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Black and Tan Coonhound:Dog Breed Profile

The black and brown raccoon dog is essentially a working dog whose main purpose is to track and drive prey up trees. It is highly adaptable, capable of working in complex terrain, and capable of withstanding extreme cold and heat. It is fearless, bold, and confident, with the quality of the hound, is its biggest characteristic.
In the past, it was mainly used to track raccoons and drive them up trees. The dog relied solely on its sense of smell to perform its tasks. Its natural characteristics and courage even helped it to track large prey such as deer, bears, and mountain lions. Therefore, if the merits and demerits are to be evaluated, the completion of the above behavior is definitely the focus of the referee.
The overall appearance of the dog gives the impression of strength, agility, and alertness. The pace is rhythmic, powerful, and fast.

Black and Tan Coonhound Breed Picture & Video

  • About Black and Tan Coonhound Breed

    Black and Tan Coonhound is one of the most special breeds in the world. It has a strong instinct to sniff out raccoons, opossum, and other small animals that climb up trees. As long as the prey is pressed into a difficult situation, the raccoon hound can climb up the tree and use its cry to inform the hunter that the prey is cornered and waiting for the hunter to capture it. The Black and Tan Coonhound is the most common and typical raccoon hound, confident, alert, and loyal. Daily feeding should focus on cleaning and grooming of the ears, as well as exercise.

    There are now two types of black and brown raccoon dogs: the racing type and the wild type. The competitive type has a larger physique and a softer personality; The wild type retains its original nature and uses it for hunting.

Black and Tan Coonhound Breed Daily Care

Black and tan coonhound puppies have a weak immune system, so they can easily catch a cold in the shower and develop respiratory infections, which can lead to colds and pneumonia. So it's best not to bathe a black and brown raccoon puppy that is less than six months old. If it gets dirty, the owner can give it a dry bath. Spray the black and brown raccoon with diluted conditioner and talcum powder for one or two days, and then give the black and brown raccoon frequent grooming.

Black and brown raccoon dogs tend to be picky about what they eat in the summer. Of course, not every dog is picky about what they eat, but some of them do. So in the hot summer, what should you pay attention to when feeding them? In summer, dog feed is not easy to preserve, because too high temperature will easily lead to food spoilage, especially meat and other high protein feed, therefore, in addition to regular feeding, should also focus on preventing dog food poisoning. They should be fed fresh food that is naturally cooled after heating and should be fed in reduced quantities because the weather is too hot and most dogs do not have a good appetite. Never give your dog moldy or spoiled food, otherwise, it is easy to cause symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and even general weakness. In the case of these symptoms, it is necessary to treat them in time. In addition: It is normal for dogs to eat less in the summer than in other seasons. There is no need to worry, just make sure you have a little less dog food.

The black and brown raccoon is a dog that used to be a hunting dog so there's a lot of energy and exercise, and if we don't burn off that extra energy every day it's going to stay up all night and start acting up. However, when we choose to go out, we must choose whether it is caused by the weather or at night, because the weather is still relatively cool during these two times, and the dog will not suffer from heatstroke due to the high temperature.

The black and brown raccoon dog was originally a hunting dog, so we had to give it strict training so that it could better integrate into the family life. In our daily training, if the dog can follow our wishes and commands, we should give him verbal praise, as well as snacks and small rewards.

We try not to use harsh words or violent means, which will only make the dog more fearful and will not help the training. It will only backfire. As we will make it, don't teach it what to do, first, we need to let it know what can't do, such as can not eat furniture cannot dress shoes, if he doesn't obey the management, but also to compare against your order so we can play a few times it gently but do not force only gently lay, and we can't see the shoes bite broken play it, to see it bite to play it on the spot, otherwise the dog will not know what you did wrong.

If you want to increase the Black and Tan Coonhound's appetite, you can choose some cool and delicious food to match the dog food, mix well to feed them, such as yogurt, cheese, and so on, after the ice in the refrigerator, not only better flavor, but also very cool, dogs in the summer-appropriate to eat some cold food can be.

If it is really too hot, you can give the dog to drink some cold drink or eat some ice cream, such as a small pudding, the amount of small, the dog can eat, it will feel very comfortable. Especially after taking your dog out for a walk, when he is lying on the ground panting for heat, if you can give him a cold drink, it will help him to reduce the body temperature as soon as possible, it is good for the dog. However, remember to control the amount, do not eat too much, the dog stomach is bad, easy to loose bowels. Besides popsicles, ice cream bars and the like, ice water will do.

Black and Tan Coonhound Breed History

Black and Tan Coonhound is an American hound that originated in the 18th century and was bred with foxhounds (and perhaps bloodhounds). Popular among Indian warriors and scouts in the 18th century, the breed had an extremely keen sense of smell and was able to successfully hunt large prey such as raccoons, bears, and mountain lions even in the worst of conditions. It was the first bear-hound breed to be recognized in 1900 and officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1945. However, many people believe that the black and brown raccoon is a combination of the bloodhound and the Talbot hound that has been around since William I's time. At that time, their color and a strong sense of smell were said to have retained the characteristics of the Virginia foxhound. As for its origin, it is presumed to have originated in the Appalachian and Blue Ridge Indian Ozarks in the Great Smoky Mountains in the southeastern United States.

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