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Dorgi:Dog Breed Profile

The Dorgi is a crossbreed dog, resulting from the cross between a Dachshund and Corgi breeds. These are loyal, friendly, and intelligent. These little dogs have taken up some of the most beautiful traits from both the parents. Dorgis are sometimes also known as the Dorgie.

Despite being a designer hybrid dog, they can be found in breed-specific rescue shelters, from where you can adopt them and extend your family. Dorgis are exceptional family dogs, and love being with the family. Their delightful and distinctive look makes them stunning and grabs the attention of all the people around them.

The tiny breed is affectionate and loyal and enjoys being in the company of small children. But don’t be misguided by their size, these tiny tots are energy packets and need a great deal of exercise and outdoor games. These dogs are great to be along and will provide you with long periods of love and dedicated companionship.

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Dorgi Breed Characteristics

  • About Dorgi Breed

    Generally, the cross between Dachshunds and Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Dachshunds is said to be a designer dog namely “Dorgis”. Many people call them the “sausage dog” also. Dorgi’s appearance may vary based on the parental inheritance. The coat and color also would depend on the parents.

    Their looks may even surprise you at times. They may be born with long tails or bobtails. When we talk about their colors, there is a lot of variation. Even though they don’t have the standard appearance, Dorgis inherit the Dachshund’s trunk and the skull of Corgi’s, and the result is obvious and absolute cuteness.

    They have delicate hips when compared with their parent Dachshund and they are too thumped vulnerably. For this reason, they won’t be suitable for a small family like having kids as they may not have the required maturity to handle them safely. Nevertheless, true buddies and superb watchdogs are great in their features.

Dorgi Breed Daily Care

Dorgi’s grooming requirements are minimal. But a few things are there, which cannot be ignored, be it any breed of dogs. Following are the different aspects which you need to look into while grooming your Dorgi:

Ears: The Dorgi has long erect fox-like ears. That makes them easy to clean and maintain.

Eyes: These dogs are prone to eye conditions such as cataracts. Hence a periodic visit to an ophthalmologist is suggested.

Teeth: Brushing every day is a habit that should be introduced at puppyhood to Dorgi.

Nails: Dorgi has a burrowing instinct, just like the Dachshund parent. Hence their nails need to be clipped periodically.

Hair: Dorgis do not shed much, so brushing them twice a week is generally sufficient to maintain their coat in good condition. If the Dorgi inherits the Corgi parent and sheds more, it is advised to brush the coat daily.

Recommended daily amount: These little dogs are big foodies. But you need to restrict the daily diet to ¾ cup to 1½ only.

What food to choose: A fine quality dry dog food is recommended for this designer breed. You can also combine canned dog food, but remember to adjust the quantity of dry food accordingly.

How to keep good shape: These little food-lovers tend to gain weight very easily. Hence you will be required to make them do their exercise combined with a proper diet.

How many times to feed your dog: You will be required to feed your dog twice a day.

Dorgis breed dogs are food lovers, due to which obesity can be the most potential problem. Some of the diseases that need to be looked into as mentioned below –

Skeletal Issues

Condition – Credit to both the parents, these dogs have elongated spine and narrow rib cages, causing short legs and a sensitive back. That’s why they are prone to skeletal and back issues such as spinal deviation, intervertebral disc, bloated joints, to name a few.

Treatment –You need to ensure that they are jumping very carefully or avoid jumping completely. Handling them with care is the only solution.

Luxation of Patella

Condition – The luxation of the patella is the biological term for a displacement of the knee-cap. It is a hereditary disease that shows symptoms from a very young age. An affected dog may limp while walking, or avoid the use of the painful leg.

Treatment – For chronic cases, surgery is the main treatment. It is advised to take the pup to the vet to observe for anomalies periodically.

Hip Dysplasia

Condition – This is one of the most commonly inherited orthopedic conditions in small dogs. In simple terms, the hip bones are not functioning properly, causing pain and discomfort while walking and moving around. The condition is identified with a compound X-Ray of the hips and adjoining bones.

Treatment – Typically, pain medications are given to the affected dogs. In serious cases, surgery is done to treat the issue.


Condition: Cataract is a condition, which makes the lens of the eye opaque, affecting the vision. It gradually deteriorates the condition of the eyes. Chronic cases are challenging to treat and may lead to glaucoma or complete blindness.

Treatment: Initial stages of cataracts can be treated by phaco-emulsion. It is advised to visit an ophthalmologist periodically.

When it comes to training it is easy to their curious and intelligent minds. Also, their socialness and obedience make them easy to tame. However, if they incline more towards their Dachshund parent, stubborn in many cases. This would seek a better structured and regular training strategy. Positive reinforcement has to be followed and rewarded by appreciation and especially food rewards, which would make them even happier.

Dorgis are lifelong companions and even more friendly to others. They show a genuine interest in the different activities their owners take part in. Not only humans but they have a good attachment with other animals also. However, due to their slender shape of the body and sensitivity, it will be prone to fall and injury in some instances. Hence they should be carefully handled and it is not recommended to mingle with a small family.

They are a peppy and curious crossbreed. Given the herd and hunt pedigree, they are more eager to enjoy playtime and love participating in various sports and games. They love toys like chew balls and other bouncy toys. Dorgis may also have sensitive feel like anxiety if they are alone for more than 5 or 6 hours’ time period.

Dorgi Breed History

The Dorgi is an adorable small dog, resulting in crossbreeding between Corgi and Dachshunds. As with other new designer dogs, the Dorgi is a relatively new hybrid, and the exact story of the breed is not so clear. The story of the origin of Dorgis very much interweaved with the parent breeds, Corgi and Dachshund.

The Corgi is believed to have existed during the 12 century in the United Kingdom. Dachshunds are believed to be existing even before 600 years. They have their origins in Germany, and they were mainly used to dig and hunt.

Dorgi is recognized by many kennel clubs. Some of them are Dog Registry, American Canine, and Designer Registry.