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Border Collie:Dog Breed Profile

The Border Collie, native to the Scottish border, is a kind of Collie. Border Collie has a strong shepherd instinct. It is intelligent by nature, good at observing words and colors, can accurately understand the owner's instructions, and can drive the movement of sheep by looking at it Rotating has been regarded as a shepherd dog for many years, ranking first in the world's dog breed IQ.
The characteristics are smart, strong learning ability, high comprehension, easy to train, good at communicating with the owner, gentle, loyal, good obedience, and its degree of loyalty can be described as a shadow. Because of his gentle and loyal personality, he did not bark and became the most popular pet among the urban population. Moreover, the Border Collie is also the most competitive breed of Frisbee dogs and the protagonist of the Frisbee Dog World Cup competitions over the years.

Border Collie Breed Picture & Video

Border Collie Breed Characteristics

  • Group: Sporting Group

    As an excellent and loyal dog, Border Collie has had to socialize and train since childhood. Border Collie is a great breed for individuals who are active and committed to providing their dog friends with an exciting lifestyle.

  • Barking Level: When Necessery

    Border Collie sometimes barks. These amorous dogs suffer from separation anxiety. Besides, they are not a leisurely sofa type dog. This busy dog needs a "target" or border collie will become destructive.

  • Characteristics: Medium Dog Breeds

    Border Collie is a medium-sized dog, whose body is a little longer than that of Border Collie. Border Collie is always alert and alert to his surroundings. Border Collie has a smart expression.

  • Coat Type: Long

    When Border Collie has short hairs, Border Collie's hairs will remain smooth; however, as border collie grows longer, the texture of the hairs will become slightly wavy to rough. Border Collie appears in many different colors and color combinations. Occasionally, scattered white patches are found on the dog's body or head, but usually transparent white or strip-shaped.

  • Shedding: Seasonal

    Since Border Collie is not hypoallergenic, you'd better brush border collie's coat every day to minimize hair in your house and furniture during the shedding season. Border Collie molts all year round, but in the molting season, you will notice how much Border Collie can molt! Usually, he would lose his winter clothes in spring to prepare for the hot summer; in autumn, he would take off his lighter summer clothes to prepare for his thicker winter clothes. He will take off his soft and thick inner hair and long protective coat.

  • Size: Medium

    The middle-sized Border Collie often keeps a distance from strangers, showing an instinct of guarding. Border Collie also has a tendency to stare at other animals and chase Border Collie.

  • Trainability: Easy Training

    Border Collie is a born athlete. This breed is energetic and very smart. Border Collie is considered to be one of the smartest and most obedient breeds, easy to train and thrive in learning.

  • Activity Level: Energetic

    Border Collie needs regular physical and psychological stimulation every day. They like to have work to do, like sports, including Frisbee jumping, catching and showing off in agility training. Because Border Collie is an active breed, they will need a high calorie, high-quality diet.

  • Grooming Requirements: High

    Border Collie's hair is thick and luxuriant and needs to be combed regularly. They will need to brush more frequently during the heavier shedding season of Border Collie. You can brush your dog not only to prevent the hair from getting tangled, but also to help apply grease to the fur. These oils keep the fur healthy and shiny.

  • Exercise Requirements: Significant

    Border Collie usually gets along well with older children and other dogs of the opposite sex. Due to Border Collie's grazing instinct, border collie may have a tendency to chase small animals, move vehicles or children. They have a tendency to gaze, which can upset another dog or animal.

  • Affection Needs: Balanced

    Border Collie is energetic, enthusiastic, intelligent, obedient and loyal to the host. Eager to learn, Border Collie is the most important element in Border Collie when challenged with difficult skills and tasks. On the contrary, lack of activity can lead to variety frustration.

  • Purebred or Mixed: Purebred Dog Breeds

    Due to the strong bones of purebred Border Collie, order Collie is able to run gracefully, has an indefatigable gait, changes direction, and covers the ground almost effortlessly. The endurance and agility of border collie also enable her to stay active for a long time.

  • About Border Collie Breed

    Name: Border Collie

    Height: 18-22 inches

    Weight: 27-55 lbs

    Lifespan: 10-17 years

    Coat Density: Dense

    Coat Texture: Straight

    Puppy Price: $1300-$4500

    Temperament: Keen, alert, energetic, and intelligent

    Suitable for: Young family

    The Border Collie is one of the Collie Shepherd dogs. It has superb shepherd ability. It is intelligent by nature and good at observing words and colors. It can accurately understand the instructions of the owner. It can drive the movement or rotation of the sheep through the gaze of the eyes. As a shepherd dog Has a history of many years. The characteristics of this breed are intelligence, strong learning ability, high comprehension, easy training, gentle personality, loyalty, and obedience. Its loyalty can be described as a shadow.

    Although Border Collie can live outside, he prefers to stay indoors and with his family. This variety is generally not suitable for apartment life and should be given regular outdoor access. In order to avoid being frustrated or rude, provide adequate physical and mental exercise to border collie every day. Brushing your hair occasionally is recommended as Border Collie's fur may become tangled with dead hair.

    Border Collie has a thick double coat, which can be smooth or rough. These two kinds of overcoats have a thick soft undercoat, waterproof and windproof, which makes him feel warm in the cold plateau. The short coat is just like this. It's much shorter and closer to his body. It feels rough. The thick coat has medium length hair. There are feathery ornaments on the chest, abdomen and legs. It's soft. Border Collie is described as affectionate, intelligent and energetic, and in 2019, he was ranked 35th most popular dog breed in the United States. Back to the Roman Empire of Great Britain, shepherd dogs were raised to work in the highlands of Wales and Scotland. It was the thick fur of border collie that kept him warm enough to complete this task.

Border Collie Breed Daily Care

First of all, you should prepare the relevant bath tools. For example, bathtub, hair-dryer, towel, comb, shower gel, and so on. You should also interact with your Border Collie before taking a shower to relax its nervous and repelled mood. At the same time, you should groom it. After the grooming is smooth and the dog is emotionally stable, you should start taking a shower. Second, you need to prepare bath water for the Border Collie. The water temperature of bathing is generally consistent with the temperature of the border herd. In hot summer, the water temperature can be slightly lower, while in winter, the water temperature can be higher. Put your dog's paw in the water before bathing. Let him feel the temperature of the water. If Border Collie is receptive, then you can begin the shower. Thirdly, you can wet the body of the Border Collie with water, then put on the shower gel and gently rub the dog's body with your hands to clean the dirt and dust on the hair. The knead should be done slowly and gently. The knead should be done carefully, especially when the limbs, abdomen, and buttocks are cleaned. Finally, after rubbing, you can wash the dog's body with water to thoroughly clean the foam on his body. Then use a towel to dry the beads of water. Finally, use a hairdryer to dry the wet hair thoroughly to prevent the dog from catching a cold.

This breed's weatherproof double jacket makes Border Collie suitable for them in any condition. They need to be groomed at least once a week. Adult dogs more than 2 hours a day. It's easy for border collie to get bored, and if they don't exercise enough, it can cause damage. Border Collie likes the opportunity to learn and vent, making them good dogs for active, outdoor families. Border Collie usually likes to be with other dogs. If introduced well from the beginning, border collie will get along well with cats and children. Border Collie is extremely sensitive to positive intensive training, and can quickly conduct indoor training and learn command. Because border collie likes chasing and herding other animals, border collie should be well trained before you make her stand out in the countryside.

The Border Collie is not much different from that of other dogs. Puppies in weaning, you can start to eat puppy food, because the puppy's digestive capacity is limited, every day can be divided into 3 ~ 4 meals to feed the dog. For dogs and adult dogs after 8 months, feeding times can be reduced to once a day. But to moderate, eat eight full enough. About 40 minutes after a walk is best. You can tell how much a dog eats by looking at its feces. For example: the feces is a strip, soft and hard moderate means just enough to eat: if the soft to use a special dog poop clip can not pick up, that means the dog food to give too much. If the poop is too hard, it means there's not enough food to feed it, so you need to add some more dog food.

Border collies were first found in Scotland and are soft with hairs of moderate length. Its shedding period is around the spring and autumn of each year. Haircare has a lot to do with body cleaning. In the hair care, parents should also check the border collie body, by the way, is healthy, such as to see whether there are fleas, lice, and other diseases and insects, once found, should be promptly cleaned, in order to prevent later (skin diseases and the like). In addition, parents can properly massage the border collie's body while grooming, which will improve blood flow and metabolism. This gives the sheepdog a healthy body!

Not only do people need some exercise, but dogs do too. The border collie treats the work meticulously, lively and active. Therefore, parents can make a sports schedule for it, to provide it with enough sports environment, in order to meet its demand for sports. In this way, it will be able to have a good healthy state of mind, let it have the courage, and optimistic face their own life, thus, it can also effectively avoid the bad state of mind it produces! Border collies have a high IQ and do not require deliberate training from parents. However, it should be noted that the command to train the border collie should be clear, clear, and simple. No matter how intelligent the dog is, it will be useless if he can't understand his master's command. If the dog does a good job of following instructions, reward him appropriately (usually with food).

When we take care of the border collie, we should try not to pull the dog to the place where there are many bugs, such as grass and so on, and also not to let the dog have direct contact with the stray dog. If there are already fleas, it is better to timely wash, and then help with some anti-flea potions. Finally here and you emphasize it again, that is, don't let on to eat chicken bones, although dog chew bones are their nature, the chicken bones are relatively small and fragile, it can not digest, if carelessly and will cause a puncture, gastrointestinal and dog's life, health and safety will have been a serious threat.

You don't have to bathe your border collie often (every few months). Besides brushing dog hair, brushing teeth is also very important. Brushing your teeth often helps to prevent tartar, which can cause gingivitis and gum disease. Your busy dog's ears should always be checked for earwax, ear mites and dust.

Border Collie usually has black and white or red (tan and white) fur. There are two main types of fur - smooth and rough, which some dog lovers call "short hair" and "long hair". Although the amount of hair on Border Collie may vary, Border Collie is generally considered a heavy Collie, especially during the molting season. Regardless of Border Collie's fur type, your border collie needs to be groomed at least once a week, but Border Collie rarely needs to be trimmed or go to a professional groomer. Find out more about our dog beauty tips to help your pet stay in top condition. Just because this breed is not a big dog doesn't mean that border collie can live in a crowded home, such as a small apartment. Since Border Collie needs a lot of physical and mental stimulation, it is more suitable to live in a house with a spacious fenced yard. But if they stay in a place where they can do what they like, herding and chasing on ranches or country farms, it's even better. If you're interested in having this breed of dog show that border collie who broke teeth and scars, what they get from work won't count towards the dog. This is respect for the duty of police dog.

Border Collie Breed History

The Border Collie is one of the Collie Shepherd dogs. It has superb shepherd ability. It is intelligent by nature and good at observing words and colors. It can accurately understand the instructions of the owner. It can drive the movement or rotation of the sheep through the gaze of the eyes. As a shepherd dog Has a history of many years. The characteristics of this breed are intelligence, strong learning ability, high comprehension, easy training, gentle personality, loyalty, and obedience. Its loyalty can be described as a shadow.

This breed has gained huge popularity in the United States as a shepherd dog, because Border Collie has shown obedience in trials. After the efforts of border collie fans, this breed was finally recognized by the American dog club in 1995. Nowadays, people like Collie and his incredible reasoning ability.