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Daniff:Dog Breed Profile

Daniff dogs are some of the most precious dogs around the world. Being the cross-breeds of English Mastiff and Great Dane, they are enormous and like to be in your backyard. Most of the time, they like to retrieve things from the ground. They have a powerful sense of smell, and for that reason, they were used by truffle retrievers around the world for their enormous ability to find where the truffles' roots are.

On the other hand, they are huge and rarely can adopt living in an apartment. That is why you should always have these dogs in a separate dog house close to your domicile. They feel cozy when they are close to your family and feel responsible for protecting your kids against any kind of external threat.

Apparently, they are rare to find, and that can become your kids' best friends. They live longer than other races and become independent from their masters as the time comes by.

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Daniff Breed Characteristics

  • About Daniff Breed

    The Daniff Breed is the cross-section of the Mastiffs and Dane dogs. For that reason, they have developed their unique character and become independent from their masters when they want to.

    These dogs remain powerful until the last minute of their life. They like to protect their masters, especially the kids of the family that hosts them for a long time.

Daniff Breed Daily Care

These dogs can enjoy careful grooming that includes the following:

Ears: You better take care of their ears. The rear part needs to have a more thorough cleaning.

Eyes: Sometimes, their eyes are full of lipids and proteins. You need to clean them thoroughly using natural tears and have them always protected from direct exposure to the sun.

Teeth: The best practice would be to brush their teeth after any meal. Don't forget to massage their gums to keep their teeth until they die.

Nails: They like you to leave their nails intact since they need them to dig in the ground. You need to cut them only when the vet says so.

Hair: Leave their hair to develop through the year and cut it only when you feel they are feeling uncomfortable.

Like any other dog race, Daniffs have some particular feeding patterns:

Recommended daily amount: It would be better to give them at least 2 cups of food every day. You can either give them dog croquettes or canned meat that has a special dog process. Others prefer to give them 3 cups of pure protein to develop their muscles.

What food to choose: Vets say that Daniff dogs love the meat protein. It would be better to offer them some fish fillets and grains to keep their stomach and digestive system work right!

How to keep good shape: Ensure that you offer a wide variety of proteins from meat or fish origin. They do like to have some low volume carbs and vitamin supplements from time to time.

How many times to feed your dog: Most Daniffs should have food at least two times per day. Some dog owners also suggest you feed them three times in the day so that they feel energetic and ready to follow them.

Even though they are different from their ancestors, Daniff dogs have inherited some of their health problems:

Eye retinal degeneration- It has been the most prominent problem for the Daniff Dogs.

Condition- Their retina starts to degenerate even from the age of 2. They can have vision problems and get blind if you don't get them to the vet.

Treatment- You can give them Vitamin A and D supplements and make sure they consume no sugar.

Hip displacement- It is among the most common skeletal issues for dogs. These dogs may develop it earlier than others since they like to run and jump a lot.

Condition- The Daniff Dogs start having an issue with their hips. You may see them crawl when they stand up and have a hardship when moving around.

Treatment- There is only a surgical treatment for their hips, where the vet decides to remove the old ones and insert some artificial bone matter to let them have their previous agility.

They have a very strict training method. Most of the Daniff dogs require early training from the age of puppies. They need to know the orders to stand up and stay still. The same time you want to train them for truffle retrievers, you need to have it done during their first year of age.

Some trainers develop Daniffs' smell and running abilities to become the best retrievers you can possibly find.

Finally, you need to train them with the catch and throw game that they love a lot. Daniff dogs also like to get them to jump all the time, and that is why it would be plausible to have the frisbee game available to them all the time.

Daniff dogs are the ones that require extra care compared to the other races you may have experience with. They need to go to the vet office at least twice a year and have their regular vaccination. On the other hand, they need to take a bath every two days so that you can remove dirt, dust, and debris from their legs.

Finally, if you want to keep them powerful and well-developed, you have to take care of their legs and perform professional massage to ensure their muscles are at the greatest point.

Daniff Breed History

The Daniff dogs were the first to follow the Pilgrims to their trip to the Northern American territory. For that reason, they have developed special abilities to become more adaptive to the new environment.

Some Daniffs have used their natural power to help people move their things across the icy roads. Other Daniff dogs were used as night guards to the premises where people were living.

The story of Daniff dogs is amazing and showed that a cross-bred dog could have the same efficiency as its ancestors.

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