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Cesky Terrier:Dog Breed Profile

Originally from the Czech and Slovak republic, the Czech terrier was bred in 1940 by renowned local dog breeder and geneticist Dr. Halak, who had already created the famous Scottish Terrier. The Czech Terrier was the result of a cross between the two in 1949.
Czech terriers live in the wild, are good hunters, and their petite size makes them ideal for hunting in caves. Quick movement and long endurance. Easy to keep, very patient, gentle, lovely and friendly, especially for young children, an excellent watchdog and companion dog, with a beautiful silky coat, it is now very popular in the United States and is very popular among The American people.

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  • About Cesky Terrier Breed

    The Cesky and Slovak terrier is a small scholar-like terrier and is a popular companion dog in the United States. The Czech Terrier originated in the 1940s. It was created by Dr. Halak, a renowned Scottish and Durham terrier breeding expert and a Czech and Slovak geneticist, who began to cross the two terriers in 1949 to produce the Czech terrier, which was recognized by the International Dog-Owners' Association (FCI) in 1963. It was registered by the Federal Kennel Club in 1993. Suitable for hunting in open fields, and also suitable for driving away prey from caves.

Cesky Terrier Breed Daily Care

Compared with other terriers, Cesky terrier is actually pretty easy breeding, but the dog hair is longer and easily messy, so hair care is the top priority, in the process of breeding for many novice dogs for the first-time owners, because of his lack of experience, it is often easy to make some mistakes, basically has the following several kinds of common errors. Do not wash your dog more often, and washing more often when you notice that the dog is itching.

we should take the dog a bath once a week or two. Human skin tends to be acidic, but dog skin is actually alkaline, and the structure and texture of human skin is completely different and much thinner than human skin. Frequent bathing of dogs will only destroy a layer of natural protective oil on their fur, leading to skin diseases.

Everyone in the family pet the dog the most. We tend to feed him whatever we eat.  However, it's hurt, to give your dog food for a long time. Although human food is rich in nutrients, it does not meet the needs of the growth of dogs and does great harm to them. What's more, dogs are always waiting for food at the table, which can easily lead to bad eating habits, which can affect their normal diet.

Many people may think that the pet hospital all cheats money. If our  Cesky Terrier falls ill, we can take medicine to treat a dog at home. but Cesker Terrier and humans are so different that they are not part of the same species, and many of the drugs that humans take immediately don't necessarily apply to dogs with the same symptoms, which can lead to deadly allergies. And because different breeds of dogs are so different in their health, the dosage can be tricky. What's more, the symptoms observed by your non-professional eyes are often not accurate or superficial, so self-medication can be very risky. You should find a reliable hospital and have a vet diagnose you and treat you accordingly.

We can provoke the Czech terrier to stand up with food and toys and speak commands while the person slowly moves back. At this point, the dog will start to habitually reach out and want to lean on your leg, but instead of pulling away immediately, try pulling away a little bit. Usually, the dog can take two steps or so and then be rewarded (stroking, praise, food, etc.). We can also use chairs, beds, etc., to make the Jaguar terrier stand on its front paws.

When we take care of Cesker Terrier, we might think that human toiletry works so well that it must work for dogs, too. However,  it is completely wrong. As mentioned above, human and dog skin is completely different, so naturally, human products are not suitable for dogs, which can lead to dry skin, aging, and even hair loss. Pet shampoos should be used correctly. If you can't find one, choose a neutral shampoo for human use. It must be fragrant-free and dandruff free, such as a mild baby bath. If your dog starts to itch or rash, stop immediately.

Cesky Terrier Breed History

Cesky Terrier originated in the 1940 s, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, alias: Bohemia Terrier (Bohemian Terrier), is a famous Scottish Terrier and Scilly ham breeding experts, the Czech Republic and Slovakia geneticists Hala Dr. Produced by another terrier, Dr, beginning in 1949, try to use what he cultivated the above two kinds of hybrid Terrier, and then got the Czech Terrier, 1963 dog owners association international (FCI) recognition. But it wasn't until 1993 that it was registered by the Federal Kennel Club.

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