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English Setter:Dog Breed Profile

English Setters are elegant, quiet, and considerate. They are very beautiful, loyal, gentle, gets on well with children, can live with family, can be raised outdoors. When he finds prey, he sits down. Easy to train and a good, quick-acting working dog in combat. But the Setter in English needs plenty of opportunities for exercise and is not ideal for city living. The owner should brush his coat once a week and check the dog's ears. 

English Setter Breed Picture & Video

  • About English Setter Breed

    The English Setter is a gun-hound, it's very elegant, very steady, very firm, very well proportioned. The most standard is in which to mix a strong force, very persistent perseverance, but also a very elegant temperament and demeanor. The Coat of the English cedar is very flat, and some of its feathery hairs are very long. It has an easy and very smooth gait, its forequarters are very extended, the drive of the hindquarters is very strong, it always maintains a very flat topline, but also very straight, fairly stable, firm. Males are very muscular, but not clumsy at all. The females, on the other hand, look very feminine, but not at all delicate. The overall shape, the symmetry of the body, the posture, and the effect of the steps are much more important than any single position. Defect: because which part is too exaggerated, causes the whole discordance.

English Setter Breed Daily Care

We should do a lot for pretty English Setters to keep them more pretty. English Setter care is very important. Since dogs have long coats, it's best to groom them daily. Many parts of the dog are trimmed, so trim them properly to give them a more energetic look. We should always pay attention to the dog's mood when taking a bath. Some dogs may be a little scared when taking a bath for the first time, which should be appropriately pacified.

When we feed English setters, it's best to make sure that the food they feed contains about 500 grams of meat per day. We also add the same amount of biscuits and vegetables to keep the dog's diet balanced. We should first cook and chop the meat in the food, then add an appropriate amount of water and mix it with cooked dry vegetable ingredients before feeding.

Periodontal disease can cause a number of problems, such as tooth loss, oronasal fistula, broken jaw, and various infections. Since the periodontal disease can cause a English Setter's immune system to weaken if it doesn't want to eat, the bacteria are more likely to spread and cause infection elsewhere. The bacteria infection to the nasal cavity may cause an oral and nasal fistula, and the mandible bone is too thin, resulting in mandible fracture. If the bacteria infects the eye, it can lead to blindness. Bacteria can also infect the heart, pancreas, kidneys, and other organs through the blood.

It is very important that we train our English Setters not to rummaging through trash cans and not to pick up and eat outside. The dog disorderly eat, is very easy to eat some toxic things, resulting in poisoning. In addition to poisoning, rummaging, and eating, also easily lead to gastrointestinal damage, long-term harm to the dog.

Owners should make sure the English Settersbeds are clean and tidy, and keep them warm in the winter. Put some old clothes in their nest that we don't wear anymore, but make sure the clothes are dry and don't get wet. Old clothes will leave a smell on the owner's body, and dogs will get familiar with the smell more quickly if they stay with the smell every day, as if the owner is with them all the time, which can make the dogs sleep more comfortably.

English Setter Breed History

English setters are native to England. It originated in the 19th century. The ancient Spaniel is the ancestor of the breed. Originally bred by Edward Lavalack in 1825, it was known for quite some time as the Lavalack Spaniel. The English Setter moves beautifully, easily, freely, looks very durable, and the pace is very effective. There is a good extension of the front, the driving force is very strong after. Its tail is always very happy, the head posture looks very proud. The reason why the head will be slightly a little low because the forelimb has extended the movement appears. English cedar has a very strong, powerful back, very stable, firm, no rolling. As it trots, its limbs are pulled closer and closer to the center of its body by the pull of gravity.  

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