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Chorkie:Dog Breed Profile

The Chorkie is a mini livewire, a tiny cross-breed with the confidence and boldness of a large dog. It is a hybrid produced by the crossing of Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terrier breeds. This is a dynamic and playful companion pup that takes over the boastfulness from both the parents breed - attentive and defensive through its terrier heritage, and the fondness for barking from the Chihuahua.

Even though Chorkies are known to be affectionate pets, they are not very insecure about their owners and can tolerate intermittent separation from them, particularly if they have another doggie to play with.

Because of their super-small size, they are very much suitable as indoor pets and can get their share of required exercise inside the house. Nevertheless, they do need a person who can dedicate some time to play on an everyday basis, otherwise, they tend to become bored and misbehave. Even though these are tiny dogs, they are quick to develop high attitudes of themself if not handled in a dominating way and will start ignoring and rebellious towards their lenient or diffident owner.

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Chorkie Breed Characteristics

  • About Chorkie Breed

    Known by many names such as Yorkiechi, Chiorkie, Chiyorkie, Yorkie-chi, Yorkchi, York-chi, and York Chi, these are loveable little pooches with a tremendous attitude. A comparatively newer breed that came into existence in the 1990s. Chorkie is the hybridization of a Yorkshire Terrier with a Chihuahua. The Chorkie combines two of the very cutest dog breeds, and the results are astonishing. Their expressive eyes and lovely face will instantly steal your heart.

    These toy dogs are exceptionally tiny and are said to be the best lap dogs. They inherited their skull shape from chihuahua and long, silky hair from Yorkshire Terriers. Their ears varied according to the situation. Sometimes they are straight up and sometimes droopy. Their coat color varies from which is usually inherited by Chihuahuas.

Chorkie Breed Daily Care

The Chorkie grooming requirements will vary based on the coat type. And due to their size, they have certain special grooming requirements. Here are some of the ideas for you on the maintenance of your loveable Chorkie in the best way:

Ears: If the Chorkie has droopy ears, it has to be cleaned at least once in a week to avoid excess wax, dirt, or debris.

Eyes: Their eyes need to be cleaned once in a while to clean the dirt and debris.

Teeth: Dental care is very crucial for the Chorkies as they begin to lose teeth due to periodontitis at a young age. Brushing every day is a habit that needs to be introduced at a young age.

Nails: This little pup does not spoil its nails so quickly, so trimming them once a month is enough.

Hair: Those with short coats will require brushing once or twice a week. Those with long coats will need them trimmed at least once in two months. Monthly baths are necessary to keep them clean and healthy.

Recommended daily amount: You will be required to feed 1 cup of food per day. Underfeeding will make them suffer from hypoglycemia.

What food to choose: A top quality dog food is recommended for this designer breed. You will be required to limit their treats.

How to keep good shape: These little pups tend to gain weight very easily. Hence you will be required to give a proper diet plus the required exercise.

How many times to feed your dog: You will be required to divide your dog’s meal into 2 parts.

All the Chorkies are at some of the other risks of developing health issues. Some of these concerns are mentioned below:

Collapsing Trachea

Condition: This is a condition common in both the parents, and is characterized by the collapsing of the walls of the trachea against each other. This is associated with a severe cough that occurs after exercise and exhilaration.

Treatment – This condition is mainly because of excess weight, hence weight management is a solution. Some may also require surgery.


Condition – Usually Chorkie puppies are at a higher risk of suffering from low blood glucose, due to mismatch in dietary intake and exertion. The affected pups may be sluggish, cold, and may even get seizures.

Treatment – The best treatment is the instant administration of glucose. A proper diet needs to be given to avoid such occurrences.

Legg Calvé Perthes Disease

Condition – In this disease, there is an improper blood supply to the tip of the thigh bone during the growth period of the small size pups. This leads to tiny fractures in the weakened structure. This results in pain, lameness, and discomfort.

Treatment - Corrective surgery is needed to get good long-term benefits.

Lens Luxation

Condition – This condition is characterized by the deterioration of fibers surrounding the lens of the eye. This results in loss of vision also.

Treatment- Surgery is the only treatment for this disease.

Porto-systemic Shunt

Condition – This is a congenital disease in which an anomalous blood vessel evades the liver, resulting in confusion and lethargy in dogs.

Treatment – This condition can either be medically treated. Depending on the severity of the case, surgery can also be done.

Chorkies are intelligent, at the same time stubborn too, which makes them “not-so-easy” to train. They have to be bribed with extra treats and more appreciation to achieve the desired results. House-training may take considerably longer in some pups; hence it is suggested to go for crate training to expedite the learning process.

Given their attitudes, Chorkies must be provided socialization training from the start. Yet again, they work well under a slightly dominating alpha, but positive reinforcement must never be given away.

Chorkies have a great personality and attitude, which is inversely proportional to their size. Their energy, poise, and confidence can make them difficult to manage; hence new owners find them difficult to deal with. With the correct amount of restraint and socialization, they are a perfect package for adults. However, they don’t enjoy the company of children much, as they may not be able to handle the little dog so responsibly.

They tend to get along with other small dogs, but should not be left on their own with an unacquainted large dog. Their attitude may bring then problems beyond their capabilities.

They are playful dogs, hence would enjoy playing with practically anything you give them. Hence any chew toy would give those pups, hours of uninterrupted pleasure.

Chorkie Breed History

While unintentional cross-breeding of the Yorkshire Terrier and Chihuahua might have taken place long ago, the Chorkie was first intentionally bred in the United States around 20 years ago in the 1900s, and its popularity has ever since been increasing. The Chorkie got the recognization by various Kennel clubs some of which are American Canine, Dog Registry, DesignerDog Kennel Cub, etc.

Sadly, very little is known about where these attractive little pups originated from. Nevertheless, they have gained a lot of admiration and one of the most popular choices of tiny-dogs.