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Chinese Chongqing Dog:Dog Breed Profile

Chinese Chongqing Dog is a rare dog breed in the world. It is only found in the neighboring counties of Linshui, Dazu, Hechuan, Guang 'an and the suburbs of Chongqing in the east of Sichuan, China, so it is called East Sichuan Hound. The Chinese Chongqing Dog is also known as the "water dog", "foot dog" and "Wide dog". By the late 1970s, for a variety of reasons, there were very few of them, and most of the survivors were completely unrecognizable. For now, only some of the best dog breeds that have been preserved by Chongqing dog lovers despite the hardships are being rejuvenated by the good policy of reform and opening up, which has made them on the verge of extinction and have produced offspring.

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  • About Chinese Chongqing Dog Breed

    Chinese Chongqing Dog, also known as the water neighbor dog, originated in the area around the water in eastern Sichuan province. They are extroverted, brave, and aggressive, which matches their background, and are extremely loyal to their owners. The population dwindled in the 1960s until it was protected and successfully bred in the 1970s. It belongs to the Chinese Mastiff. The body size of the dog is in the middle of the dog family. The adult dogs are several kilograms in size and 30 kilograms in size. The ratio of shoulder height to body length is about 1:1. The dog has a large head, a wide mouth, many folds, upright ears, a drooping upper lip about 1cm, and a short nose-snout. The whole face is dignified, thoughtful, and ugly. The ratio of the top of the head to the mouth is inverted trapezoid, the mouth shape is square and the head shape is: the distance from the front of the ears to the eyes and the distance from the eyes to the front of the mouth is about 3:2, and the neck is strong and strong.

Chinese Chongqing Dog Breed Daily Care

The odor of Chinese Chongqing Dog is not very heavy. However, Dog odor is innate. Some tastes are heavier and some are lighter, so attention should be paid to cleanliness. The owner should bathe the dog regularly, and the owner should not neglect the cleaning of the kennel. Since there is no way to ensure that the dog always comes back to its den in a clean condition, it is also important to clean the litter that has been brought back from the outside that has not been cleaned up. Besides making the dog smell, it may also make the dog sick.

When raising Chinese Chongqing Dogs, pet owners must control their dogs' appetite. The Chinese Chongqing Dog likes to use meat, animal lover, and so on as the dog food, must pay attention to the amount of the problem, the animal liver should be used less. Best processed cooked food is best fed. One point to note here is that the development of the Chinese Chongqing Dog in the puppy stage is faster, we should pay attention to the supplement of calcium, and pay attention to vitamin D and other vitamins. This is more conducive to the development of the dog's body and bone growth is conducive to enhance the dog's disease resistance.

Chinese Chongqing Dog may suffer from severe hind limb deformation, restrained movement, and unsteady gait, which is mostly seen in dogs with a short and thick body and strong bones, mainly due to unreasonable food feeding, lack of movement, and other factors. Over the years, people have formed the habit of taking animal liver, spleen, and other animal organs as a large amount of food for dogs, the proportion of which varies, and some dogs even formed the habit of eating only these foods, which is actually very unhealthy for dogs.

The hunting ability of the Chinese Chongqing Dog is partly inherited and partly cultivated by strict training since childhood. A Chinese Chongqing Dog is often the result of a hunter's hard work as a trainer. Without strict and continuous timely training, the dog's congenital breed no matter how good, also can not become a good Chinese Chongqing Dog. Therefore, the training of the Chinese Chongqing Dog is very important.

We must start from the dog's young age training dog, by the person in charge, not a midway change dog owner. If you change the head dog midway, it is difficult to achieve satisfactory success. You can't just train at random, this is bound to distract the puppy, seriously affect the hunting ability to improve. If we treat puppies as playthings, they will grow up to be playful dogs. An excellent East Sichuan hound must be equipped with the hunting skills of searching, hunting, and picking up with the title. Therefore, tracking, hunting, attacking, and picking up with the title are the key points of training. The purpose of training is to form a strong hunting reflex in the puppy's mind and learn these three hunting skills so as to complete the hunting task given by the hunter in the future. The puppy is born six, seven, eight these three months, it is the most advanced nerve development period, is also the coach puppy hunting action of the golden age. At this time we must carry on the strict system training to the puppy, in order to make it has good hunting conditioning reflex. After a year, the development of The Chinese Chongqing Dog has been completed, the good or bad of the Chinese Chongqing Dog has been finalized, and it is very difficult to train again.

When taking care of Chinese Chongqing Dog, we should adopt scientific feeding methods and abundant food regulation. When we use meat, liver, and so on as the food of Chinese Chongqing Dog, we must pay attention to the quantity. The liver of animals should be used less. Calcium supplements and vitamin D supplements should be taken during dog growth. In addition, we should strengthen the Chinese Chongqing Dog movement. Proper outdoor exercise is conducive to the synthesis of vitamin D in dogs, more conducive to the physical development and bone growth of dogs, as well as the enhancement of disease resistance of dogs.

Chinese Chongqing Dog Breed History

The origin of the Chinese Chongqing Dog can be traced back to the Han Dynasty, which has a history of more than 2,000 years. On April 20, 2000, a large number of terra-cotta figures of this dog were found in the western Han Dynasty tomb group excavated in Jiangbei District, Chongqing. The patroness in the tomb door is also the figure of this dog. The dog early for the local rich and famous family raising, is a large family status and status symbol. Because the dog is fierce, flexible and resourceful, and has a strong fighting nature, in the hunting activities of hunters, it was found that the dog's hunting potential talent is good, with a unique hunting qualification can be developed and widely used by hunters. During the period of the Republic of China, it was only used by a few warlords and noble families for hunting and guarding homes. In this way, people make full use of the dog's nature for various purposes. In the fight with the prey, the dog only bites the neck, causing the prey to suffocate to death for a short time. Also because of the dog's agile wit, keen sense, strong hunting desire, fierce personal, bite the right place, was once a few people training for the use of pit bulls. The head appearance of this dog is peculiar, the head is big, the forehead is square, the mouth is wide, many folds give a person with dignified thinks much with ugly sense, have admired value extremely, this dog is very tame to master, loyal, do not yield to foreign intrude, protect territory to also be the instinct with the most outstanding dog.

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