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Chow Chow:Dog Breed Profile

Chow Chow is a medium-sized dog. Chow Chow is one of the oldest breeds in China and weighs between 20 and 32 kg. Shoulder Height is between 46 and 56 cm. It has a history of more than 2,000 years and has been used as a hunting dog, a camel dog and a guard dog. Was once used as food for the people. The dog was acquired by Queen Victoria in 1880 and is now considered a fashionable and luxurious pet.

Chow Chow Breed Picture & Video

Chow Chow Breed Characteristics

  • About Chow Chow Breed

    Name: Chow Chow

    Height: 17-20 inches

    Weight: 45-70 lbs

    Lifespan: 9-15 years

    Coat Density: Dense

    Coat Texture: Straight

    Puppy Price: $900-$4500

    Temperament: Loyal, social, outgoing, and lovely

    Suitable for: Families with time to train

    Chow has a medium-length coat with a dense double coat, with an erect outer coat and a thick, soft inner coat. Red (Pale yellow to deep red) and black are common. The head is large and broad, the ears are small, thick, and erect, and the eyes are almond-shaped, small, and deep-set. There are many wrinkles above and around the eyes of the Chow. The Chow has a broad snout and full lips. The upper lip covers the lower lip but does not droop. The tissue inside the mouth is almost black in color. The upper part and the margin of the tongue are blue-blacks; the body is well-proportioned, compact, the neck thick and strong, and well-muscled.  

    You should manage your pet like a toddler. Close the door, clean up, and lock the room if necessary. This will keep Chow Chow away from trouble, from things that shouldn't be in his mouth. Chow Chow needs to brush your teeth thoroughly at least every chow chow for most of the year. Chow Chow loses his coat twice a year, and his hair is in a mess. It is recommended to brush every day during this period.

    Chow Chow is very suitable for apartment life. Just give Chow a walk and a short game time every day. Chow Chow is sensitive to warm temperatures, avoids long-term exposure to the sun, and is highly alert to signs of heat stress. You have to keep your dog's diet consistent. You don't give Chow Chow people food. You should exercise your dog, but don't overdo it at first.

Chow Chow Breed Daily Care

When we care for the Chow, the main thing is to comb the dog’s hair and keep it smooth and smooth. In the process of combing the dog’s hair, we should start from the head, brush slowly to the tail and legs, with the use of a thin wire brush, if time permits, at least once a day to brush the hair of the Chow. We regularly comb our dog’s hair, which helps the skin produce the oils that protect it, making it healthy and shiny, and we comb it every day to remove any hair or dirt from the dog, for the cleanliness and hygiene of the dog also has a certain help. In addition, if we want our dog’s hair to be fluffy, it would be better to use a steel brush against the direction of growth.

Whether it's rough or smooth, you need to bathe and brush your teeth often. This bright and noble dog can take a bath every Chow Chow, no more than once every 6 Chow Chow. This double coated variety, with proper bathing and drying techniques, lays the foundation for achieving a beautiful coat. Choosing the right product to meet the dog's needs is crucial to achieve the best results. The maintenance of skin care products lays the foundation for healthy skin and coat. When the coat is soiled, the hair shaft will become rough and eventually break, which will cause the coat to be damaged. Frequent bathing and brushing is necessary to keep the skin and fur in the best condition. Keeping your skin and fur clean is the key to keeping your food at its best. Chow Chow did drop a lot. You'll find hair all over your clothes, furniture, carpets, even in your food. Frequent vacuuming will become a way of life.

The stomach function of the Chow is relatively weak, dog food is the most suitable food for it, it is recommended to feed it twice a day, adult chow can make dog food, for a change, dog food with rice, cornflour, carrots, cabbage, eggs, beef, are their love, and has the very big help to its digestive system, the proposal feeds once a day to be able, feeding time should be fixed as far as possible, the proposal feeds at night. FOOD FOR CHOW PUPS: Food for puppies: such as Dog Food and canned food; Calcium: Supplement natural calcium products such as super calcium to promote bone and tooth development in puppies; Milk powder for puppies: There is special milk powder for puppies and goats; Egg yolk: Egg yolk is not only rich in the advantages of protein but also contains easily digestible vitamin A, calcium, and minerals; Vitamins and minerals: We consider adding a few extra vitamins and minerals to our pups who are in the poor physical condition Meat: Although beef, pork, and chicken are excellent foods, we should choose the part without fat when feeding puppies, because fat is easy to go bad. We feed cooked food to Chow, not raw meat! Chow pups have delicate stomachs. Eating meat and drinking milk will make them loose and vomit, which is bad for their health. The safest side dish is dog food served cold and plain.

Most of the dog food on the market is formulated after the study of nutrition experts, it can be said that nutrition has been very sufficient. However, there are considerable differences between individual Chow Chow, and Chow Chow at different times of the existence of different problems. So some nutritional supplements are also very important. Chow is a mischievous, hairy, oily body surface of the skin that will often breed some bacteria, serious can even lead to inflammation. We protect the Chow’s skin not only to make the Chow’s coat beautiful and smooth but also to help the Chow’s health.

Chow Chow may also be a disease called gastric distention and volvulus, also known as GDV or abdominal distension, which may occur in dogs with deep chests. The stomach is filled with air, which cuts off blood circulation and shock the dog. Swelling can be fatal, even after extensive treatment. So while not many owners can do to prevent this, it may help monitor Chow Chow's eating habits to reduce the risk.

Generally speaking, 6 months or older is the best age for chow to be trained. Young dogs that are too young are not good listeners, and older ones may be less mobile. Before we train the dog to stand, we’d better train the dog to sit down, because the only way to stand is to sit first. If the Chow has learned to sit down, we can simply command to “stand up” when the action stops. We can hold the dog’s feet at the same time, point them up, hold them for a few seconds, and repeat until the dog has mastered each command.

Training food requires a firm consistency. Proud Chow Chow would be very disciplined if behavior training started from an early age, but it would take some patience to fully gain Chow Chow's loyalty. Chow Chow may be stubborn and has the roots of hunting and guarding. Chow Chow is very dignified and thinks that Chow Chow deserves the greatest respect. Positive, but consistent, reinforcement will teach Chow to chow right and wrong.

When we take care of a Chow, the main principle is to keep the dog on a regular basis. We should feed the dog regularly and quantitatively, and food nutrition should be balanced. We also need to regularly clean the living environment for the Chow Chow, for its bath grooming is necessary to take care of the small Chow. When we take care of a Chow, the main principle is to keep the dog on a regular basis. We should feed the dog regularly and quantitatively, and food nutrition should be balanced. We also need to regularly clean the living environment for the Chow Chow, for its bath grooming is necessary to take care of the small Chow.

In the morning or evening, when the sun is not so dazzling, find time to take a regular walk, so that he won't overheat because of his fur. Although every Chow Chow will be different due to different social ways, most people don't want to play it often. If Chow Chow does, he can only be with Chow Chow's immediate family. In terms of social needs, Chow Chow star does not have much. He would rather be a lonely Wolf, not bound by any feelings.

Chow Chow's thick, fluffy fur and short nose also make Chow Chow more prone to heatstroke. During the summer months, put chow chow in the air conditioner to make sure Chow Chow always brushes well so that air can flow to Chow Chow's skin. You need to include Chow Chow's daily care in your schedule to help your Chow Chow live longer, stay healthy, and be happier in his lifetime. We cannot overemphasize the importance of proper diet and exercise.

Chow Chow Breed History

The Chow gets its name from the fact that its head resembles that of a male lion, which is why it has such a strong name. An ancient breed of dog native to China, the exact history of which can be traced back to the Shang Dynasty. The Chow Chow, as it is known today, is easily identified in pottery and sculpture from the Han Dynasty (206b.c. To 22A.D.). Other artifacts suggest that the species was even older, including the flower-rock frescoes of Ningming County in Zuo River, Guangxi, which are thought to date back to the Spring and Autumn Period. Because of the long history of Chinese emperors in power, but also destroyed many ancestors of some of the art and documents, so it is difficult to prove who is noble and isolated Chow Chow ancestors. Not long ago, a relief dating back to the Han Dynasty, 150 BC, recorded that the chow was a hunting dog at that time, so the dog was at least 2,000 years old. Some scholars believe it goes back even further. Chow Chow is a very old breed indeed. Some scholars believe that Chow Chow goes back even further.