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Boykin Spaniel:Dog Breed Profile

Boykin Spaniel that pet dogs in the earliest time are used as the hound, and when the people often take Boykin Spaniel out hunting, and this kind of good pet dog hunting skills has also been praised by people, so people has always been a trusted partner in particular, in recent years as the hunting motion less and less, people gradually found Boykin Spaniel dog as a pet potential, so also are the dog inside the home as a pet dog, and bo's golden retriever is a good fit for the pet dog in this position, getting along with people very well, So nowadays many friends would like a Boykin Spaniel.

Boykin Spaniel Breed Picture & Video

  • About Boykin Spaniel Breed

    Boykin Spaniel is a general Spaniel developed in the United States, characterized by a neat, compact body and tail. A medium-sized dog, Boykin Spaniel is a good Spaniel, of medium speed and agility. Boykin Spaniel has pendent ears and a mild character. The friendly wagging of the tail suggests that it is part of an ancient family of hounds.

Boykin Spaniel Breed Daily Care

Boykin Spaniel: smooth and supple coat, a fine Spaniel. The focus of our grooming is to keep the coat smooth. In general, there is no need for Boykin Spaniel, which is a daily grooming coat and a smooth, unknotted coat. If dog hair is prone to static electricity, we can use antistatic products. We use a quality bath lotion and hair care product to maintain the shine of the dog's hair. If the dog's grooming is too long, we can go to a professional grooming agency to give it a partial build to maintain a clean appearance.  

We have to select a portion of suitable food for our Boykin Spaniel, which you might experience as a general Spaniel. One of the great weaknesses of this breed is its sensitivity to the stomach. Although it is called the dogs it is a kind of as a companion dog and the dog, so we can't let it eat too strange dog food, such as hot pepper and all kinds of high salt or Fried food, these may be a delicious but for man to Boykin Spaniel, do have a lot of stimulation and even let the dog cancer.

Symptoms of periodontal disease include bad breath, drooling, bleeding in the mouth, a lack of appetite, scratching the face, or a painful reaction when the owner touches the dog's cheek. If your dog has any of these symptoms, take it to a doctor as soon as possible.

When the Boykin Spaniel is young, the owner must start training the dog to know where to eat, drink, and go to the toilet, so that the dog will not defecate in the open. Dogs are very intelligent animals, so when you get along with dogs, you must be patient and responsible, so that owners will be more happy with their dogs.

8. In the daily diet, the Boykin Spaniel should eat a fixed amount of meals, only eat eight full. Three months before birth, dogs can eat sheep milk powder and rice porridge, eat 4-5 meals a day. Three months after birth, eat good natural puppy food, eat three meals a day, and occasionally feed a moderate amount of vegetables, fruit, and cooked meat. Start eating all-natural adult dog food after the first year of life. Eat 1-2 meals a day.

Boykin Spaniel Breed History

The Boykin Spaniel Society was founded in 1977 and began to maintain a bloodline register in 1979. In 1997 the breed entered the American Kennel Club Foundation's United Service Record program. In January 2006 the breed became eligible to participate in the AKC Hunter test for the official AKC Championship. In July 2006, Boykin Spaniel qualified for an AKC championship: AKC agility, tracking, general obedience, and regular Spaniel. On January 1, 2008, the Boykin became part of the other groups of the American Kennel Club. At its April 2009 board meeting, THE AKC voted to place the Boykin in the sports dog category. In December 2009, the Boykin was officially registered as an AKC breed.

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