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Brittany:Dog Breed Profile

The Brittany dog originated in France and was named after a province in France. From 1934 to 1982, it took 48 years to be recognized and registered by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as the Brittany Hound. The dog is a long-haired wooden-eared dog that behaves much like a Setter except that it is slightly smaller. A short tail and a pair of long ears are its most distinctive features. Often mistaken for a spaniel, the Brittany is actually more like a terrier than a spaniel, especially at shoulder height.
Brittany dogs are born with a short tail, there is a tail truncation custom, the general length of the tail should not exceed 10cm. Is a very old breed, added to the British pointer pedigree in the 19th century. By the early 20th century, it had regained its growth in its native France and was becoming popular in the United States as well. This species is an all-powerful hunter in the wild, capable of exciting, tracking, directing, and retrieving prey.

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  • About Brittany Breed

    Brittany is a versatile breed of dog used to drive and retrieve prey. A long-haired, lop earring dog that behaves in much the same way as the Setter, the breed was originally named after the French province where it originated. From 1934 to 1982, the American Kennel Club (AKC) registered the lop-eared long-haired breed. It was named the Brittany dog, though smaller in size than a setter, larger than a long-haired lop around. Has a short tail and a pair of very characteristic long ears.

Brittany Breed Daily Care

Be sure to clean their fur in time. Brittany dogs are one of the most serious pets for hair loss, so make sure to clean them regularly so they don't get mixed up in food. Still can prepare a comb especially at home, spend some time to comb them properly every day, this can make them very comfortable, on the other hand, can also remove dead hair, prevent them from eating.

When feeding Brittany dogs, you must give them the necessary diet, it is best to buy some dog food, and then let Brittany dog food as the main food, which can be added with some vegetables, so as to effectively supplement their body nutrition. If the Brittany dog found no meat and refused to eat, at the moment they refused to eat, it is recommended that we must take food away, appropriately hungry it after the next meal, they will eat very delicious. At this time, of course, it is also recommended to pay attention to, it may be due to the lack of calcium or zinc in the Brittany dog body, and the phenomenon of picky eating. So at this point, it is recommended that you must give them appropriate supplements of calcium and zinc elements, which can help them to eat normally. The second is to pay attention to their diet, especially to pay attention to the water they drink, Brittany dogs are actually very love to drink water, especially when they are growing up, they need to drink a lot of water.

When caring for Brittany hounds, if their owners forget to pour water into their bowls for a period of time, they may go out and look for water. This can also lead to stomach and intestinal problems, and in severe cases, diarrhea. If the diarrhea is followed by dehydration the next day, the dog will be closer to death. So be aware of this. The correct way is for the host to boil some boiled water and leave it there, then let it cool down for them to drink.

Brittany dogs are very active pets, so it is recommended that owners take them out for walks for two hours every day. If possible, they can run and jump around the yard. They can be active all day. But be careful not to exercise right after a meal, as this can take a toll on their stomachs, which many dogs may experience. The right way is to suggest that the owner must cooperate with their habits to carry out the exercise, to help them to consume physical strength.

Everyone should pay attention to the diet when taking care of Brittany dogs. Most Brittany dogs prefer to eat meat, so they have developed picky eating habits. I believe you all know, the dog's digestive system is not too good, at the same time a period of time to eat too much meat, for the body damage is still relatively large, so we are in the Breton dog feeding time recommended not to give them eat too much meat. Many Brittany dogs may refuse to eat because there is no meat in the food, and most owners will be distressed. The right thing to do is to give them what they need. It's best to buy some dog food, and then let Brittany eat dog food, which can be mixed with vegetables, to supplement their body nutrition effectively. If the Brittany dog found no meat and refused to eat, at the moment they refused to eat, it is recommended that we must take food away, appropriately hungry it after the next meal, they will eat very delicious.

Brittany Breed History

Some early records are less clear about the breed, which used to be called Bretagne or Brittania, perhaps referring to the British Isles rather than a French province because Brittany was called the Armorique until the 5th century. Oppian, who lived in 150 BC, wrote about the uncivilized population of Brittany(or Britain) with dogs whose sense of smell was far more acute than that of any other breed. Most Brittany hounds today retain this distinctive feature. At this point, Brittany terriers and Welsh terriers may share a common ancestor and appear to have developed in similar ways. It is more likely that they mated with each other because the two regions were geographically close and had commercial interactions with each other. The modern Welsh Springer Spaniel and Brittany spaniel have very similar physical characteristics. The most accurate description of the time and form of the Brittany hound is found in 17th-century paintings and tapestries. The frequent occurrence of this form of record in the Brittany breed suggests that the dog was very common at the time. It is also known that the dog is common along the northern coast of France and the Netherlands, and is widely raised and even extended to Wachtelhund in Germany, where there is now a dog that resembles the Brittany terrier in appearance and ability.

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