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English Blood Hound:Dog Breed Profile

The English Blood Hound appeared in Europe long before the Holy War. The first dog came from Constantinople. It comes in black and white. The black breed was the famous Saint Hubert Hound of the 8th century, while the white breed later became known as the southern Hound. Black blood was imported to England. Both breeds played an important role in the development of other hunting and hunting dog breeds. In the 12th century, when bishops happened to use dogs as vehicles, the church elite was one of the first to develop bloodhounds. A large number of senior clergymen kept a flock of hounds, and the Kennel was an important part of every convent. They take great pride in keeping their bloodline pure. In fact, the breed was so well bred that it came to be known as the “bloodhound” , which meant to belong to the nobility.  

English Blood Hound Breed Picture & Video

  • About English Blood Hound Breed

    English Blood Hounds are large dogs with strong bones and muscles and a long, rectangular body. The skin is elastic, soft, thin, and wrinkled. The greatest characteristic is that the sense of smell is very sensitive. The average height of a bloodhound is 63.0-69.0 cm in males and 23.0-25.0 cm in females. The dog has a distinctive head that is narrow in front but broad in profile; a black or brown nose that is broad and well developed; teeth that are white and strong and well-aligned; eyes that are deeply set in the eye sockets and have a diamond or diamond-shaped eyelids of medium size, oval in shape; thin and soft ears. The dog has a long neck with strong muscles, a flat back, slightly prominent shoulders, a straight, wide, strong back, a wide, strong, short back, and a well-muscled croup that is broad and long. The forequarters are muscular and strong, straight and parallel from the front, while the hindquarters are strong and muscular and parallel from the back. The dog’s tail is long and strong and high in position; the dog’s gait is slow but fairly smooth.

English Blood Hound Breed Daily Care

The English Blood Hound is in harmony with both his companion and his master and rarely quarrels. The dog is very obedient and therefore easy to care for. Some dogs are very naughty in the bath, even if the owner shouted to stop it is of no avail. But it will cooperate with the owner to complete these things, will not add trouble to the breeder.

The bloodhound’s ears are long and large, and they should be cleaned from time to time. It is because of this neglect, leading to the accumulation of ear booties and causes inflammation. Once there is inflammation, then it will feel the ear inside very urticant will keep scratching around the ear, even the ear to scratch. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the ear canal. The dog’s sense of smell is quite sensitive, and some people use perfume on the dog’s respiratory stimulation, so some pungent smell of gas such as perfume, smoke, and so on had better stay away from it.

Calcium supplements are necessary for English Bloodhounds, which are large and require a lot of exercises. Because in the normal course of exercise will also slowly lose calcium, so in the daily feeding time can be appropriate to increase some calcium powder or calcium tablets to some calcium supplements, thereby reducing the risk of bone problems.

The pet is the human intimate partner, must relate to the pet’s health, but the pet's most key is immunity. The immune systems of pets are very complex, like a joint army, working in concert with each other to combat infectious agents from different environments, such as the invasion of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and the attack of newly formed cancer cells. So once the immune system is low, some common diseases will take advantage of the situation, diarrhea, a cold, pneumonia, kidney disease, and so on. In order to improve the dog’s immunity, we must pay attention to the daily hygiene and feeding habits, but also to the pet feeding professional pet food.

The English Blood Hound has a gentle personality, is kind to family member-friendly, and is bred: It needs a lot of exercise and regular living habits, it needs regular calcium supplements, and it is fond of the tracking game, in keeping with its nature and its purpose.

The English Blood Hound has a gentle personality and is friendly to family members. We need to keep him active and on a regular schedule while caring for him. In addition, we have to give it a timely calcium supplement. The tracking game is what he’s most interested in, and it’s what he’s bred to be and what he’s born to be.

English Blood Hound Breed History

The English Blood Hound, which dates back to the 8th century, belongs to the ancient Ardennes black terrier breed. There is little evidence as to how far back the bloodhound has come, but there are many authorities who believe that the bloodhound was well known in Mediterranean countries long before the Christian era. It has been called the modern equivalent of the scent hound, the oldest of the pointer breeds, and, of course, centuries of selective breeding have changed its appearance from what the ancients admired. However, its features are so distinctive that criminologists have explored it throughout its history. Bloodhound early in Europe, there are two black and white breeds, and these two breeds for the development of other hunting and hound species played an important role.

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