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Boodle:Dog Breed Profile

A boodle is a designer dog that is a crossbreed of the English Bulldog and Poodle dog breeds. With proper care and nutrition, he can live between 10 to 13 years. He is playful, social, friendly, and barks occasionally. For this reason, he is a popular toy for most dog lovers.

A boodle can bond well with all family members and children of all ages. He shares qualities from both his parents combining the intelligence from the Poodle and the friendly character of an English bulldog. He is super cute, intelligent, and affectionate. A boodle requires exercise and close attention, and this helps in boosting his mental and physical health. Indeed, he is a good friend whom you can feel proud of taking a walk with.

He has different colors, including black, tan, brown, red, and grey, the coat is either a solid color or spotted. His coat is silky, short, and curly or straight, which requires daily brushing to maintain his cuteness. Here we have a comprehensive review of the Boodle. Keep reading.

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Boodle Breed Characteristics

  • About Boodle Breed

    Boodle is an enthusiastic medium dog who will adapt to any home environment. He is a dog that will live well with other pets expressing his friendliness even to people around him. He is well mannered and will never bark or make noise distracting the quiet environment of your home.

Boodle Breed Daily Care

Hair: Boodle is a low shedder. His coat might entangle if left unattended for some time. He requires daily brushing to maintain a neat coat and free it from entangles and debris.

Nails: Boodle's nails grow fast, and if left unattended, they can outgrow, which can endanger small children by exposing them to scratches. He needs nail trimming regularly to maintain them and prevent them from accidental breakage.

Eyes: It would be disgusting to let your Boodle's eyes stay dirty and spoil its cuteness. All you need is to use a water moistened washcloth or sponge and wipe off the area around his eyes gently. He can get irritated if you touch inside the eyes.

You can also contact a vet to advise you on the best eye-cleaning product that can take care of his eye discharge.

Ears: Cleaning Boodle's ears regularly will prevent ear infection and help them to remain clean. Using soap and warm water, pull his ears away from his head and spray the soap solution vigorously 20 – 30 times.

Massage his ears well, allowing him to shake its head to clear the solution from the ear canal. To rinse the soap solution spray clean water to flush out the debris and soap repeating several until everything is flushed out.

You may apply an ear ointment if he suffers chronic ear infection two to four times a month.t

Teeth: Food accumulation in Boodle's teeth may result in bacterial infection. It's vital to brush his teeth regularly with a specific toothbrush. There are special toys and treats which are formulated to reduce bacterial infection and can work well for him.

Daily brushing is enough to keep his teeth strong and healthy. Also, check if he has a tooth that is loosening and take him to the vet for treatment. Regular dental checkups are necessary for Boodle to maintain his healthy teeth and treat any diseases associated with teeth.

Recommended daily amount: A Boodle needs nutritious food to maintain his good health. Of course, the quantity for a puppy Boodle would not be similar to that of an adult. It's best to feed him twice a day at 8 to 12 hours to allow time for digestion and relaxation. Take care not to overfeed him and cause obesity.

What food to choose: A Boodle requires a healthy diet to keep him in good shape and to boost his immunity. The food should be medium and include vitamins, fiber, proteins, and minerals.

How to keep a good shape: There are many ways of keeping Boodle in good shape. First is maintaining a well-balanced diet for him. Allow him to take regular walks every day, and just as you would enjoy jogging, let him participate in jogging.

Swimming is also an activity that can maintain good health. All other sports associated with dogs like a fly ball, surfing, dog boot camp, and skateboarding will make Boodle maintain his good shape and also health.

How many times to feed your dog: Boodles will be comfortable with two meals a day. Make sure you allow 8-12 hours in between to prevent indigestion and to bloat. It can make him uncomfortable and render him unable to participate in other activities.

Symptoms for several diseases may vary from one classification to the other, and a qualified veterinarian can make the right diagnosis. Here are the most common ailments a Boodle can suffer and how to address or prevent them.


Cataracts are common with the aged Boodle. It's a disease that can result in blurred vision with the inability to see properly or at the worst loss of vision.

Treatment: It can only be addressed by a vet who will prescribe the appropriate treatment.


Rabies is a lethal and life-threatening disease transmitted from infected Boodle to other animals, including pets and even humans through bites.

Treatment: The disease is viral and can be prevented through vaccination.

Ear infection

An ear infection is caused by a bacterial infection and leads to loss of hearing.

Treatment: It can be detected by discharge from the affected ear or inflammation.

Eye infection

An eye infection is a disease that is too common. The notable symptoms include redness in the eyes, itchiness, tearing a lot, and discharge.

Treatment: You can take your Boodle to a vet who will prescribe medication.

Fleas and ticks

These are parasites that hide under the coat of your Boodle. Symptoms will include scratching and dropping of these parasites everywhere in the house.

Treatment: He can pick the parasites when outdoors and can be preventable through the use of sprays and shampoos.


Worms are widespread and will feed on the food the Boodle is feeding on.

Treatment: Regular deworming is necessary to prevent infestation.

Boodle is not a very active dog and loves spending time indoors. However, they need some training and exercise for physical health, mental stimulation, and socialization.

Thankfully, they are very intelligent dogsthat learn very fast. However, it's vital to be patient as each dog has its own learning curve. Training Boodle should be early enough since a mature dog can be stubborn.

There is a need to keep your Boodle well-groomed by having a cleaning routine in place. Luckily, he is a low shedder but requires brushing to keep him neat.

You can use a pin brush and slicker brush for the best results after wetting the coat with mist. Consider trimming his coat regularly every two or three months to remove weak ends and for easy combing.

You can maintain a beautiful hairstyle of your Boodle by giving him a haircut every 2 – 3 months.

He can take a bath when he is dirty with dog shampoo to maintain its silky and soft curls and prevent skin infections.

Boodle Breed History

The Boodle is a crossbreed dog of the Poodle and the British Bulldog. When looking at the history of the boodle, we cannot overlook the parental heritage. As a designer dog, it hasn't been around for long. The parent Poodle is from Germany and France while the British Bulldog is from Ancient England.