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Black dog:Dog Breed Profile

The Black dog is a large guard dog with a dark body. It is naturally intelligent and occasionally plays tricks on its owners. It is very curious and loyal to its owners. Unfriendly to strangers, tall and bold, aggressive, aggressive, and alert.

It is the most prominent characteristic of loyalty, strong ability to guard, obedient, loyal to the master, and dependent, as a guard dog is really very suitable. After basic training, it can attack or defend at its master's command. He is firm and has no cowardice. He will not attack for no reason. As an adult, he cannot change his master. He is friendly to acquaintances and extremely vigilant to strangers. He will not avoid attacks but actively fight back.

Black dog Breed Picture & Video

  • About Black dog Breed

    The black dog is a breed of Wolf dog, native to China. Its whole body black, short hair stands ears, set ornamental, practical in a suit. Black German shepherd dog is the main source of black Wolf dog, end of the 19th century, Germany in China's Shandong province established colonies, as the German forces range expansion, some German shepherd was brought to China, with the great Dane and northern China dog inadvertently cross out the black Wolf dog, the dog is distributed in the north China area in our country, have been used as a guard dog.

Black dog Breed Daily Care

When raising black dogs, we should pay special attention to the bathing situation of black dogs, because the wrong bathing method can greatly damage the skin of black dogs, and some of them may even lead to skin diseases. It's not right for some owners to bathe their dogs too often, so how can we properly bathe our dogs? When bathing, we should according to the head, back neck, back tail, abdomen, the order of the limbs scrub, as far as possible in a short time to complete. After changing the water to rinse the dog, we should immediately use a dry bath towel to drain the black dog's body water. We need to keep the house warm and windless while we bathe the dog. We can turn on the heater in the winter.

Since black dogs are large in size, they have a high demand for food. It is recommended to supplement protein-rich food with an adequate amount of calcium. Vegetables and lean meat are also indispensable. If we raise black dogs, we should pay attention to scientific rationality. Overfeeding tends to increase the burden on the dog's stomach, which is not good for the body. Every meal lets it eat to 8 full can, so neither will appear food sex fat, also reduced the retardation of growth development. About three months of black wolfhound meat is generally chicken or beef-based and then supplemented with some dog food to feed, regularly with some high nutritional value vegetables. The black dog should inject vaccine once a year, it is better to import vaccine, half a year deworming. You can always give the dog a snack. Be careful not to choose biscuits, sweets, or salty snacks.

Black dogs, like any other dogs, need to be vaccinated. Living with rabies is still very serious. It's a disease that causes death as soon as it strikes, and there's no way to treat it. So we have to vaccinate dogs. We should prevent rabies at ordinary times. Regular vaccinations protect the health of our dogs as well as ourselves and our families.

Black dogs are more intelligent and have a much simpler training regimen than other dogs. Its obedience is very strong, so it does not need the owner to spend too much time. We'd better have the black dogs walk outside for half an hour three times a day. This is the most basic exercise for a black wolfhound. Some black wolfhounds have little contact with other dogs and may experience the phenomenon of seeing other dogs scared. In this case, we have to let it slowly to contact those dogs, if it does give it some delicious encouragement, so repeated several times, it will not be afraid.

Although the black dog is large and powerful, it is also very sensitive. This needs the master to carry on to it does not abandon the guardian. When you decide to raise it, you should have enough time to play with it, not to beat it or scold it, not to abuse it, not to let your dog live in fear of yourself. Take good care of it and treat it as a part of the family. That's the right attitude for a dog. We need to give it good nutrition. Good food can make its body stronger and make it grow better.

Black dog Breed History

Originated in northern China, the black dog is a full-body dark short hair large dog, with a high IQ, a pair of large black eyes clever and clever, lively and active, a strong sense of territory, inviolable, very wary of strangers, absolute loyalty to the owner, has good obedience. Being strong, fearless, malleable, and with a taste approved by the military, the black dog is a highly integrated sports dog, able to withstand both hot and cold climates, and highly adaptable. Black dog is naturally intelligent and obedient. After proper training, it can be an excellent working dog.