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Canaan Dog:Dog Breed Profile

The Canaan is a very old breed of dog, originally raised by the Bedouin (Arab desert nomads) for grazing and guarding in the Negev Desert.
It is said that the Canaanite dog is from Israel, specifically originated in The Island of Canaan, the history can be traced back to biblical times. A suspected picture of the dog (about 2200 BC -- 2000 BC) appears in the tomb of Beni Hassam, which bears a close resemblance to the current Canaanite dog.

Canaan Dog Breed Picture & Video

  • About Canaan Dog Breed

    The Canaan is a shepherd native to the Middle East. Avoid strangers, but be curious. He loved his family and was loyal. Medium size, square in proportion, without any extremes, the outline appears clear and neat. Its action is agile, elegant when trotting lively, rapid, and long stride. He had a wedge-shaped head with low erect ears; a bushy tail that curled behind him when excited; and a straight, thick, flat double coat.

Canaan Dog Breed Daily Care

Canaan Dog has a double coat, the outer coat is straight and stiff, the coat is spread slightly over the neck, back and thighs, and the coat is shorter on the body, legs, and head. The undercoat is soft, Short, flat, and thick. It changes with the change of the weather. The tail hair is more and more from the root to the end of the tail. Its hair is one of the easier to clean. When we give a dog a bath, we can wet the surface of the pet with warm water, then take a proper amount of shampoo and apply it evenly to the body hair, gently knead it to create a rich foam, and leave it for five minutes. Finally, we can rinse it off with clean water, dry the dog’s body.

During the daily feeding of Canaan Dogs, we should pay attention to the following points:

Dog food should be uniform and reasonable with meat and vegetable, and nutrition should be reasonable and balanced. As a result of the time that different feed digester consumes is different, so in order to avoid appearing half-cooked, burnt paste and destroy the nutrition of feed, we must feed of animal sex feed, grain kind is fed and feed of carrot, potato kind and melon and fruit vegetable separately boil, after remix mix, well feed can. When feeding the dog, we can also add some vitamin preparation in the proper amount. If the economic conditions permit, we can buy reputable and quality professional manufacturers for the production of full-price dog food. Feeding should be timed and fixed every day so that the dog to develop a good habit of timing and fixed feeding. Your dog's cutlery should be cleaned and disinfected regularly. We prepare fresh water for the dogs every day, and change the water once a day in the morning and once in the afternoon in summer. Winter and early spring relatively cool climates, to pay attention to the cold and warm, especially puppies. When we feed the puppy, we should feed according to the original dog owner's diet, and then slowly replace, there is a step-by-step process, too fast and complete change, the dog will not be able to adapt. Within 2 months of the puppy stomach function has not yet developed, can not eat too hard dog food, remember to use warm water after soft feeding. If conditions do not allow, you should also feed rice porridge, soybean milk and add an appropriate amount of chopped fish, meat, and chopped cooked vegetables. Note, do not feed milk, if you must breast-feed, should also choose as far as possible special dog milk or calcium high skimmed milk powder. After 2 months, the puppy can start eating special puppy food. In order to save the cost of raising effectively, but not to affect the nutrition puppies need, we can buy some pigs, cattle, chicken lungs and other organs cooked and chopped, and vegetables, cornflour and other cooked food mixed after feeding, not only economic but also the dog are very like to eat. The puppy age is the most critical period of growth and development when the body is developing at its fastest speed, so the dog food we provide must be adequate nutrition. After weaning, because of a sudden change in living conditions, puppies often appear restless and prone to illness, at this time should choose good nutrition, good taste, and easy to digest food. Puppies within 3 months are fed at least 3-4 times a day, following the principle of eating less and more meals. 4-6 months old puppies, food intake will gradually increase, weight gain quickly, every day the amount of feed the dog needs will increase, we feed at least 3 times a day. After 6 months of age, feed twice a day is enough. We must not feed the Canaan dog too much meat, meat does not make the dog grow strong and healthy, but easy to cause indigestion, difficult to absorb, and even cause diarrhea. Because the protein in the meat is much, but the content of vitamin A, D, E, and iodine is low, and the calcium and phosphorus in the meat is more, long-term eating meat, easy to lead to the puppy due to calcium, phosphorus ratio imbalance and affect the formation of bone, bone fracture or lameness is easy to occur.

If our Canaan Dog has a fever, we have to cool the dog first. We can start with an ice pack or an alcohol wipe to cool the dog down, and then we’ll give him a fever medicine. If the dog is in serious condition, we should take him to the hospital in time. We should take calcium supplements for the post-natal fever caused by Canaan Dogdeficiency in Canaan Dogs.

As with any animal, the Canaan Dogs are very vigilant towards humans, and it is not acceptable to use corporal punishment to coerce obedience from the Canaan Dogs. From the dog’s point of view, the unknown reason for being beaten, kicked, can only create the impression of “being abused”. If the owner is very powerful, the canines may obey out of fear. However, dogs raised in such an environment are extremely insecure, sometimes attacking small children or the elderly, and even biting can be dangerous. So when the dog doesn’t follow directions, we can shoot the dog in the face with a water gun while shouting commands, and the dog will be quiet.

When taking care of the Canaan Dogs, we keep the Kennel in a dry place to keep the Canaan Dogs dog as dry as possible. We should keep the dog warm when the weather changes. We must take the Kanan dog to go out the movement, strengthens the physique, enhances the resistance. The dog’s daily diet to balanced nutrition, we should give the dog timely supplementary nutrition.

Canaan Dog Breed History

In ancient Israel, the Canaan was a sheep guard dog and shepherd dog, guarding camps and flocks of birds. Before the Israelites were dispersed by the Romans more than 2,000 years ago, the breed was abundant in Israel, but as the Hebrew population dwindled, so did the number of Canaans, which can only be found in sanctuaries in the Nagav Desert. The shelters in this area are natural sanctuaries for Israeli wildlife. In order to prevent the Canaan from becoming extinct, the locals left behind a number of untamed dogs, some of them living with bedouin in exchange for breeding by protecting sheep and camps, and many of them were placed in the Kamil Mountains to guard the mines. It was only with the arrival of Dr. Roderphina Meisel that the Canaan began to develop again, when he was asked by the Haganah, a Jewish self-defense group, to create a dog that would guard the separated Jewish settlements and serve as an army dog in the coming Israeli war of independence. The doctor felt that it was a suitable choice for the Canaan dog to survive in such a harsh desert environment. Research and practice later proved that the Canan is indeed a highly intelligent and easily domesticated breed. It can be used as a guard dog, a newspaper dog, an assistant for the Red Cross, and even an earthquake detector dog. During World War II, Dr. Meisel recruited and domesticated more than 400 fine canines to help the Army detect landmines, and the dogs performed well. Later, after the war, many of these dogs were used as guide dogs.

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