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Giant Schnauzer Terrier:Dog Breed Profile

Giant Schnauzer, also known as the Big Schnauzer, was born in Germany and originated in the 15th century. By its basic appearance, the giant Schnauzer is a scaled-up version of the Standard Schnauzer, except for its size, which is very similar in length.

The giant Schnauzer is a cross between a shaggy collie and a Miniature Schnauzer. A healthy and reliable temperament, a rugged appearance, and a thick shaggy coat that can handle a wide variety of climates make this breed a working dog of great strength and endurance, with one or more uses.

Giant Schnauzer Terrier Breed Picture & Video

  • About Giant Schnauzer Terrier Breed

    The giant Schnauzer bears a striking resemblance to the standard, Mini Schnauzer, who not only have cool looks, but are also extremely rigid and aggressive if left untrained as children. Giant SCHNAUZER is a family oriented dog, loyal and dedicated, hostile to people of unknown origin, known as the most family friendly dog, with a high willingness to learn and a high level of skill training. Outgoing and lively, with a lively expression and athletic build. Giant SCHNAUZER’s independence, if left untrained as a puppy, can become aggressive. In general, the SCHNAUZER has a high self-worth and gives the impression that he knows how to handle a situation, so it’s best to trust his instincts and let him handle it on his own. The dog is strong, energetic, fast-moving, and almost rectangular in shape. Vivacity, composure, alertness, intelligence, courage, loyalty, meekness. With its rugged appearance, curly wire coat and trustworthy demeanor, the giant Schnauzer is not only one of the most useful and hardy working dogs, but also one of the best companion dogs to keep.

Giant Schnauzer Terrier Breed Daily Care

Every Giant Schnauzer Terrier has a different personality, so every Schnauzer has a different idea and feeling about taking a bath. Those who like to play with water, of course, will like to take a bath, but those who are afraid of water will be very resistant to this matter. So when we give Schnauzer a bath, we can’t use coercion, because it will only make him more afraid. Owners can tempt their dogs with snacks, preferably to make them think they can get good food just by taking a good shower. That way, most dogs will do as they’re told.

Giant Schnauzer is the largest of the three schnauzers, so the daily food intake should be higher than the other two dog species when breeding must be based on Schnauzer’s lifestyle and physical characteristics, scientific breeding. In the Diet aspect, must give high-quality dog food in a fixed time, absolutely can not let it share the human diet. The number of daily feeding is as follows: After weaning to three months old: Three To four times; three to six months old: Two to three times; six months to one-year-old: Two Times; over one-year-old: one to two times. We should feed our dogs at times that are consistent with our own schedules, but not just when we feed them, but also when we walk them after meals and when they pee, poop, and wash the dishes. Wash the dishes immediately after meals to prevent the residue from attracting rats, cockroaches, ants, or left too much food by the Sun and rain and rot. At the same time take away the bowl, lest it is a play bowl, or even bite. As to how much to feed, usually follow the instructions to give, and then according to the last meal, there is no surplus and adjust.

For the sake of the dog’s health, we should according to the dog’s growing age, let the dog eat suitable dog food. Puppy eats puppy, adult dog eats adult dog, old dog eats old dog, fat dog eats fat dog, do not confuse, lest too fat or too thin. Dry Food nutrients are relatively stable, on average, dogs from the chewing, you can incidentally clean teeth stones, stop itching. However, if there is a problem with the secretion of connecting stones, try to avoid eating dry food, unless it is for the stones of the prescription feed.

Dogs spend most of their time outdoors, so they can be trained to defecate outdoors. In puppy days, it was hard to train the dog’s excretory habits, but even if it was kept in an apartment, it had to be taken outside to defecate. People in dual-income families may have to wait until evening to walk their dogs, which can leave their skin vulnerable. Therefore, should pay more attention to take it out to sunbathe.

Because of the nature of the fur and the texture of the skin, the giant Schnauzer can’t stand the heat and humidity. We can take him for a walk in the morning when the weather is cooler, and he loves to play in the water. When keeping outdoors, we move the Kennel out of direct sunlight and keep it clean at all times.

Giant Schnauzer Terrier Breed History

The giant Schnauzer is the largest of the three schnauzer breeds. Once known as the Russian Schnauzer, Munich Schnauzer, also known as the domestic large Schnauzer. It originated in Germany in the 15th century. Probably a cross between a black great Dane, a Flanders Collie, a standard Schnauzer, and so on. The Great Schnauzer was first used to drive herds and was later used as a guard dog. The Great Schnauzer is better than the hound in many ways and a good companion. According to relevant information, large schnauzer appeared later than the standard Schnauzer and small Schnauzer. First exhibited at the dog show in Munich, Germany in 1909. It looks almost the same as a small Schnauzer, a scaled-up version of a small Schnauzer Terrier

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