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Bearded Collie:Dog Breed Profile

The bearded collie looks exactly the same as the old English collie but is slightly thinner and slightly lighter. He is agile by nature, and his body supported by strong limbs is covered with medium-length fluffy hair. The outer layer of hair is relatively rough, naturally hanging on both sides, the inner layer of hair is soft and dense. The long beards on the cheeks, jaw, and lower lip are typical signs of this breed. The skull is flat and wide, and the eyes are gentle and expressive. The eyes and ears of a good size are mostly covered by hair, the back is straight, and the tail is always lower than the back. The color of the nose may be light or thick but always consistent with the color of the coat.
The bearded collie is of medium size. The coat is of medium length and conforms to the natural flow direction of the body, with sparse hair on the lower part of the body. The body is slender, strong and not bulky. The alert and curious expression is the characteristic of this breed, and it shows a natural posture when displayed.

Bearded Collie Breed Picture & Video

  • About Bearded Collie Breed

    The long-short Collie is native to Scotland. According to the coat, it is divided into long-haired and short-haired, and divided into large and small according to body type. Also known as the long-bearded Cowrie, it is named because of the long beard around the mouth. The source of the long-bearded collie can be traced back to the 16th century. At that time, the crew who sailed to Scotland brought the Polish Lowland Sheepdog with them and crossed it with the local shepherd to form this new breed. The long-bearded collie is not only a diligent working dog, but also adaptable to home life.

Bearded Collie Breed Daily Care

Bearded Collie is a double - haired dog and we should take more care of it than other dogs. The owner should comb at least once or twice a week, preferably for half an hour to an hour each time, so that Bearded Collie can be combed all over. In addition, it is best to comb Bearded Collie’s hair daily during the changing season, which will help speed up the changing process.

After the successful weaning of the border collie, Bearded Collie can start to gradually choose the appropriate puppy food for feeding, so that the border collie can gradually adapt to other foods. Because puppies are physically fragile, they should be fed in accordance with the principle of eating less and more meals during feeding. Feeding 3-4 meals a day, and the need for a fixed amount of hard puppy food is best with warm water or milk-soaked in soft after feeding, to avoid causing a digestive burden to the puppy's stomach.  

When choosingbearded collie's kennel, we should choose to compare clean, dry, and leeward, often pay attention to clean, do not let the dirt dirty coat, especially in the warm season, every time the kennel for a disinfection work. Pay attention to the normal state of mind of the border collie, loss of appetite, dry or wet nose, normal body temperature, thinning stools, etc. If there are signs of abnormality or illness, try to treat them immediately. Longbeard Collie sheepdog feed must be moderate, too much will make it fat, lose the lively and lovely image. Border herd is furred longer and fleeciness, want to keep clean and beautiful at ordinary times, must comb for it every day, clear the dirt that goes up with dirt and dust. After comb, want to use dry and soft cloth or towel to wipe it, make it clean bright.

Our goal in training Bearded Collie is not only to make them obedient but also to build more trust and communication with the pet and form a positive relationship. Therefore, we recommend forward feedback training, which requires the host to prepare enough time. In general, Bearded Collie obeys their master's instructions and instructions. The rest of the family can only get along well with the collie if they interact with it in a friendly way and share their feelings with it until they can also follow directions and commands.

Bearded Collie dog is a kind of double coat, compared with other types of dogs, the hairdo really needs to spend a bit of idea, you must be at least a week a comb, twice, each time to a half an hour of time will take the dog's body hair comb, and when the dog in the season of MAO, best combing for it every day, will help in MAO process. But Collie's owners are unanimous in their admiration for its ease of arrangement and its striking beauty, even if it never goes to a beauty salon. Another thing owners should be aware of is that collie is a working dog and needs exercise. Give the long-bearded collie a little exercise time every day, just over ten minutes. Running and jumping will keep him full of vitality and health. And it will help the relationship between you and your dog.

Bearded Collie Breed History

It is said that the Polish Lowland Sheepdog was brought to Scotland by sailors centuries ago and passed down after mixing with local Scottish breeds, especially the old English Sheepdog. Later, it was said that there were two different types of long-bearded dogs, one of which was relatively small, mainly assisted herding sheep in the Scottish Highlands, and used constant barking to drive away outdated and hidden sheep. The other is relatively large, mainly distributed in the lowlands of Scotland, wearing coarse black hair. The modern long beard is believed to be a fusion of these two breeds. Although the history of the early whiskers is not so clear, there are records in the 18th and 19th centuries that the whiskers of northern and western Scotland were used to drive livestock to the market. By 1891, Thomas Gray described the long-bearded dog as "the coat on the body is like a doormat." In 1898, the criteria for distinguishing this breed of dog appeared. The Long Beard Collie Club was born in 1955. The long-bearded collie shows that it is not only a hard-working working dog, but also can adapt to home life, so the number of family pet dogs and companion dogs is increasing rapidly. Very hard-working, even living outdoors is willing.