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Field Spaniel:Dog Breed Profile

Field Spaniel, originally from England, medium-sized. A combination of beauty and effect, the dog is a well-balanced, stable companion, active, and long-lasting. A noble gesture; proud but well behaved; the movements unfurled and proper. Symmetry, gait, posture, and use are a whole, far more important than any individual part. Very cute, sensitive and cute, independent and intelligent, and human friendship is very close. When you first meet it, you may have reservations. Any sign of Shyness, timidity, or aggression is a serious fault.

Field Spaniel Breed Picture & Video

  • About Field Spaniel Breed

    The symmetry of the body parts of Field Spaniel is a basic requirement for them. A mature male has a shoulder height of about 18 inches, while a mature female has a shoulder height of about 17 inches and is slightly longer than the shoulder height. Strong constitution, moderate bone mass, smooth and stable muscles. Field Spaniel is unusually cute, sensitive, cute, independent, and intelligent, and has a very close human friendship, which they may hold back from the first meeting and become very clingy as soon as they get to know each other. They give the impression of being noble and elegant, with a deep and gentle expression.

Field Spaniel Breed Daily Care

Field Spaniel only has one coat. Its coat is of medium length or slightly wavy, Silky and glossy; it is dense and waterproof. In moderation. Probably under the second thigh and tail. PASTERNS are clean to the ground in this part. The hair between the toes is short and soft. We can improve its natural appearance by trimming it properly. Field Spaniel is popular because it’s smart, athletic, petite, playful, hair-free, and body-odor-free, making it perfect for urban families.

We can feed the Field Spaniel as soon as it reaches the age of three weeks, or we can make it ourselves. We can add baby cereal to the milk, mix it in a dish, then bring the puppy to the edge of the dish, dip some into the puppy’s mouth with your finger, twice a day, and the puppy will eat itself. After the puppy is used to eating from a plate, we can gradually increase the amount and frequency of feeding to three or four times a day, and then add meat as appropriate. If we give fresh meat (due to the lack of calcium in the meat), we need to add some bone meal to maintain the nutritional balance. Take turns using a variety of brands of canned food for puppies. Canned meat for adult dogs is also better than fresh meat, though some bone meal must be added. Puppies develop quickly, and we need to feed them several times a day more than adults. If the mother is suckling well, don’t rush to weaning, but if you are five weeks old, follow these steps, at six weeks old, the pup no longer needs to be suckled by a female.

Field Spaniels are susceptible to skin diseases. Dermatophytes are extremely resistant to external factors, especially when they are dry. These fungi may be attached to equipment in a Kennel, and they remain infectious for a long time. Cutaneous mycosis is mainly transmitted by contact between animals or by contaminated objects. To prevent and Control Canine Parvovirus, puppies are vaccinated against Canine Parvovirus. We don’t feed the dog moldy feed in our daily life. We also need to get enough vegetables and multivitamins and micronutrient supplements for scientific feeding.

Although Field Spaniel is small, he’s very mobile. They are very dependent on their owners and need a lot of care, so we’d better spend more time playing with them and making them happy. Field Spaniel, who likes to play, doesn’t attack people or animals, so it’s safe to take them for a walk or let them play with other dogs and make lots of good friends. The learning ability of it can learn a lot of things, if we can teach it well, let it show in front of friends will get a lot of praise.

Some people think that if you give the Field Spaniel all the meat, can make the dog grow strong, in fact, this is the wrong approach. All-meat eating not only can not make dogs strong, but because of indigestion, it is difficult to absorb, and most dogs diarrhea. Although meat protein, but less vitamin A/D/E and iodine, at the same time, meat calcium less phosphorus, long-term meat-eating, easy to cause calcium, phosphorus imbalance in the puppy body due to the formation of bone disorders, easy to break or limp.

Field Spaniel Breed History

Field Spaniel, from the 19th century. Independence from the Cocker Spaniel in 1892, and subsequent mating with the Sussex Terrier, resulted in a brief period of great damage to the breed’s pedigree and reputation, threatening its survival. Although the dog is very popular with humans, it has never performed well at dog shows.

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