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Fila Brasileiro:Dog Breed Profile

The Fila Brasileiro is a strong, burly dog with a fearsome appearance. It is a fierce breed. It is a precious Brazilian tracking dog with superb tracking ability. When it finds its prey, it does not attack but traps it until the hunter arrives. This special ability has won it a good reputation because it can deliver the escaped slave to the slave owner in good condition. It can maintain a close relationship with its owner, but is wary of strangers and is banned in many countries because of its size and aggression.

Fila Brasileiro Breed Picture & Video

  • About Fila Brasileiro Breed

    The Fila Brasileiro is a large dog, its height is generally no less than 75 cm, weight is above 50 kg, just by appearance, it can show that it is very strong. The coat of the Fila Brasileiro dog is very short and very thick and very soft. The typical coat color is fawn. The Fila Brasileiro usually has only one color in its body or markings of other colors on one background color.

Fila Brasileiro Breed Daily Care

Fila Brasileiro’s coat is very short and extremely beautiful. To Keep Fila Brasileiro in good shape, his owner should bathe him regularly to remove bacteria and parasites hidden in the coat. After taking a bath, the owner should dry off the hair in time to prevent the dog from catching a cold.

Fila Brasileiro loves to gulp dog food and water, but this can easily damage the stomach and cause chronic diseases such as flatulence, and so far there is no particularly good medicine to prevent it. Based on this, we try to put a higher food basin when feeding the Fila Brasileiro dog. According to the physiological structure of the dog, if the food basin is a little higher, it doesn't have to lower its head too much, which is conducive to swallowing and digestion. To feed an adult Fila Brasileiro, you need about 800 grams of dog food a day, half in the morning and a half in the evening, some raw meat (nothing added) at noon, and nothing else. In addition, don't let the Fila Brasileiro dog exercise within an hour after meals, as this is bad for digestion.

In addition to the professional dog food, we can also choose some lean mutton, beef, and fresh vegetables with less fat content to keep the Fila Brasileiro healthy. These ingredients will ensure that the Fila Brasileiro will be able to eat an adequate and balanced diet to ensure healthy growth. In addition, in order to supplement the insufficient vitamins, calcium powder, and other nutrients in the food, the owner can also choose the appropriate nutrition agent, an appropriate amount of added to the food of Fila Brasileiro can ensure its growth of nutrient requirements.

We’re training Fila Brasileiro from an early age. The main purpose of this period of training is to strengthen its understanding. In the meantime, be sure to guide your dog from classical conditioning to your commands. While we are helping to improve Fila Brasileiro, we must also avoid making it appear to bite or maliciously attack. Be sure to boost Fila Brasileiro’s confidence in life, encourage him during training, praise him, or give him a treat when he is perfect and obedient. In the meantime, the training should be conducted in a dog’s familiar environment, which can help eliminate the dog’s passive defensive response. Give it a sense of security and then move on to other exercises.

The Fila Brasileiro is a large breed of dog. Therefore, when caring for the Fila Brasileiro, owners should not only feed the dog natural food but also mix the food with nutritionally high substances such as vitamins, calcium months, and calcium powder. Fila Brasileiro likes to drink water. You will find that dogs are thirsty and drink a lot of water, so owners should give their dogs plenty of water!

Fila Brasileiro Breed History

The history of the Fila Brasileiro dog is closely related to the history of Brazil. In a sense, the Fila Brasileiro dog has played a very important role in different stages of The history of Brazil. Fila Brasileiro is not only related to history, but also to the question of the life and fate of The Brazilian colonists. The colonists needed a dog that was strong, sturdy, and capable of hard work. It also had to be a good cattle herder/jaguar hunter, carer, and legal companion, and this was the Fila Brasileiro. Across the centuries, bravery, character, and loyalty have been the hallmarks of its character. Some basic breeds are involved in the Fila Brasileiro breed program. All canine scientists agree that there are three basic breeds that have contributed to the breeding of the Fila Brasileiro, a cross between an ancient bullmastiff, an English Mastiff, and a bloodhound, according to records dating back to 1500. When Portuguese settlers discovered Brazil in 1500, they brought everything they owned to the country, including their dogs. Fila Tereceirense comes from the Azores to Brazil. They have nothing in common except their name which is similar to Fila Brasileiro. The relationship between Fila Tereceirense and Fila Brasileiro is impossible to disprove because at that time there were no other breeds in the colony except wild dogs. Legend has it that too many dogs left the Azores, leading to the extinction of the Tereceirense. Some people think the name "FILA" comes from the Portuguese word for "catch". It should be pointed out that the Portuguese word "FILA" means "to catch", and "catch" is the original function of FILA -- to catch fugitive slaves.