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Australian Terrier:Dog Breed Profile

Australian terriers are clever and have a strong physique. Most of them are suitable for companion dogs and pet dogs breeding. Australian terrier is a kind of working dog with petite but well-muscled.

The ideal size for a terrier is larger than height, with erect ears and a broken tail. The texture of the coat is slightly rough, with a distinctive fur collar and apron-like coat, and a silky topknot. With a light gait, good direction and drive, a warm and intelligent expression, and a brave and confident disposition, they were born to do different jobs. They like the tropical climate.

Australian Terrier Breed Picture & Video

  • About Australian Terrier Breed

    The ancestor of the Australian terrier is a Bristle terrier breed that was brought to Australia from England in the first half of the 19th century. 

    Although the Australian terrier does not have a long history like other dogs, people have recorded the ancestors of Australia as early as 1872, it was very different in shape then than it is now.  

    As the first Australian breed to be accepted and displayed in Australia, the Australian terrier soon gained the attention of the local government. It was extensively exhibited in Melbourne in 1885 and the Australian terrier club was founded in Melbourne in 1889. Then in 1896, the local pet association established the standard of Australian terrier and spread the Australian terrier all over the world, finally in 1933 by all English Dog Association.

Australian Terrier Breed Daily Care

Australian terrier is a small working terrier of good symmetry, moderate weight, and medium bone. Generally, it has erect ears and a truncated tail, and a little taller than its body length. 

Its coat is blue or brown, dark khaki, or deep red. The outer coat is very dense. There is a distinct coat on the neck and around the body. And its head also has a silky soft coat.

The dog is resistant to heat and cold. When summer comes, the heat might do harmful to dogs and make them unpleasant. It is recommended that Australian terriers' body hair be shaved short in summer.

The living place is required good ventilation, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of skin diseases, and also prevent insects, fleas are parasitic. The best way to keep it comfortable is to give it a bath, and it's basically just once a week.

The life span of an Australian terrier is about 14 years.

The Australian terrier has long hair all over the body and long hair covering the head. Shower once a day in summer and at least twice a week in winter. Brush your dog's hair every day to keep it smooth. Keep your dog's teeth, earwax, and toes clean each week. It is better to take a leash with you every time when you take it out, to prevent the dog from running around so that the hair will get dirty easily. Usually at home to prepare the daily use of dog medicine, which is more active dogs, so it is more vulnerable. Dogs can also be allergic to certain medications. The amount of each medication is used differently.  So ask your pet doctor before using it.

They are alert and brave, in addition, they are natural rat hunters because they are very good at hunting, and given their size and personality, they are actually more of companion dogs. Of course, they can also be excellent watchdogs against intruders.

Why is the Australian terrier so powerful? It all starts with the ancestor of the strong-willed Australian terrier, who came from England. The dogs were first brought to Australia by British settlers in order to breed a type of rat dog that could serve farms and large ranchers, and later developed into what is now the Australian terrier.

The Australian terrier has a lot of energy and likes to fight with other pets, so you can't mix with other dogs and cats unless you grew up with them.

The Australian terrier is resistant to cold and heat, and the hot weather can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. It is recommended to shave its hair a little shorter in summer. Make sure that your place of residence is well ventilated, this can effectively prevent the occurrence of skin diseases. During the summer months when diseases are most prevalent, care is taken to prevent the dog from developing diseases such as bone disease, food poisoning, heat stroke, sunstroke, filariasis transmitted by mosquitoes, and ECZEMA.

Australian Terrier Breed History

As can be seen from its name, its place of origin is Australia. It is said that its ancestors came from Britain and later sailed to Australia, cross-bred with the CAIRN terrier, the Dunedingmon terrier, the Irish terrier, the Manchester Terrier, the Yorkshire Terrier Terrier, and the Skye terrier to produce early prototypes of today's Australian terrier.

The Australian terrier was officially on display in Melbourne in 1885 and the Australian terrier club was established here in 1889, but the criteria for the dog were not developed until 1896 and then spread around the world, the first terrier in 24 years, and the 114th breed to be registered as an AKC pedigree, was approved by the All England Kennel Club in 1933 and by the American Kennel Club in 1960. The dog is divided into two types, ear-prick, and ear-drop. The United States only recognizes ear-prick, while the United Kingdom recognizes both types. The Australian terrier is a native breed that is accepted and displayed in Australia and is the first Australian breed to be recognized by other countries. In 1977, the American Australian terrier club became a member of the AKC. Today, the species is officially recognized and on display in countries around the world.