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English Springer Spaniel:Dog Breed Profile

The English Springer Spaniel is a medium-sized sporting dog with a compact body and a short tail. The coat is of moderate length and has a feathery coat on the legs, ears, chest, and abdomen. The combined protection of the undercoat and the undercoat makes it waterproof, resistant to harsh weather, and protected against thorns. With its drooping ears, gentle expression, firm structure, and friendly wagging tail, it was announced that he was undoubtedly a member of the old spaniel family. First of all, he must be a very well-proportioned dog, without exaggeration, with all the parts in fine harmony. His posture was that of standing proudly, his body deep, his legs strong and muscular, and long enough to support him easily.

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  • About English Springer Spaniel Breed

    TheEnglish Springer Spaniel is a medium-sized dog with a strong, muscular body. It is characterized by a pair of long drooping ears. Springer Spaniel dog with its sensitive sense of smell and excellent searchability, in the current police, to search for drugs, explosives, blood, and other areas of use play an important role. Compared with other breeds, Springer Spaniel has the characteristics of high excitement, strong desire to possess, good search endurance, and so on, but also has the disadvantages such as small courage, weak environmental adaptability.

English Springer Spaniel Breed Daily Care

The Springer Spaniel is also relatively easy to groom because of its short coat, which can be brushed every three days or so. The number of baths in summer can be appropriately increased, but it is best not to take more than once a week, too often to take a bath will only let their resistance down. As with many long-eared breeds, springer Spaniels have long ears, which always cover the ear holes and reduce airflow in the ears. Bacteria can easily thrive in such environments, so springer Spaniels' ears should always be cleaned. If left uncleaned for a long time, springer Spaniels' ears are likely to stink, and the dirt inside the ears can turn black and smelly, leading to ear inflammation. So you can't ignore these little things.

When we feed adult English Springer Spaniel, we should pay attention to the following matters: To feed twice a day, morning and evening each feeding, once at night to feed some food, a little more aged under one-year-old English Springer Spaniel to feed three times a day, about three months is an accusative dog, it is best to feed four to five times a day, two months of age is accusative, dogs to feed five or six times a day, feed the dog food can not time to change a few new things, but the number of food must be stable, feeding time and place should also be fixed, if convenient time and place are not fixed, it may cause the dog appears at will replace the breeding ground for a long time without food.

English Springer Spaniel is originally a bird dog in the wild, so it needs a lot of activity, it is best to take him out for a walk 2-3 times a day, people do not lock him in the House for a long time, it will make him restless, even the appearance of lethargy and even disease. English Springer Spaniel is stylish, shapely, smooth, and enthusiastic, a thoroughgoing sporting dog with distinctive snipe dog features, combining beauty and utility. It’s friendly, happy, brave, cautious. It is sensitive to its master at home, good-natured, loyal, easy-to-discipline,d and willing to obey. These characteristics make it docile, which is very heavy for hunters to control in hunting. Keep Springer Ready, home to have a larger space, you must always take to the outdoors, have the patience to train dogs.

When we train English Springer Spaniel, the first thing we have to do is train him to defecate in the spot. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, give it a spot to defecate. For a long time, English Springer Spaniel would go to that spot whenever he needed to defecate, laying newspaper or plastic bags on the spot. When the master gives English Springer Spaniel the “SIT” command, press down gently on his back in sync, and when he gives the “stand up” command, hold his front foot up and hold it for a few seconds, as he does several times, the Springer Spaniel will follow the instructions to the letter. If English Springer Spaniel is already familiar with your training, then you can give him the “handshake” exercise. You can ask English Springer Spaniel to sit quietly, then give the handshake command, place his left or right hand in your palm, and repeat the exercise.

We should take care of the Springer Spaniel in the sun. In addition, we should also let it often eat some calcium powder or calcium tablets, which can very well help its bone development and prevent some acquired bone diseases, but the amount should not be too much, too much calcium will only backfire. Proper diet can make it grow stronger and healthier. When we walk our dogs, we meet some dog lovers. When they see a cute dog, they can't help but offer them some of their own food. If it's ham or something like that, it's probably not going to do the dog much good, but it's not going to do the dog any good. But if it's something the dog can't eat, and you don't know it, then it's a bad idea. It was out of love for the dog, but it ended up killing the dog.

English Springer Spaniel Breed History

During the Renaissance, springer spaniels were considered ideal companions for European hunters. It became popular in the United States in the seventeenth century. This is an ancient and pure breed, the oldest hunting dog; For its original purpose, it is often used in bird hunting, falconry, or dog hunting. Often used in hunting to find, excite, or retrieve prey. The American Hound Club was founded in 1880 and its job is to classify dogs by size. Any dog weighing more than 12.70 kg is classified as a Springer Spaniel. Although some Springer spaniels have long been used for hunting in the United States, they were not better known until 1924, when the British Springer Spaniel Field Testing Society was founded. Three years after the start of the field test (1927), the Springer Spaniel Field Test Association became the Springer Spaniel Club of England. The society went further with a display of British Springer spaniels and field hunting tests. The American Kennel Club's English Springer Spaniel standard, which was formed in 1927 and first revised in 1932, is based as much as possible on its natural breeding abilities, that is, it is a terrier that has been trained to do the work required of it. The association also holds an annual field test to demonstrate the breed's performance as a shooting terrier to the public. With the development of other hounds there is fierce competition among hounds. They must be able to search the ground quickly and be well trained to carry out the signals or commands given to them.

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