provide a variety of patterns in a color coat and that’s not it's only limit.

    This can also vary in fur when sporty looks or getting a warm blue clear eye or a chocolate one. You can never predict an adorable outcome as it's just Goberian’s adorable unique look. The Goberian is one of the most attractive and popular designer breeds but it’s not only loved for its look but its great temperaments. It is gorgeous above and lively, friendliness with affection beaned. They have a lot for their owner.

    They are smart, love all kinds of dog sports, and are energetic all day long, which makes them best for family activities and outdoor companions. They can easily adapt to various versatile lifestyles, as they are easy to train but should be done within the right time of an early age.

    Goberian dog breed ranges in size from medium to large, with an average weight ranging from 50 to 90 pounds. Goberian dog breed usually has blue eyes like huskies, but you can also see the brown eyes of golden retrievers. Goberian dog breeds usually have a round head proportional to the body and drooping ears. Goberian dog breed's body is usually like a golden retriever, while his legs and tail are more like a husky. Goberian dog breed's double-layer jacket protects him from extreme weather, and can be seen in black, white, brown, gray, cream and gold.

Goberian Breed Daily Care

Are Goberians hypoallergenic? No, actually,  Both of goberian's parents have a villi that are known to shed abundantly, especially husky, so you have to expect a fair hair shed from your goberian. It's sure to help if you brush goberian a lot.

If your non hypoallergenic goberian inherits this feature, then it has to brush every day in these seasons. It is essential that you brush your non hypoallergenic goberian coat twice a week and most importantly, during the shedding season to reduce the allergy of the goberian coat. Brushing goberian's fur will keep it healthy and free from tangles. Because these non hypoallergenic goberians like to spend time outdoors, their fur is likely to collect grass, soil, fleas and weeds, as well as other irritants.   

The low degree of goberian shedding ensures that the fur of goberian dog feed needs the least maintenance. You can brush it two or three times a week to keep it healthy and free of debris. Your goberian bath should happen when you need to use dog shampoo. Like all dogs, goberian dog breed brushes its teeth at least three times a week to ensure long-term dental health. It is also recommended that his ears be examined weekly and wiped clean to avoid moisture accumulation and infection. Your goberian nails should be trimmed as needed. An active goberian dog breed can also hurt his foot pad; if you see him limping, this should be the first place you check.

Contrary to their thick, long fur, goberians don't need much brush hair, and they are known for goberian shedding less hair than regular dogs. Goberian does have double layers of hair, which requires brushing several times a week to eliminate dead hair and avoid mats. However, although the fur may be thick, goberian won't shed much, so these dogs only need general maintenance, grooming and care.   

Hair: Their hair needs to be combed with a thick tooth at least three times a week and they love it more when their owners comb and pet them with their fingers.

Eyes: To get a clear vision, their eyes need to be completely wet. Keep a close inspection so your Goberian gets a proper vision of his loving family.

Teeth: To avoid dental issues, it's best and recommended to burst at least more than 2 times in a week. Make sure you are only using dog toothpaste, specially made for dogs.

Nails: Trim your Goberian’s nail as required, this could be once a week or once in fifteen days.

Ears: You should also keep a close inspection on your Goberian’s ears as it tends to get infected, you have to clean their ears once a week with a bud to avoid any infection.

Feeding: They are a large size breed and their diet should also contain high energy. The Goberian would always need a healthy and stick diet as overeating could create overweight issues if they are not getting a proper diet.

Recommended Daily Amount: The amount consumed in daily feeding will depend on their size and age including their routine exercise as a puppy, adult, or senior. Which can be up to one cup per meal three times a day or one and a half cup per meal two times a day.

Their needs will always change as any other dog breed, according to their age. Your vet can always help you with the best recommendations and a proper diet for your Goberian.

What Food to choose: Understanding your Goberian well-balanced diet should include complex carbohydrates, proper proteins, healthy fats, and plenty of vitamins with important minerals. The best source to get all in one diet is high-quality dog food. Which is easily available to your nearest pet shop or online.

Treating them with your home-cooked love is also a good idea but only once or twice a week but without any seasoning. The amount of meal can be decided based on the size of the dog and you can always divide their meal between twice or thrice a day.

How to keep them in good shape: To keep them in shape, make sure they get long walks of minimum 30 minutes and 30 minutes of exercising because I bet, you won't like your Goberian to be overweight and lazy.

How many times to feed: Two times a day.

If you have a puppy Goberian, one should understand it needs very little to fill full. The one owning an adult dog, who is more of an excursive and active person could need up to one and a half cup twice a day in each meal.

Senior Goberian would now depend on the leave of its activeness and excursus. They are somewhat like humans; a more active person would need more food.

The Goberian is also like any other dog breed, so it needs a regular checkup by a veterinarian to examine any concerns with their eyes, ears, hair, or nail. The vets can also help by creating a routine care development program to keep your Goberian healthy.

Goberian dog breed is normally a healthy breed of dogs but they can also face issues, which are inherent by their parents. Some of the most commonly found health issues are;


Symptoms: Disordered Stomach, where it gets full of gas volvulus and gastric dilatation. This creates a twist in the stomach on its own

Treatment: A surgery is required to release excess gas.

Heart issues

Symptoms: Trouble in breathing. Unable to perform the simple exercise, your Goberian will get easily tired by walking or running. They may also sleep more.

Treatment: Medications can help your Goberian to recover, if required your vet can also suggest you for a surgery, which will correct its valve or to put a pacemaker.


Symptoms: Jerking, Collapsing, Stuffening, loss of consciousness, muscle twitching, drooling, tongue chewing, chomping, or foam coming from the mouth.

Treatment: Contacting your vet should be the first thing, as your dog might need to be on medication for a lifetime. The Goberian is strong grownups but as a puppy, they are quite fragile and need proper handling.

Goberian dog breed

The Goberian can go moderately easy or difficult while training. Being positive and calm with a firm approach is considered the best, they don’t respond well to harshness and scolding. The key is to be positive and use positive techniques of training by rewarding with treats and praise for achieving an act or behaving well. Negative training will never give you a result wished for, instead it can be transformed in abuse.

The Goberian dog breed is a very smart breed so they learn quickly and some can take time when compared to others. Goberian dog breed inherited more on the Siberian Husky will be a bit more difficult to train than the Goberian dog inherited on Golden retriever. You will never know which one is the dominant side. So, good luck.

They need to be socialized and mentally stimulated from a young age, which will make their interaction more positive to new people. You can always take them to puppy classes, walks, and dog park.

Meeting new people, events, sounds, and places will help him to fight with anxiety. You can purchase a dog ball that is dental friendly to play fetch, this will ensure your Goberian runs well and completes training.

Goberian dog breed need a daily walk for a minimum of thirty to forty-five minutes, Goberian needs various exercises for a minimum of twenty to thirty minutes.

They need to be socialized and mentally stimulated from a young age, which will make their interaction more positive to new people. You can always take them to puppy classes, walks, and dog park.

Meeting new people, events, sounds, and places will help him to fight with anxiety. You can purchase a dog ball that is dental friendly to play fetch, this will ensure your Goberian dog breed is happy.

Goberian Breed History

The Goberian history has nothing much to be known as it’s a new hybrid but we know that Goberian dog is a mixed breed of Siberian Husky and Golden Retriever with a lot of heritage in it.

The original creator and developer of Russian, The Chukchi indigenous tribe. Siberian Husky was used by hunters in the cold to pull sleds.

The hybrid dog, known as goberian, is a new breed of dog with no detailed history, although the combination of the two breeds has created a long history of breeds. It is said that the golden retriever was developed in the Victorian era. The ancestors of the goberian dog breed may include the Tweed water retriever, the yellow retriever, the wavy retriever, the flat retriever and the Red Setter. Although Dudley majorbanks and Lord tweedmouth are widely believed to be among the first to breed golden retrievers, documents show that golden retrievers existed before he bred on Scottish estates. The golden retriever was officially recognized as a breed by the American Kennel Club in 1932. Siberian Husky dogs were developed in Russia by an indigenous tribe called Chukchi. Primitive Siberian huskies or their ancestors are likely to be used for hunting, and nomadic people who pull sleds live with them. This makes travel faster and farther. These dogs are an important part of Chukchi people's lives. They are raised for energy, endurance and friendship. In the early 20th century, the dog was brought to Alaska. In the winter of 1925, diphtheria broke out in Nome, Alaska, putting everyone in danger. To provide people in need with the necessary serum, 20 sled drivers took more than 100 dogs (mainly Siberian huskies) on a 658 mile trip to get the necessary medicine and bring it back. Although the trip should have taken 25 days, it was completed in less than six days with the dogs, despite the very difficult conditions. In 1930, the breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club.

The breed came to Alaska at the beginning of the 1900s to help in the diphtheria outbreak, where they completed 658 miles to deliver serums. When we see the breed of Golden Retriever, they go back in Victorian times.

The Goberian dog breed has been a designer breed of dog, but mostly they are found ending up in rescue homes or shelter, which is very unfortunate. I would request you to adopt one instead of buying if you are planning to make Goberian a part of your family. You can contact the nearest rescue shelter and group for one.

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