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Brat:Dog Breed Profile

The Brat breed is nothing more than the combination of the Boston and Rat Terrier dog breeds. It is the most common dog you will find in North American houses since terriers are the ones that match the hospitality of their owners.

These dogs resemble a humongous rat that is explicitly famous in the United States and Canada for their resistance to the outer stimuli. For that reason, people in these countries prefer to have them as guards to their houses since they bark a lot during the day.

A Brat breed is always willing to help its master do the house chores, either indoors or outdoors. It has been the pet with the most friendly view and critics by experts, so you better consider it to be your next companion. The dogs can become your daily love and follow you to any external job you may have. And when you need to leave for vacation it can easily make it in the special suitcase for that reason. Relocation has never been an issue for Brat dogs.

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Brat Breed Characteristics

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    The Brat breed is always happy to be around people. Children are the most popular affectionate members of their company. Not to mention, that these dogs also like to play around with other pets like cats and hamsters.

    They rarely fight with other dogs and become quiet as they grow older. You may often listen to their barking when they are young, but this is something that needs to ensure you are safe and sound.

Brat Breed Daily Care

Grooming is also essential for Brat dogs:

Ears: Take a close look for insects and parasites that may reside in the inner ear. The outer ear should always be clean and moisturized.

Eyes: Brat breeds usually have sensitive eyes because of the lack of tears. That is why you need to protect their eyes with special solutions and ointments, especially when you live in a dusty environment.

Teeth: Since they are Terriers, they have massive teeth that need to be taken care of. For that reason, never omit the daily brushing and massaging to their gums.

Nails: It would be plausible to cut their nails as soon as they grow. Terriers share the bad habit of scratching their skin all the time, so they need to have short nails to reduce the impact.

Hair: You need to have their hair trimmed to the shortest possible level. It will give them greater stability and improve temperature control.

Recommended daily intake: They can eat at least ¾ of a cup to each meal. Please ensure that they don’t have more than a cup through any meal as this can activate the acid reflux in their stomach and vomit.

What food to choose: You can keep the Brat dogs happy with fish and meat croquettes. Some of them do need to have some canned dog food that is high in protein and grains and low in calories. Make sure they do eat all of their food and they don’t take food from strangers.

How many times to feed your dog: It would be better to feed your Brat breed at least twice a day. Some of them do need three meals a day.

How to keep the good shape: You can simply keep them in good shape by getting them out to walk. If you are jogging then take them with you and they will feel happy and energetic once more.

Because Brat comes from two different breeds, it cannot be ignored that they can inherit and suffer from health issues that are seen in both the parent breeds. The common health issues in Brat include different eye problems, elbow and hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and some skin allergies.

Hip and Elbow Dysplasia:

Condition - These are one of the most common health issues in dogs of small and medium-size. This is characterized by painful joints, frequently leading to paralysis. This disease occurs due to the unusual development of the hip joint, usually caused by a fast growth rate as a baby.

Treatment – The mild cases of Dysplasia are treated with over the counter pain medicines, while severe cases may need corrective surgeries.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Condition: – The Brat dog is prone to eye problems hence it is suggested to visit an ophthalmologist regularly. This disease involves the continuing deterioration of the retina, often leading to blindness over some time.

Treatment – Prevention is always considered better than cure in case of eye disorders. It is better to get the Brat checked with an ophthalmologist regularly, or as soon as you find out any anomaly. In acute cases, corrective surgery is the only option to treat the condition.

You can ask the experts' help for the Brat training. They like to jump multiple times to catch things. They can also run forward and backward to fetch things to their trainers.

Another great training stage for them is the running wheel. Most Brat dogs adore to get in there and run at high speeds to exercise their legs and increase their lung oxygen consumption.

You don't have to do more things than any other Terrier dog when you are dealing with Brat breed. Make sure you give them a good bath every two days and get them to see the Vet twice a year.

It is also necessary to have their vaccination on time each year and have a parasite control for their intestines against possible protozoa and bacterial infection.

Brat Breed History

Brat dogs were the effect of an experiment to breed together Boston Terriers and Rat Terriers. It seemed like a dream for most Pilgrims that had their original dogs with them. They needed to get the benefits of the two species at one single breed.

It seems like the Brat dogs are popular in North America and Australia as companion pets. Older people like to have them for the loud barking that can inform them of the presence of strangers to their premises.

Besides their action as guardians, historically the Brat dogs were the ones that took place to exhibitions. Many dog owners proudly presented their dogs to national competitions, trying to get to the first position.

These dogs are sympathetic to their owners and like kids a lot. That is the main reason why families have supported the development of the Brat Lovers movement. Everyone who loves Terriers is going to try having a Brat in his house to some point.

Finally, the Brat breed has been the one to be more independent than any other encountered. They feel close to their owners, but they can also do without them for a long time. Remember that this breed is easy to find and inexpensive, so it's the best investment for your family's well-being.

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