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Cojack:Dog Breed Profile

Cojack is counted among the adorable heart winners appealing with their small face with big almond-shaped eyes. These non-purebred dogs were developed by mixing Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Jack Russell Terrier. Cojacks inherited their charming appearance from Corgis, who are most popular among dog lovers for their stumpy body and cuteness. Cojacks have in abundance the goodness of both its parent breeds, so if you are in search of a fun-loving, easy-to-handle, loyal, and adorable companion, you will make a good bonding with them.

Their energetic and friendly behavior coupled with loyalty is a remarkable trait that every dog owner appreciates. Cojacks are lovable little dogs with shorter legs and a long body, who loves to play around a lot; not to mention, for a small body, Cojacks have a terrific amount of stamina.

Cojacks do well with family and are best for cuddling. Filled with many quirks to show you, they are thrilled to meet new people and easily get along with everyone. You can be ready to witness a lot of fun and crazy moments if you have already considered these little furry friends.

Cojack Breed Picture & Video

Cojack Breed Characteristics

  • Group: Herding Group

    Cojacks are a mix between Corgis (the adorable species) and Jack Russell Terrier (the high spirited pure breed). Since Cojack inherits its distinct agile, energetic, and happy traits from its Jack Russell descendants, they fall into the herding group, who are known for their characteristic active temperament.

  • Barking Level: When Necessery

    These stumpy little dogs can be seen happy and not barking now and then. However, like most other dogs, Cojacks are also cautious of any sound or stranger, so you can always listen to their barks if someone new approaches your house. From this point of view, cojack lives in a house and backyard, not in an apartment. But even in an apartment is an ideal situation. As long as cojack exercises regularly, cojack can adapt and do well. For strangers, dogs usually bark at cojack, which proves that cojack is a good-looking gate dog, but over time, cojack does have a tendency to become lazy.

  • Characteristics: Best Dog Breeds For Kids

    Cojacks are wonderful dogs who are full of energy. They are best for families and you can trust them around your children. Also, they are great with other smaller pets like cats, so you can rest assured.

  • Coat Type: Short

    Cojacks have a shorter hair coat which is shiny. They have a denser hair coating and come in various color possibilities like black, brown, tan, white, red, or eggshell-colored skin with darker color patches.

  • Shedding: Infrequent

    Cojacks have short wiry hair which doesn’t shed often. These small dogs can go on without daily brushing; just to maintain their hygiene and keep their fur clean and smooth, you can brush them once or twice a week.

  • Size: Small

    Cojacks have a short standing height of 10-13 inches since they are short-legged. However, they have a medium length in comparison to their height. One can easily take them in a dog carrier purse and go journeying. These little furry companions weigh over 18-28 pounds, so travel with them with comfort.

  • Trainability: Easy Training

    These intelligent little furry pets are very easy to train and understand human instructions well. You will never have a hard time teaching Cojacks since they are inherently fun-loving and calm companion dogs.

  • Activity Level: Regular Exercise

    Taking Cojack or any other dog breed outdoors for a walk or playful activity is best to bring out their cheerfulness, and at the same time, keeps them fit. Cojacks have an active spirit, so giving them an hour of exercise twice a day, as per your convenience, is enough to keep up their joyful behavior.

  • Grooming Requirements: Low

    Cojacks usually have a lesser shedding tendency. This means you will not have to worry about their regular grooming. Brushing these breeds only two times a week to clean off the dirt from their fur is enough. Although Cojacks shed less, they may or may not be hypoallergenic.

  • Exercise Requirements: Significant

    Cojacks are full of energy and love pastime, jumping, running, and hiking. Since they are inherently spirited, you only require to take them outdoors for nearly an hour, two times a day. Also, these little animated breeds are the perfect company while hiking or jogging.

  • Affection Needs: Cuddly

    Cojacks are very affectionate little dog breeds and love to lay around their owners and hop into their laps. They like to get caressed and don't prefer to stay alone for a very long period. These are the best cuddle buddies. Their short and fat little body is easy to carry around the house.

  • Purebred or Mixed: Mixed Dog Breeds

    As we all know, cojack is generally a happy dog with a desire to please. Cojack's legacy provides the right grazing genes to facilitate training, which becomes quite easy. Because it's easy for cojack to learn tricks, cojack is very interesting. It is worth noting that cojack is a very agile dog and needs enough physical exercise, which is also explained by the characteristics of their parents' breeds.

  • About Cojack Breed

    Name: Cojack

    Height: 10-13 inches

    Weight: 18-28 pounds

    Lifespan: 12 to 15 years

    Color: Black, white, black and white, black and tan, white and tan

    Temperament: Affectionate, loyal, active, energetic, lively

    Cojacks are known to be among the gentlest of the dog breeds, who are very fond of crazy and playful activities. Their little body is filled with a surprising amount of energy and strength along with adorable appearance. They have very good intelligence and are easy to pet ad handle. Their loyal and friendly personality are most suitable for the family with small children.

    These are charmer breeds and love to get affection and care from their owners and other people. Although a body full of playful energy, these little dogs are not much of a barker. From a small pup to an adult, you can definitely get a good amount of delightful moments with Cojacks. Since their intelligence level is good, they are open to training sessions and can learn healthy habits quickly and easily.

    This kind of very active cojack is not suitable for timid or tired people. These demanding cojacks need a lot of attention, training and socialization. Of course, cojacks is very cute, but cojack also has a lot of responsibility.

    Cojacks are very demanding. They come from very smart parents. Because Jack Russell Terrier is famous for its high-energy driving force, it is said that it is also one of the smartest dog breeds in the world, so once cojack has a goal in mind, cojack tends to go all out to achieve it.

    In addition, the herding and obstinacy of cojack's parents may show up. From a health perspective, cojack is also exposed to genetic diseases of both parents. That's why knowing as much as you can about your parents' background before you get such a dog can help manage expectations.

Cojack Breed Daily Care

Hair: Cojacks don't require much of your grooming energy. Annually, they shed their fur quite less, however, you should try to give them a clean water bath to clean dirt from their skin.

Always try to use recommended and certified shampoo and hair products for Cojacks to avoid any unusual skin rashes or any other infections.

Nails: Dog owners should trim the toenails once every month or depend on the rate of their growth.

Teeth: Cleaning and brushing their teeth regularly is also necessary so that they don’t get any dental infection.

Ears: Check for dirt or debris and clean their ears at regular intervals. Try to calm Cojacks before proceeding with the cleaning to avoid any ear injuries.

Eyes: It is common for Cojacks to spill dirt inside their eyes while playing. You should check for any dirt and remove that with a clean or damp cloth. Rush to your nearest vet if you notice anything serious.

Recommended daily amount: Since Cojacks are highly-spirited dog breeds, they require nearly 3 cups of dry dog food twice or thrice a day.

What food to choose: Also, Cojacks are very choosy about their meal, so they might prefer eating wet food than the dry one. It is better to avoid giving human treats to these little pets, for their health benefits. The food habits should be changed depending on their growth from a small pup to an adult Cojack.

It is also advisable to consult your vet before giving any supplement or changing their food habits. As these little dogs enter their older age, dog owners need to be more cautious in terms of their diet to avoid the risk of any disease.

How to keep good Shape: Regular exercise and a balanced diet keep them in good shape.

How many times to feed your dog: Generally twice a day.

Cojacks face minimal health issues that can be treated easily.


Condition: This is a mental disorder wherein they can get occasional or frequent seizures.

Treatment: Can be treated by giving prescribed medications, however, if they develop idiopathic epilepsy, the condition becomes incurable.

Eye Disease

Condition: Common eye infection like redness, rashness, teary or red eyes can be seen.

Treatment: It can be treated by giving prescribed eye drops and cleaning the affected eye with clean water or medicated solutions.

Hip Dysplasia

Condition: This is a genetic disorder due to which lameness and arthritis can eventually occur in Cojacks.

Treatment: Regular exercise, joint supplements, or providing support through walking wheels can improve this condition in a longer period.

On the other hand, cojack tends to have far fewer problems than JRT people. Many breeders claim that a large part of the health problem of these cojacks is a significant reduction in hybrid vigor. However, some of cojack's problems often pop up.

These fun-loving crossbreeds have a very sociable nature along with their good intelligence. All of its characteristic traits make Cojacks perfectly trainable. Their calm yet joyful temperament makes it easier for them to cope with training sessions. You can easily potty train Cojacks at an individual level.

Cojack's temperament is not easy to bear. Cojack's parents are two super active purebred dogs, and from this mix will ensure that your dog is the same, if not more. You have to be prepared to train and socialize these dogs from a very early age. Cojack will keep on or cojack will jump, run and bark.

Taking aid from professional trainers also helps them follow good behavior in public places and with strangers.

Your cojack may have a strong drive to graze things: cars, kids playing, even your pants. However, cojack is a loyal, loving and loyal dog, so this inborn habit means they care - even though cojack may use his teeth to move things in one direction!

Cojack is very alert and active. Cojack needs a lot of exercise to consume seemingly non-stop energy. In addition to taking a long walk every day and going to the dog park frequently, it's best for cojack to run in the fenced yard.

Cojacks are born lively and cheerful and it is not a mess taking care of these lovely breeds. Grooming doesn’t count as very much of a hectic job when it comes to Cojacks, since they have a very less shedding issue. Due to their inherent energetic trait, Cojacks like to run around. However, some might develop couch potato habits, depending on the lifestyle in which it adapts itself, and eventually gain weight. It is essential to give your Cojacks regular exercise to keep them fit, happy, and energetic.

Additional care includes keeping a check on their daily activities and taking them to your vet when you notice something indifferent. Keep a track of their food and cleanliness habits and try to give them the right training from their puppyhood.

Cojacks are like Velcro, they will always be around you (if not under your feet). Cojack will soon develop separation anxiety, so it is not advisable to leave cojack alone for a long time or frequently. Whenever a stranger approaches cojack, cojack yells. Cojack will want to please you, but cojack has a desire to keep paying attention. Cojack tends to get along well with his cojack pets, as long as cojack is social.

Cojack is quite easy to train, but you need some patience because they show some stubbornness. Parent varieties are famous for their agility and obedience to competitive advantages. Agile puzzles and games are the perfect mix of dog training when cojack. According to the Jack Russell Hound Club in the United States, purebred jrts are prone to many diseases.

Cojack Breed History

Cojacks have recently been added as a new hybrid dog species, so it doesn't have a long historical chronology. They have much of their familiar traits inherited from the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Jack Russell Terrier. The Welsh Corgis are very popular little dog breeds, especially known for their adorability. Likewise, Cojacks’ cute little face with remarkable white marks on their face makes the perfect pet that will spread a smile on your face each time you see them.

The energetic and lively temperament comes from the purebred Jack Russell, who belongs to the herding group. The perks of having to see the unique combination of two distinct dog breeds in these small Cojacks is wholesome entertainment.

Generally speaking, cojack's height is about Jack Russell's, which means that cojack is taller than kirky. According to the specific circumstances of parents and the way of gene combination, life expectancy of cojack will be very different. This is another powerful argument, that is, when collecting information about cojack's parents, it should be thorough, because it will also point out the potential health risks of children. Cojack is easy to train. The tradition of hounds makes cojack a good hunter, so cojack will be happy to chase all kinds of animals in the backyard. Cojack's coat is usually white, but it also forms some black and brown patterns, and even has some Tan and red touch.
Overall, cojack has all the qualities of a good partner. Cojack only needs to comb and wash from time to time to keep a good appearance and health, especially when shedding is minimal. This feature of cojack is worth appreciating, especially those who hate the houses or cars around dog hair. Although cojack has some watchdog abilities, cojack is not very good at it. When strangers are nearby, it is likely that they will not remind their owners. However, cojack needs a stable level of daily exercise, because cojack is an active type of dog and needs to be healthy. They are friendly, get along well with children, are easy to train, and require less effort and attention than their cojack varieties. Cojack's fur is usually of medium length, but it can be smooth and rough, or even both, but as a low shedding dog, cojack doesn't need much modification.