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Chihuahua:Dog Breed Profile

Chihuahuas are among the smallest of small dogs, but this does not mean they are the most delicate. On the contrary, chihuahuas are tough-minded, very loyal, and owner-friendly, extremely flexible and smart pet. Elegant posture, character alert, fast action, with a symmetrical physique and petite body and widely favored.

The Chihuahua is not only a cute little toy dog, but also has the hunting and defensive instincts of a large dog, similar to the terrier temperament. The dog is divided into long-haired breed and short-haired breed. This kind of dog is petite, not timid to other dogs, very brave, in front of the big dog self-defense, very possessive to the owner.

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  • About Chihuahua Breed

    On the whole, Chihuahuas are more individualistic, and from the outside, they appear to be particularly intelligent, especially with their large, watery eyes and easy-going personality. The only thing is that they are more afraid of strangers, so this super personality dog or more suitable for the single person and the elderly breeding, not suitable for children. The Chihuahua’s stature is small, the request to the living space is not high, basically looks like the general residence space enough to let them play. They don’t get much exercise each day, and they don’t spend much time taking them out. Very suitable for people living in apartments, and Chihuahua can stay at home every day, will not be bored, so very suitable for busy office workers breeding. The life span of a Chihuahua is influenced by conditions such as nutrition, living environment, and disease status. Chihuahuas generally live to about 20 years old, and there are records of them living to 30 years old. Chihuahuas live longer than the average large dog, because of the smaller the body size, the smaller the heart and lung burden, the longer life. Barring accidents, the average life expectancy of a Chihuahua is between 10 and 15 years. 

Chihuahua Breed Daily Care

If your Chihuahua is shaven, then grooming once a week will keep it looking good. It can be combed with a soft-bristled needle brush. But if your Chihuahua is long-haired, you’ll have to groom it two or three times a week. Some long-haired Chihuahua owners are willing to take them to a professional beautician on a regular basis to reduce the need for daily grooming. This is a great idea, but you should be careful to start getting your chihuahuas used to this activity at an early age, or it will put a lot of pressure on them. The appropriate embellishment also includes the Chihuahua’s eyes. To keep your eyes clean, put a regular eyewash in the Chihuahua’s eyes and gently wipe them with cotton. Because chihuahuas have prominent eyes, their eye secretions tend to form tears, which in the light-colored Chihuahua seems to be very obvious. Eye drops can dilute or remove tears from chihuahuas. This should be done once or twice a week.

Food should be given in a clean/hygienic and fresh manner. Utensils such as food containers should be washed and rinsed frequently. A certain amount of clean water should be provided after consumption. Chihuahua's stomach capacity is small, to eat, not picky at all, is a very good dog. DAILY RECOMMENDATION: 1/4 to 1/2 Cup of high-quality dog food a day. Chihuahua although the natural appetite is small, the metabolism is very fast, so it is very easy to get hungry, it is best to eat a small number of meals. Feed to dry feed-based, but also can moderate with some wet feed. Chihuahua is very gluttonous, so when feeding to watch, do not let it eat too much, so as not to gain weight. Give it 60-90 grams of meat a day enough, the larger Chihuahua, also need to provide only about 150 grams of meat a day, plus a similar amount of vegetables and biscuits. As the dog can not stand the cold weather, the food is generally recommended to be warm. Meat should be cooked first, minced, dry feed, and warm boiled water after mixing feeding. Dry Dog food is a lethal killer of Chihuahuas, almost 80% of chihuahuas die from diarrhea due to dehydration! Dry Dog food is the equivalent of a compressed biscuit that expands when exposed to water and is three times the size of a dry feed.

Although the Chihuahua itself is relatively small, for this kind of dog, in life, more attention should be paid to some hygiene problems. When people raise Chihuahuas, they should not only pay attention to providing them with nutritious food, and the owner should also clean the dog’s body in time to ensure that their body is relatively clean and tidy above, otherwise, it is likely to cause some dust on the dog’s body, and so on, these bacteria are very important to their health, so try to avoid them will grow some of the unsanitary things, to their health. Although Chihuahuas are relatively easy to raise, it is important to take into account the habits of these dogs and choose a light diet when preparing food for them, it’s also good for their digestion, and some dogs with longer coats should take care of their hair during the day. If it’s too long, it is very likely to lead to some of the more dirty things, so for their health, also hope that the owner in peacetime can pay more attention to the health problems, as soon as possible to help them solve the health problems.

When a Chihuahua comes into our house, at the very beginning, it needs a lot of attention. Kokichi had to be trained to go outside to the bathroom, which was a positive reinforcement for the dog. Given the best chance to reward a variety of toys and snacks, Chihuahuas may go to the bathroom while eating or drinking water. If you want the training method to be effective, watch carefully how the Chihuahua eats and drinks, and set up a safe zone where the dog will never go to the bathroom, the best place is the dog’s Kennel, if the home does not have the dog cage also may let the dog go to the bathroom.

Chihuahua puppies should be home after the first reliable animal hospital injection of serum to enhance resistance. If symptoms such as fever, runny nose, cough, or diarrhea appear, seek medical attention immediately and do not delay. There are a few more things to keep in mind: 1: Do not feed it irregular, what to give it to eat, to know too much, too much oil, too cold food is easy to cause it diarrhea. 2: Should follow the original feeding pattern, gradually change the method of feeding: sudden change of food, the dog can not adapt, often cause digestive tract disease, Anorexia 3: Do not play too tired, easy to lead to low resistance 4: Sleep without bedding or bedding kicked off, cold days, the dog cage is not enclosed. 5: Drink less water, the dog can be hungry, but must not cut off water 6: The puppy just brought home to give it a bath, wash it without a hairdryer dry, resulting in cold, and then catch a cold. Just bought Chihuahua, weak resistance, poor environment, inadequate care, poor physical foundation. Try to keep him away from sick dogs.

Chihuahua Breed History

Legend has it that Chihuahua ancestors from China into Mexico after the introduction of Spain to get favor was used on the dressing table for the care of the Aristocratic Women’s jewelry box. Chihuahua from Mexico to the United States, to 1898 after the history is not very clear. Some people are convinced that the dog is native to South America, the Inca were initially regarded as a sacred breed of dog, and later spread to the Asti. Others believe the dog was introduced to the new world by Spanish invaders or was introduced from China to other countries in the early 19th century. The Chihuahua is one of the oldest known breeds of dog in the United States, Europe, and Asia. And closely connected to the culture of Mexico, the Guardians of their religion. All in all, the exact source of it is a matter of debate. Through the above judgments, it can be explained that this dog is not from a breed, but since ancient times is from a variety of mating. Founded in 1923, the Chihuahua Club is one of the 12 most popular breeds in the United States. The English Chihuahua Club was founded in 1949. Is the world’s smallest dog, also known as the Chihuahua Doll, Qihua play dog.

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