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Breeds:Dog Breed Profile

Breeds are widely distributed in China, especially in the north of the country. Breeds have a long face, wide head, triangular eyes, triangular ears, large tail, look very similar to the wolf. These dogs are quick-witted, intelligent, very protective of the Lord, survival ability, adaptability, it is easy to raise, is the first choice.

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  • About Breeds Breed

    Breeds generally referred to as a wolf-dog. The Wolf Blue Dog can be trained as a working dog. It has a natural hiding advantage in the wild jungle, and can blend into the natural environment better.

Breeds Breed Daily Care

For Breeds, care is as important as diet. First, we should wash the dog at least 1-2 times a month to get rid of bacteria and parasites hiding in the coat. Usually can help the dog comb hair, not only promote metabolism but also help hair with more supple, rich luster. Dog Living Place should also be cleaned regularly to ensure that the dog lives in a clean, sterile environment, conducive to the growth of the dog.  

The Breeds are born hungry, but he doesn’t know how to eat. So newborn puppies hungry it does not matter a few meals, but we must control the amount of each feeding, would rather feed less. Also can not let the dog eat more, otherwise easy to burst the dog’s intestines and stomachs, or even bloat to death. Puppies should not eat meat, milk, or bones, which can disrupt the formation of their metabolism. We can feed the dog food, we three times a day, each time with the Standard Paper Cup 1/3 is appropriate, with warm water soaked soft after feeding. Adult dog breeding can be appropriate to some random.  

Everyone knows that the dog is like a disorderly bite. These things may include furniture, slippers, and the pipeline in the home. We should remember is that the behavior of the Breeds bites, is very normal, therefore, we should give the Breeds safe toys, to meet the demand. We also have to junk in the garage or higher location of the kitchen, make your dog can't contact, so as to let the dog healthily grow.

We should put a collar on our Breeds for his first walk. General neck and collar can be extended between two fingers are appropriate. The correct way for us to walk the dog is to keep the dog on the left side of the owner. We don’t want the dog to pull it, we should tighten the leash. When the dog gets used to it, even if we don’t have a leash, he doesn’t run around.

When we give the Breeds to choose the cage to electrostatic paint dog cage and stainless steel cage is the best because the wooden dog is easy to be bitten by the dog gastrointestinal discomfort symptoms. We should keep the dog cage warm in winter and keep the dog cage ventilated and not wet in summer.

Once we have decided where the Breeds can rest, we must consider which areas in our home or yard should be banned. To make it easier for dogs to train at home, it's best to limit new puppies' freedom in the home and yard.

Breeds Breed History

The Breeds are a local breed of wolf-dog bred among the Chinese people. It has the color wolf-blue, the Wolf Dog is a natural cross between a military dog (the wolf-blue German Shepherd Dog) left in China after the Japanese army’s defeat in World War II and its withdrawal from China. Now in north China, the wolf-blue dog has been improved. The origin of the wolf-blue dog is more complicated. It is mainly caused by the long-term mixing of several breeds. It is very difficult to trace it back. It is a very big project. Both historical and technical problems, such as DNA analysis and identification, require a large amount of manpower, material, and financial resources, it’s hard to tell right now.

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