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Black Russian Terrier:Dog Breed Profile

The Black Russian terrier, as you can tell from its name, originated in Russia. The dog is calm, calm, confident, and brave, and has some reservations about strangers, with a somewhat distant attitude. Intelligent, trustworthy, and bred for security and protection.
Adult male dogs are generally 27 to 30 inches long. Adult females are 26 to 29 inches.

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  • About Black Russian Terrier Breed

    The character and temperament of the Black Russian terrier are very important. In the competition, it should show that it is easy to be controlled, willing to listen, adaptable, and accept and obey the training of assessment. The dog is strong-built, intelligent, studious, and obedient, so it is very easy to train. Confident, quick thinking, quick reaction, good judgment, alert, always ready to defend, but never attack people or animals for no reason.

Black Russian Terrier Breed Daily Care

It's necessary to give Black Russian Terrier a hair trim. If we don't want to go to a beauty salon to give Black Russian Terrier hair repair, we can do it at home. Just buy a pet trimmer, whatever you like. Legs are the dirtiest part of Black Russian Terrier. If the hair on the feet is too long, it is not only inconvenient to come to start way, but also easy to get dirt and germs. So we have to trim off the hairs on the toes and long hairs on the toes to keep it clean and comfortable. We give Black the Russian Terrier clip is also a kind of fun.

Dog food for black Russian terriers are well-researched, homemade food made from fresh ingredients, which should include raw and cooked food. Healthy pet food is the perfect match, frozen raw, or dehydrated food we buy from the market. The perfect match isn't a chicken rack or a few slices of dehydrated meat. Note that dehydrated food refers to food that has only been dehydrated, unlike what we normally call dry food, and it doesn't just refer to dehydrated meat.

 Cigarette butts and ashtrays contain nicotine, which can be toxic if swallowed or licked by black Russian studs. Therefore, never leave cigarettes or ashtrays where black Russian studs can come in contact. Some plants grown at home can be toxic. Therefore, indoor flowers should be kept out of reach of black Russian terriers, and toxic plants in the yard should be effectively isolated to keep the dog healthy.

It is important that we train our attitude towards the Black Russian terrier. No matter how cute the black Russian terrier is, we should keep a clear attitude of reward and punishment when training. Don't spoil or pamper your dog. In order for the Black Russian terrier to complete his training and become sensible, the strict training policy cannot be changed at will. Since the black Russian terrier should be rewarded and punished clearly, it should be punished timely when it is wrong, so that it knows the cost of making mistakes. Of course, in its perfect performance, parents should also be generous praise it. Let the Black Russian Terrier understand the rewards of being clever, and gradually cultivate the Black Russian Terrier to form the right life mentality in the actual training so that it can become more sensible and clever.

When taking care of the Black Terrier, we should be careful not to leave narrow Spaces between furniture and objects in the room, because this can cause the black Terrier's head to get stuck in between and cause physical damage. The wires should also be placed out of reach of the black Terrier, and the power should be turned off when the owner is out to prevent the black Terrier from eating the wires and being electrocuted.

Black Russian Terrier Breed History

The earliest history of the black Russian terrier dates back to the 1940s. In Russia at the time, customs and military requirements led to the creation of a suitable black terrier by crossing it with a native black terrier, a Rottweiler, and a giant fox. It preserves perseverance and domesticated characteristics of stalks, large and giant fox dog physique and fierce characteristics, evident and the strong and stable state of mind, can be said to be the comprehensive advantages of these dogs on the overall appearance of it, by way of the hybrid bred dog, it's fur and those without finalizing the design of giant fox or Flanders herding almost no obvious difference. By 1981, the new breed was approved by the Russian Ministry of Agriculture.

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