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German Shepherd Dog:Dog Breed Profile

The German shepherd dog is said to have originated in Germany. The only thing that can be confirmed is that the dog was fixed throughout Germany in 1880 and used as a shepherd dog. They are agile and suited to an action-oriented work environment, and they are often deployed for a variety of tasks. It was then recruited by the German army during The First World War as a military dog. After the German draw on each other's strengths and make up for each other's weaknesses, they basically finalize the design. Because of its tall size, powerful appearance, and extremely strong working ability, it is active in the world as military dogs, police dogs, search and rescue dogs, guide dogs, sheepdogs, ornamental dogs, and domestic pet dogs.

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  • About German Shepherd Dog Breed

    German shepherds are very intelligent, ranking third in IQ of all dogs. They are agile and adaptable to mobile working environments. They are often deployed for various tasks, such as police, escort, search and rescue, and military. They also work as guide dogs for the blind. Regardless of their suitable job nature, German shepherds can also be loyal and affectionate family pets, preferring to be near people (including children) and other animals. German shepherds are good at obedience, can participate in the Schutzhund experiment to test the ability of both the trainer and the dog to obtain the title of honor. The origin of the German shepherd dog is unknown in Germany. The only thing that can be confirmed is that by 1880 the dog had been fixed throughout Germany and was used as a shepherd. Later, during the First World War, it was recruited by the German Army as a military dog. After the German draw on each other's strengths and make up for each other's weaknesses, they basically finalize the design. Because of their large size, powerful appearance, and strong working ability, they are active as police dogs, rescue dogs, guide dogs, sheepdogs, ornamental dogs, and domestic pet dogs all over the world.

German Shepherd Dog Breed Daily Care

When a German shepherd pup is born, we don't give him a bath because the mother cleans him up after he is born. Babies also do not need to bathe during breastfeeding. We can only give the dog a bath after 45 days when the doctor has finished vaccinating him. German shepherds have a number of precautions to take while bathing. For example, normally we give it a bath every one to two months. Usually, we can use dry cleaning to do cleaning and care. In the summer, you can take it a little shorter, once a week or even twice a week.

When feeding a German shepherd, here are some tips: 1. During the growth process of German shepherds, they need different nutrition amounts of food. In order for German shepherds to grow up healthily, they need to ensure a balanced combination of food. German shepherd likes to eat sweets, but the pet owner can not always give it to eat sweet, otherwise bad for its health;2. When the German shepherd dog is small, it needs to supplement a large amount of protein, so its pet owner needs to feed it a certain amount of meat regularly, while feeding it meat, it also needs to feed it a certain amount of vegetables, to ensure its protein intake is balanced; 3. The main food for German shepherds should be the commercially available dog food suitable for German shepherds. These dog food are generally suitable for every stage of the development of German shepherds. In addition to selling dry dog food suitable for dogs to eat, there will also be a variety of cans to stimulate the dog's appetite, pet owners can help the dog to choose according to the dog's preferences. At the same time, pet owners should also know that the cans on the market contain a variety of additives, eating too much is not conducive to the healthy growth of dogs. 4. During the growth of German shepherd dogs, it is necessary to add the right amount of vitamins and trace elements to the growth of GSD. Therefore, a certain amount of vegetables and fruits can be added to ensure the intake of vitamins and trace elements for the German shepherd. 5. During the growth of the German shepherd dog, the owner should also take care not to feed it fish or shrimp seafood, otherwise, it will cause indigestion.

If the German shepherd dog has canine parvovirus, it will continue to have a high fever, and do not eat or drink, severe mental malaise, the first symptom is persistent diarrhea, and the condition is very serious. Having loose bowels and not drinking water at the same time, slowly will be easy to dehydrate, the serious condition has not been sent to the hospital will lose his life. If at the beginning of loose bowels in time to find, cure the odds is very big. Canine parvovirus is known as the cancer virus in dogs, but it's actually not that scary right now and can be cured. At present, the level of pet medical treatment has been gradually improved. Before, German shepherd dogs suffered from canine distemper and canine parvovirus, both of which are difficult to cure, but can be cured at present, and the dog can return to the original state of health after being cured.

German Shepherd Dog can be very playful when he is young, so when he is brought home by his owner, it is important to let him get used to his new environment and take some time to find out his routine before starting training. When training your dog for certain habits, you should do it step by step and never be impatient. After the master has taught it something new, he should practice it again and again until the next time you say the command, it will react instantly, and we must make sure that the instructions given to it are short and easy to understand. When we start training the German Shepherd Dog, remember to keep it in good timing, depending on your Dog's daily habits. If the dog is bored for too long, the time is too short to achieve the desired effect. We can often encourage German Shepherd Dog in training, which can motivate the Dog.

When taking care of the German Shepherd Dog, we should be careful that puppies are not allowed to bathe. There are a lot of people who are anxious to take a bath because their puppies are dirty or German Shepherd Dog has been in the kennel before. In fact, this is very dangerous behavior. Because the puppy left the original environment and group, easy to cause endocrine disorders, thus resistance to decline. Even vaccinated puppies with conditions such as colds are more likely to develop other serious illnesses. 2 months after the puppy's home in the next 2 months do not bathe, if the dog is dirty we can use a comb, or use dry cleaning powder.

German Shepherd Dog Breed History

In 1890, German breeders Stephanis and Mr. Mael began to improve the breeding of the old German shepherd dog, El Shakia. it is said, has produced at the end of last century to cultivate a good working dog, for this, he went around Germany can achieve his desire to search the shepherd, in the process, he often used to name a Greif (was) dogs as a kind of dog to his breeding practice, and this name is only Greif (was) the collie is a white collie. Born a military horse, Von Stephanitz dreamed of creating a dog that was neither aggressive nor timid. He painted his idea of a sheepdog on his desk, then mated it with a variety of fine dogs until he reached an ideal prototype. After the First World War, a large number of German shepherds were introduced to England and then quickly lost to the rest of the world. The German Shepherd became one of the most widely distributed and popular dog breeds. But the people who love their dogs the most are the Germans. There are about half a million German shepherds in Germany, 90% of whom are kept by families. The remaining 10% are domesticated by police, customs, and rescue organizations. However, sheepdogs have also had a history of being used in wars. During World War I, German shepherds were sent to the front to fight; During World War II, Hitler ordered his army to recruit 200,000 sheepdogs, which were rigorously trained to serve as guards for explosives victims and Nazi concentration camps. Later, after the construction of the Berlin Wall, he served as a guard of the border between East and West Germany. During the peace years after World War II, the German shepherd became a film and television star and played an important role in many TELEVISION series. He was loved by many people, especially his teenage friends. In the television series Officer Rex, the German shepherd dog had a wonderful performance. The film was shown in 26 languages around the world and was widely circulated, making The German shepherd dog famous.

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