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Beabull:Dog Breed Profile

The Beabull is a mixed breed dog produced by crossing between the English Bulldog breeds and the Beagle. There are described as curious, loyal, and loving - the three best characteristics that they inherited from their parents. Even though they are considered a designer breed, you can still find them at most rescue centers or pet shelters if you're planning to adopt one.

These dogs are incredibly versatile and can quickly adapt to the apartment lifestyle without much fuss. They have a short and stout body structure, which may lead you to believe that they're lazy. But, instead, they're very energetic and can easily play a game of fetch with you.

The Beabull is said to bond with every people in your family, including you as the owner, which makes them an excellent fit for multi-person or single-person households. They tend to be playful, yet very much protective, making them a perfect companion for most dog owners.

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Beabull Breed Characteristics

  • About Beabull Breed

    Beabulls are mostly described to be playful, strong-willed, and social. However, they're also seen as lazy animals, even though they can show their energy in bursts, especially when playing or training with them. They tend to have a strong prey drive because of their inheritance from the Beagle parent, which is why it's good to always socialize your dog. They generally weigh between 30-60 pounds and have an average lifespan between 10-13 years.

    Like its Beagle parent, the Beabull also tend to howl and bark frequently. Due to their vocal nature, they're quite excellent in guarding their owners' homes and the owner's family against any intruders. Mainly for their stubborn personality, early training is the key to an obedient Beabull. They're also highly receptive to positive reinforcements, including treats during their training sessions.

Beabull Breed Daily Care

Hair: Beabulls need to be brushed daily with the help of a firm bristle brush. Once you're done brushing, you can take a damp cloth and wipe over its coat to keep it clean and shiny. Proceed to bathe your dog only when you require the same.

Ensure that you use a shampoo that is certified to be used on dogs as you need to clean the wrinkled areas to prevent infections. These dogs are not hypoallergenic because they shed a lot of their body hair.

Nails: Ensure that you establish the habit of cutting the toenails from an early age to prevent mishandling.

Teeth: Teeth must be cleaned every day, and nails should be trimmed once or twice each month.

Ears: Beabulls come with floppy ears that need to be checked frequently. Clean out any debris to prevent any infections.

Eyes: Since Beabulls come with a droopy face with wrinkles, it's important to clean its eyes every day. This is because tears stains can be a significant problem when not cleaned, especially around the eye area. Moreover, look for redness, inflammation, or any fluid discharge. If you detect any irregularities, get in touch with your vet right away.

Recommended daily amount: It's recommended that you feed at least 2-1/2 to 3 cups of high-quality dry food for dogs daily. Ensure that you divide the overall meal amount into equal two parts, and you'll be good to go. Beabull tends to gulp food, which can easily lead to overeating and, thereby, overweight. Therefore, it should be ensured that apart from the daily meals, not leave food out in the open for your dog to consume. Limit the number of treats that you provide as well.

What food to choose: The food given to Beabull must have a high protein content to support the energetic muscles with strength and vitality.

How to keep good shape: The food must contain the precise proportions of calcium, fat, phosphorus, and vitamin D, keeping the pup healthy and strong.

How many times to feed your dog: It is recommended to feed them twice a day.

The overall dietary needs will change throughout its puppyhood to adulthood. You can proceed to ask suggestions from the vet on the diet recommendations for your dog.

Beabulls are generally said to be a very healthy breed. They’re also strong and vigorous. However, they still tend to suffer from the following health conditions:

Hip Dysplasia

Condition: A hereditary disease that results in the thigh bone and the hip socket incompatible with one another. This leads to excessive wear and tear of the hip joint, leading to pain and inflammation. It can also make the dog obese.

Treatment: The condition can be solved by offering moderate exercise, changing the diet pattern, and use of anti-inflammatory medications. Severe cases may require surgery.


Condition: This is an endocrine gland disorder where the body will produce fewer amounts of T3 and T4 thyroid hormones. Symptoms will include lethargic reaction, hair loss, weight gain, muscle density loss, and skin problems.

Treatment: Can be controlled by opting for hormonal injections and changes in the overall diet.

Ear infections

Condition: Since Beabulls come with floppy ears, the ear canals tend to keep closed and moist most of the time. This leads to the formation of a humid environment, which promotes the growth of yeast and bacteria. As a result, infections tend to occur inside the ear. Symptoms include rubbing the ears, head shaking, and scratching.

Treatment: The condition can be prevented by regularly cleaning the dog’s ears.

Like Beagles and Bulldogs, Beabulls tend to be extremely intelligent and always a pleasure to train. They always respond well to positive reinforcement, but can sometimes show their stubbornness as well. Therefore, you should keep the training sessions engaging and entertaining. They also need to be handled gently but with a firm approach.

There will be times when the Beabull will try to outsmart you, which is staying consistent and firm in your approach is essential. Early socialization training is vital to make your dog obedient and well-behaved in-front of other pets and humans. In case you need a helping hand, you can seek a professional trainer.

Beabull is a very active dog breed and can live inside small spaces and apartments. Most of the time, when they are indoors, they tend to be lazy. They also don't require much place to live in. As long as you can take your dog outside daily and perform enough physical activity, he or she will be healthy and happy. A play session spanning around 60 minutes or an hour would be enough for the same.

Moreover, it also includes trips to your nearest park, where you can proceed to play fetch games and the likes. If you like walking or jogging, your Beabull would be a great companion for you. You can take your dog out for a walk or jog in the morning or evening. Beabulls also tend to bite during its play sessions, so as an owner, you should proceed to correct such behavior.

Beabull Breed History

The Beabull is believed to have originated from the USA, by mixing two popular dog breeds - the Beagle and the Bulldog. The Beagle's history can be traced back to Romanian times, where during the 19th century, they were used as hunting dogs. They have a fantastic smell detection prowess, which was considered a valuable trait during that time.

Alternatively, the Bulldog was discovered in England, and until the year 1835, they were used in spectator fights against bears and bulls. Once these fights were banned, they were eventually used in dog fights, which was also banned later on. During this time, the Bulldogs were brought to America, and they were bred to produce the beautiful Beabull that we see today.