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Bogle:Dog Breed Profile

The Bogle is a crossbreed between the Beagle dog and the Boxer. It has a striking resemblance to either parent, although it also depends on the dominance of the gene. This dog is a large dog breed with an incredible weight of between 50lbs to 60lbs. As such, it's a masculine dog with a heavily built body.

There's scanty information regarding the origin of the Bogle dog. However, a lot of research has been done on the parental breeds. This data has been useful in determining the traits, characteristics, and behavior of the dog.

The Boxer is a large dog and very active, and of course, you'd expect the Bogle to have the same traits. It has a lot of energy, likes to run around and shed off the excess energy. The Bogle is very alert and is quick to notice any strangers. It's a designer dog and is a true definition of a man's good friend. Are you a Bogle owner, or would like to know more about the Bogle? Here, we have all the information you need.

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Bogle Breed Characteristics

  • About Bogle Breed

    As a hybrid of the Boxer and the Beagle, the Bogle resembles and has behavioral traits of the parents. Where it leans towards the Beagle, the muzzle is narrow, long, and has fallen ears. Likewise, the look is more inquisitive with some perky. A closer look at the eyes reveals some brown or hazel appearance whereas the tail is high with some brush. The boxer traits include a square head and a short muzzle.

    Bogle is a highly energetic dog which is a striking characteristic of its parental breeds. However, it's wary of strangers and hence it can be an excellent watchdog. Despite this, it's very patient and likes socializing with children. A word of caution is not to leave kids around the Bogle since it's not really a toy dog but a very energetic breed.

    On the same note, it doesn't like other animals such as cats but is welcoming and friendly to other animals.

Bogle Breed Daily Care

Your Bogle dog will require care and attention to keep it well-groomed and healthy. Below here is how to care for the dog.

Hair: Although the Bogle has a short hair coat, it's important to groom weekly to get rid of any loose or falling hair. In this way, the coat will be healthy and clean all the time. Also, grooming distributes the bodily oils, thereby getting rid of dead skin which causes dogs to smell.

Nail: The Bogle requires frequent nail care to prevent crawls from overgrowing. You can frequently clip the nails at least once a month.

Eyes: The eyes need regular keeping to keep them healthy. You can use a clean and damp cotton towel to wipe the eyes every day. When bathing, use a mild shampoo that doesn’t irritate the eyes.

Ears: The ears need cleaning to prevent the accumulation of dirt. You can use an ear cleaning solution at least once a month.

Teeth: Unlike other dogs, the Bogle rarely drools. However, if you notice any drooling, then it's a red flag that all is not well with their dental health. To prevent such an occurrence, you can brush regularly at least once a week. Also, this eliminates gum disease, which is caused by bacteria.

Recommended daily amount: As noted earlier, the Bogle is a large breed, and so high food requirements are high. A small puppy may need small feeds frequently; however, an adult Bogle needs at least three full meals every day.

What food to choose: As a pet owner, you want to feed your dog with highly nutritious food to keep them in good health. The food should contain some vitamins which are vital in building immunity. Likewise, consider energy building food containing fiber and proteins to help in muscle development since the Bogle is a very active dog.

How to keep a good shape: Since it's a large dog, it needs exercise to shed off excess energy, hence the need to live in a home with a yard to play and exercise.

How many times to feed your dog: You can feed your Bogle with 3 cups of top-grade dog food in three portions so that they stay energized the entire day.

Common ailments and how to treat:

Like most dog breeds, Bogle dogs have inherited some health conditions from their parents. Common health problems include:


Since they are large dogs; they tend to gain weight very fast and can develop obesity. To treat this, you need to feed them a balanced diet and put in place an exercise schedule.

Eye infections

The eyes are prone to infections, and the most common symptom is watery eyes. Keep the dog's eye clean all the time by wiping with a soft cotton cloth. Also, if the dog is itching, you may consider medication or a visit to the pet doctor.


Rabies is a common disease amongst dogs, and the Bogle is not an exception. Treatment requires vaccination.

Dental issues

The Bogle dog can suffer from cavities and gum disease. Prevention involves regular brushing at least once a week.

Heart disease

This may not be easy to diagnose; however, if you notice any change of behavior, it's important to consult a vet doctor for a comprehensive examination.

Luckily with Bogle, you don't need to keep on repeating things since they are smart dogs. However, there's a need for consistency and patience when training the dog. You can reward the dog with treats to make the training program enjoyable.

Bogle dog has a smooth and soft coat; The fur is shot with little shedding hence no need for regular brushing. However, you can bathe the dog occasionally with dog shampoo at least once a month. Also, you can use a wet towel and pat down the coat to prevent excess shedding.

Bogle Breed History

The parental heritage of the Bogle dog consists of the Beagle and the Boxer. Historically, these two are hound dogs with very active or aggressive traits.

In particular, the Beagles are vocal and can back at the slightest provocation. On the other hand, the Boxer is generally calm and will bark on a few instances like when they notice a stranger.

The Beagle traces its origin to medieval England and was mostly bred for hunting. Conversely, the Boxer is of the Mastiff parental line and is originally from Germany. It's a popular breed and is a fighter dog.