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Beauceron:Dog Breed Profile

The Beauceron is one of the most famous sheepdogs in France, and its appearance is reminiscent of a Doberman puck. The difference can be distinguished by its long tail and a residual toe. The tips of the ears are often cut off in France. It was first used to hunt wild boars, then switched to sheep because of its intelligence and adaptability, and was even used to send messages during wartime. The nickname "Bosch Roach" refers to a dog with brown patches on its legs. The Beauceron looks somewhat like a Doberman pinscher. They are intelligent, brave, loyal, and devoted to their work, making excellent guard and shepherd dogs.

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  • About Beauceron Breed

    The Beauceron is fearless, bold and alert, and very brave. Beauceron can coexist peacefully with other animals they know, such as dogs and cats. Beauceron has a balanced and stable personality that will not change throughout his life. Once Beauceron adapted to the master and his or her family, he or she is absolutely loyal, always ready to take orders from the master, and as closely connected with the family as a member of the family. Very brave, and with the responsibility to protect their homes and possessions, dare to challenge any intruder. To execute orders quickly and promptly, and to be sensitive to the emotions of the master. Take the work assigned very seriously. He doesn't like being in the kennel. Controlling in the presence of children, the Beauceron is calm, calm, and very gentle. With a high IQ and an excellent memory, the Beauceron is surprisingly sensitive to his master's commands, so much so that many people think he shares his master's mind.

Beauceron Breed Daily Care

First of all, before we comb Beauceron's hair, we must know which parts he likes and dislikes. All dogs have their own sensitive parts. When you touch them, be sure to comb them carefully and gently. As you comb, you can speak to Beauceron in a soft tone, which makes you feel that this is a kind of enjoyment, and you still think about the next carding. Regular fur care is very important for Beauceron's health. This can not only remove the dirt and dust on dog hair, prevent hair tangle, but also promote blood circulation, stimulate skin oil secretion, protect hair, enhance skin resistance, and relieve fatigue. We need to examine the dog's skin carefully. If we often see a dog itching, we'd better take the dog to a doctor and ask the veterinarian to examine Beauceron.

Beauceron is a kind of sport intensity is bigger breed, so their body USES up the skill of calcium to also be very comprehensive, so in this case, it is recommended that everyone must give them regular supplement calcium. Actually, general dog food can meet their nutritional needs, but after all of dog food calcium component content is less, so in this case would suggest that we must give them appropriate calcium supplements, a lot of friends tried to Beauceron dog some food of high quantity of heat, think of the food comes they need trace elements. Yes, high-calorie foods are also needed, but we recommend that we pay attention to high protein supplementation, because of the high protein consumption during exercise, in this case, it is easy to lead to a large amount of calcium loss. Therefore, appropriate supplementation of high protein food is very beneficial to the health of dogs. It can help them quickly change the amount of calcium their bodies need and increase the strength of their bones. Calcium supplements, especially from puppies, are recommended.

When Beauceron is sick, he will show mental depression, loss of appetite, body become lazy, do not like sports, more time will find Beauceron lying in the dog's nest squinting eyes. Beauceron's response to the changes and movements around him became dull and his body clumsy. At this time, we should pay attention to it, and it is the stage of timely diagnosis and treatment. At this point, we should take Beauceron to the pet hospital for a general examination, and then carry out the targeted treatment with the help of the veterinarian. According to the arrangement of the veterinarian, we should choose the right and healthy medicine for treatment. It should be noted that the treatment of Beauceron is not careless at all. For those infectious diseases, dogs should be isolated and treated in time. While trying to save Beauceron's life, other pet dogs should not be infected and their health should be ensured.

When we trainBeauceron, we may encounter a lot of dog training problems, which are often caused by the owner's laziness. You should bring your dog into contact with nature, human beings, cars, buses, trains, etc. In different situations, the dog owner's reaction will leave a deep impression on the dog. For example: tighten the leash, put a collar on the dog's neck, and prepare for a walk. If the owner's practice is the same before each walk, the dog will understand. And they will express their pleasure by jumping around and barking around the host.

When you take care of Beauceron, you first need to prepare a small nest with enough activity space and warm-keeping effect. Especially in winter, we must spread a small mattress in their nest, and the surrounding of the nest should not be too ventilated. If possible, the owner can put on a heating blanket or something, otherwise, Beauceron can not resist the cold air. Beauceron when he first arrived at his new master's house, was unfamiliar with the surrounding environment and characters because of his mental stress. He often roared and screamed, so we must patiently give it full time to adapt to the environment. If we are free during the day or at night, we can spend more time with our little French shepherd dogs. They will feel more secure and belong.

Beauceron Breed History

The Beauceron, though not much known in other countries, is a very old purebred breed bred locally in France. Named after the French Beauce region. Other nicknames are French short-haired Shepherd, Beauce Shepherd, and Bas Rouge (meaning red socks, because the lower extremities of French wolfdogs are maroon). The Beauceron, named after the Beauce region, is said to have originated in Brie, and although they are very different in appearance, they share a common ancestor. The Beauceron was first described in 1587. It was in 1809 that a priest first described the difference between a French wolfhound and a brie in an article. In the late 19th century, farmers with cattle and sheep held a meeting and decided to name long-haired dogs brie and short-haired dogs Beauceron. In the late 19th century, Pole Morgan began to study the problem of discrimination between the two and established the identification standard for French wolfhounds. In 1922, under Morgan's leadership, the Beauceron Club was founded. The Beauceron standard has been revised six times in the last 100 years, the last revision being in 2001 and implemented on November 29 of that year. Beaucerons have been commonly bred in France since the 1960s, but have recently gained popularity abroad in many countries, including the United States. The main attraction is their appearance and personality. French writers even labeled him a "French gentleman". The Beauceron is a widely used breed that was once used for hunting wild boars and for a long time played three roles: herding dogs (cattle, sheep, etc.), guard dogs, and family guard dogs. In the two world wars in Europe, it was also used by the military to convey information, to move supplies, to detect mines, to help the wounded, and so on. Today they are still excellent military and police dogs, as well as family guard dogs and companion dogs.