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Giant Schnauzer:Dog Breed Profile

The Giant Schnauzer was created to be one of the fittest working dog breeds, which turned out to be true. They are amazing and intelligent. They are found to be really courageous and loyal in all situations if they are provided with proper exercises, training, love, and attention. This gives you a perfect recipe for your amazingly highly intelligent house pet, the Giant Schnauzer.

They were firstly originated in the country of Germany, to do odd jobs for their owner as driving cattle, stockyards, and work in butcher shops, or even guarding and protecting breweries. A well-breed of Giant Schnauzer can closely resemble and look like the Schnauzer with a double coat and dark black or salt and pepper, which are quite familiar to characteristics of Giant, Standard, and Mini. They have a harsh beard and accentuate their keen eyebrows with a sagacious expression.

Remember this breed of dog is pure and can find them in shelters or rescues so, I would suggest you can always adopt one instead of shopping if you feel it is the best fit to be your house pet. Let us know more details about the Giant Schnauzer.

Giant Schnauzer Breed Picture & Video

Giant Schnauzer Breed Characteristics

  • About Giant Schnauzer Breed

    The Giant Schnauzer is the largest of three Schnauzer breeds with a rugged build and commanding appearance, but with a twinkle in their eyes for a hint of playful nature. This big dog with a beautiful personality.

    They are intelligent companions and energetic, which can make anyone’s life full of interest with their playful and independent thoughts but with their bold and dominant personality towards life. They are courageous and loyal companions.

    They are limitless with their capabilities if given proper training. They are agility, tracking, obedient, herding and carting are some of the dog sports where you can find them. They are also great as police guard dogs and more or less used to detect drugs or conduct search and rescue operations, but they have a loving and gentle side too.

    But the Giant Schnauzer loves to be around their family and love once, which makes it a great therapy and admirable dog.

Giant Schnauzer Breed Daily Care

The Giant Schnauzer is not condos or apartment pets. They are considered to be high on energy when outdoors or best when kept in houses with fenced yards so they can run safely and burn their energy exercising. When the Giant Schnauzer is indoor, they love to be around family and following them around the house.

Its recommended that they should have a minimum one hour of vigorous exercise, which could also include a half-hour of the walk and fetch the ball. Do remember they are really good at digging and chewing as they have the nature of hunting and guarding, so always give them something accordingly to keep them constructive.

You should make sure to brush their teeth at least three times a week, with a soft brush and only with dog toothpaste. Consider trimming their nails and fur coat hair when required. It is recommended that you trim their nails once in two weeks and fur coat hair once a month.

The recommended amount is 33/8 or 41/4 cups of two meals a day with high-quality dog food. It also depends on their age, size, metabolism, builds, and activity level, as we don’t want a lazy or overweight Giant Schnauzer.

Dogs are like people all are individuals, so we can provide them with the same quantity of food, a highly active dog that will need more food than a potato on the couch. The dog food also depends on its quality, the better quality of food will show better results in future nourishing health.

You should always spice things for you GiantSchnauzer by spiraling a bit of your home-cooked love, once or twice a week but remember not to add a lot of spices in your dog food because this could be harmful to him to digest.

Make sure you measure the food before feeding them instead of leaving it open all time. If you want to be sure about their weight, you can always give them a hand-on test and an eye test.

The Giant Schnauzer is commonly very healthy, but like any other breed, they can also have health issues. So, we must be well aware of some common health issues for The Giant Schnauzer can face.

Do remember it is rare that your Giant Schnauzer can face any one or all of these. OCD which is also known as Osteochondrosis Dissecans, which is usually in the elbows or shoulders. This can cause joint pains resulting in your dog won’t be able to move their shoulders and elbow properly, due to incorrect or improper growth of cartilages in elbows, shoulders, or any other joints.

This could be due to improper diet or trauma; the symptoms can be seen from a young age of five to seven months. This disorder can be decreased, researchers have suggested a high-protein diet as this is a genetic disorder.

Autoimmune Thyroiditis can be seen from the age of two to five years, their condition is also seen as the heritable condition. This can be observed as obesity, drooping eyelids, mental dullness, irregular heat cycles, and low energy with skin becoming dark. Hypothyroidism can be cured by lifetime medication and thyroid treatment.

Training them is fun because of their intelligence, agility, and obedience behavior, which is the key to life for The Giant Schnauzer includes socializing, training, and providing mental and physical stimulation. This all makes it a well-mannered dog, so they are needed in abundance.

They are easily trainable; they also love to show you tricks when well trained. They don’t like to sit and get bored, so turn their training into challenging games.

Their training should be consistent with firmness. Giant Schnauzer can also be stubborn at times, so do you need to be. You must show them leadership while resorting to harsh words or physical force with time.

If you are confused, then also feel free to work with a trainer who understands and is familiar with this breed. Your training will keep Giant Schnauzer positive and on their toes. There is no limit when we talk about training The Giant Schnauzer.

The Giant Schnauzer is a breed that needs a job or a daily activity, so train them to help you. They enjoy running, jumping, and being around its love once, so make sure to give them ample of the same.

They also need proper nail care and dental hygiene, due to their nature of digging and chewing, remove tartar which is buildup and bacteria on a daily basis to keep your Giant Schnauzer healthy.

Don’t wait for the monthly cycle to trim their nails, if you hear the clicking of claws on the floor, go ahead and cut their nails. Make sure you keep their feet in good condition as they love to jump and show their care and affection towards you.

Giant Schnauzer Breed History

The Giant Schnauzer is a breed from Germany. Which was created by cross-breed a big smooth-coated dog with a Standard Schnauzer? The black Great Dane with rough-haired sheepdogs and Bouvier des Flanders has also played a role in their development. They are widespread in Wurttemberg.

In 1900 they also trained to work as police dogs in German and Berlin sites. American also founded the Giant Schnauzer club in 1962, Today in the Club of American Kennel the breed ranks low in a list of varieties registration and breeds.

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