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Brazilian Mastiff:Dog Breed Profile

Brazil Mastiff is solid and strong, has a frightening appearance, is a fierce variety, with its owner intimacy, but was wary of strangers, it has strong tracking ability. When it finds prey, instead of attacking, it traps it until the hunter arrives.
In Brazilian slavery society, this special ability earned it a good reputation for being able to turn over unfortunate fugitives to slave owners in good condition. Its presence and tracking ability have made it popular in North America and Europe. However, because of its size and aggressiveness, many countries have banned the breed. Brazilian Mastiff is a fierce excellent tracking dog, the original is to track the runaway slave of the dog breed, but it was marked on, escape probability is almost 0.

Brazilian Mastiff Breed Picture & Video

  • About Brazilian Mastiff Breed

    The Brazilian Mastiff is a tough, burly breed with a fearsome appearance. For these natures, they must be restricted from the beginning of the puppy and must not be indulged. Let the Brazilian mastiff learn how to deal with people and their own kind. Only in this way can the Brazilian Philo become a family partner. If properly taught, they learn quickly and remain loyal to their master's family, making them gentle family companions. Strong, agile, and passionate in their youth, these dogs are easy to teach and submissive, after they have accepted their master's pedagogy.

Brazilian Mastiff Breed Daily Care

The Brazilian Mastiff coat is very short and extremely beautiful, in order to maintain its appearance. His master would bathe him regularly to remove bacteria and parasites hidden in the coat. After bathing, the owner should be wiped dry in time to prevent catching a cold.

Brazilian mastiffs grow at 18 times the rate of humans from birth to adulthood, so their nutritional needs are more than twice those of adult dogs. Digestion was also taken into account, and the host had to be fed three or four times a day, with four times the amount of good protein; About three weeks after birth, they were fed on breast milk, followed by milk with egg yolk or ground meat, boiled liver to make a paste, etc. (twice a week at most, the rest of the time has been soaked soft dog food). When a Brazilian mastiff puppy 45 days or so, can replace breast milk with cornflour, then use fresh goat milk to feed the Tibetan mastiff puppy. With the growth of the small mastiff, the proportion of cornflour can be increased to make rice paste, and then give the Tibetan mastiff complete weaning. It should be noted that the Brazilian mastiff should not be fed with raw meat, which is not only to avoid the harm of bacterial disease but also to make the Brazilian mastiff less bloody and avoid stimulating the ferocity of the Tibetan mastiff. But after two months, in order to make the Brazilian mastiff bone tissue normal formation, also to supplement calcium, such as fishbone meal or calcium powder to join the staple food can be.

The Brazilian Mastiff is prone to skin diseases, heatstroke, diarrhea, and parasites during the offseason. So the owner should always keep the dog's living environment ventilated, but also often clean the Kennel. Owners do not take Brazilian Mastiff out into the streets in the summer heat. Weather changes easily cause food spoilage, the owner must pay more attention to, if the food has gone bad, we must throw away, do not feel pity.

We’re training Brazilian Mastiff with commands that are accurate in order to get the training done. We also need to be patient, especially with some of the more excitable Brazilian Mastiff and be patient with the Brazilian Mastiff, not demanding too much, not too much. The owners must go back to the Brazilian Mastiff every time to reward the dog, not just for the sake of calling it in. At the same time pay attention to the training step by step. Training Brazilian Mastiff to sit down is an important part of basic training in Brazil, and is a foundation for learning other skills.

To take better care of the Brazilian Mastiff, the owner must provide the Brazilian Mastiff with sufficient nutrients. In addition, we should pay attention to the supplement of vitamins and micronutrients when raising dogs. The main dog food can be provided (dog food is best often change the brand, the same dog food for too long will make the dog Anorexia), in addition to dog food, we can also provide the dog with some meat, bones, vegetables and so on.

Brazilian Mastiff Breed History

Brazil mastiff is solid and strong, has a frightening appearance, is a fierce variety, Brazil mastiff intimately with its owner, but was wary of strangers. The pedigree of the big hound of the Brazilian mastiff is evident in its long muzzle. In the days of Slavery in Brazil, this special ability earned it a good reputation for being able to deliver unharmed slaves who had fled to their owners. Its presence and tracking ability have made it popular in North America and Europe. But the Brazilian mastiff is banned in many countries because of its size and aggressiveness.

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