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Biewer Yorkie:Dog Breed Profile

The Biewer Yorkie is a pure rare breed created by two Yorkshire Terriers. They are energetic, playful, and friendly; these are a few of its best qualities. They are pronounced as “beaver” and also named as Biewer Terrier, Biewer Yorkshire, and Biewer a'la pom on. This lovable small puppy is energetic, they are one of the best fits for the owner living in small houses or apartments. Biewer Yorkie is one of the best companions of children to senior citizens and singles.

They also get along with any other pet, if available at home. They are active and can get noisy if there is a stranger around who they don’t know. They love running and hopping while following their owner in the house. This cute adorable breed also, unfortunately, ends up in rescue and shelter homes, so would recommend adopting one instead of shopping. If you're planning to make this little cuteness of a family member. View Biewer Yorkie puppies for sale and Biewer Yorkie Breeders.

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Biewer Yorkie Breed Characteristics

  • About Biewer Yorkie Breed

    The Biewer Yorkie is normally not happy around strangers, they can easily be trained to become a watchdog. The quickie adapts in their environment, which could be a large house or an apartment.

    They have fur covered with cute little color patches which are normally found on their legs, chest, and underside with a tan or black color face.

    The Biewer Yorkie is a breed that can be easily groomed and considered to be hypoallergenic. So as long as the hair coat grows more of the brushing would be required. The kids love this dog and the Biewer Yorkie also goes along well with children.

Biewer Yorkie Breed Daily Care

Hair: Biewer Yorkie  small in size but have long furry hair, which needs once a week bath and combing at least twice a week. One can always do more to reduce frizz.

Teeth: They have a habit of chewing, hence can face a lot of dental issues. To avoid unnecessary dental issues, we would recommend you brush your canine’s teeth at least twice a week and ensure a dental checkup once a month.

Nails: Don't let the nail click on the floor, trimming them once in fifteen days is recommended but we would suggest not to wait if you think it's required early.

Ears: A close inspection for any redness and infection is always good, stink Yorkies are very small and tend to get infected soon, so make sure you clean their ears with a clean towel and buds once a week.

Eye: Make sure you cut their hairs, from the forehead or this could disturb a clear vision. If you see their retina is wet or feels like they are crying, don't worry this is very common and even necessary for their vision.

Why do yorkies stink? If your stink yorkie has a general body odor, the skin of stink Yorkie can also be the culprit. As we mentioned above, not properly grooming your yorkie can cause skin problems, oil traps, insufficient air circulation, and general irritation. But even if you love your dog a lot, stink yorkie still has skin problems.  

Feeding: The Biewer Yorkie is ideally a small size breed with high energy. Overfeeding can lead them to overweight issues in no time, as their GI system is more sensitive than other dog breeds. There can not be any irregularity in their feeding schedule. One should make sure that Biewer Yorkie is getting high energy and quality dog food.

Recommended Daily Amount: The variation is far too much depending on the energy, weight, and health, you can always involve your veterinarian to give you a specific suggestion and plan your Biewer Yorkie diet accordingly.

What Food to choose: Always choose the dog food which is high in energy and good quality.

How many times to feed: The most important part for feeding is, there shouldn't be any irregularity in feeding time, one should understand it needs very little to fill full. One cup per meal twice a day is a good amount to fill your little Biewer Yorkie.

How to keep them in good shape: They are very active on their own and highly energetic but they also like to get a few activities and exercise from you. They will love you more after a daily walk for 30 minutes or exercise which makes them fetching, running, and hopping.

The Biewer Yorkie are descendant breeds of Yorkshire. So, they can have a few health conditions from their ancestors. Like any dog breed, they also need proper care and veterinary checkup. Below can be some of the most commonly faced issues with the Biewer Yorkie breed.

GI tract sensitivity

Symptoms: Stomach pain, gas, nausea, cramps, vomiting, bloating, heartburn, diarrhea, nervousness, and headaches.

Treatment: Cutting down the work of the digestive system by eating easy and moderate to digest food. Include more water, eliminate irritating potential food and caffeine.

Bouts of diarrhea

Symptoms: Will eat spoiled food, viral or getting infected with bacteria, eating toxic substances, and allergic reaction.

Treatment: Make your Biewer Yorkie rest for twelve hours by holding its food and then giving them a balanced diet which can include white rice and boiled chicken,

Dental issues

Symptoms: Redness or bleeding gums, vocalizing when they are eating or yawning, blood on a toy chewed, losing tooth, bumps or lumps in the mouth, and bad breath.

Treatment: Giving your Biewer Yorkie a special chewing toy formulated for dental issues and treating them with chew treats to reduce calculus and tartar.

Biewer Yorkie may cry sometimes, but why do Yorkies cryCrying is a typical behavior of little yorkie, because it is the way yorkie tries to communicate, and it is also the corresponding way for crying babies to attract their mothers' attention for food.

The Biewer Yorkie, responds very consistently and firmly while training, even being a small little dog. The most important thing before starting training is to create a bond between you and your Biewer Yorkie.

If properly trained, the Biewer Yorkie can also act as a watchdog as he doesn't like strangers. You should be consistent and start training early for better results, training your Biewer Yorkie from a young age will reduce your trouble.

You can always start with some basic tricks and techniques of sitting, walking or stop barking. Like any other training, they should always be rewarded and pressed if they complete or fully fill any command.

They always try to impress their owners, by showing new tricks but always remember even if they make a mistake, don't get aggressive. Negative training will only make your Biewer Yorkie more stubborn as they are very intelligent. They love playing fetch and you can always give them something to chew on, you should also make sure they are not pulled or made to jump a lot as they are from a very delicate breed of dogs.

Do yorkies like to swimSome yorkie likes swimming, but some yorkies don't.  

Like any other dog breed, the Biewer Yorkie also needs veterinary check-ups, at least once a week to identify any concerns on an early stage. They are really full of energy, so you don't need to focus more on them but they enjoy walking and visiting dog parks.

The Biewer Yorkie, is a small breed that is not favorable in extreme weather conditions, regardless of their coat they don't like extremely cold temperatures. They are very delicate, so you need to be observant when they are around young children as at times they can be rough while playing.

They love to be cuddled around their owner while sleeping and sit on their lap while watching TV. In short, the Biewer Yorkie loves to be pampered like a kid.

Do yorkies stink? It is important that you brush your teeth regularly and clean your teeth annually to prevent the formation of the cavities in stink yorkie. Once you notice the bad breath, the problem has begun. In this case, start better dental hygiene immediately, but also consult a veterinarian to see if you need to have rotten tooth extraction.

Biewer Yorkie Breed History

The origin of Biewer Yorkie is from Germany, Hunstruck on January 20th, 1984 they were bred by Werner Biewer and Gertrud. They both were lovers of Biewer Yorkie, who bred and raised them for twenty years and stumbled on Biewer Yorkie after acknowledging the inheritance of Yorkshire.

The Biewer Yorkie became famous in the year of 2000s and the breeder's number dropped significantly but they again became popular when they got to America. The American Club of Kennel finally recognized the breed of Biewer Yorkie in 2014. Browse Biewer Yorkie Breeders list now!

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