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Aussie Poo:Dog Breed Profile

Aussiepoo is a hybrid of Australian Shepherd Dog and pure breed poodle. Aussiepoo is a medium-sized dog, slim but strong. Aussiepoo's coat is soft and curly, with different colors. Like aussiepoo's parents, aussiepoo is very smart and trainable.

Aussiepoo's temperament is very good, and her social skills are also very strong. Aussiepoo can even get along well with his family and children. If he interacts with strangers when he is very young, aussiepoo can even perform well.

Aussie Poo Breed Picture & Video

Aussie Poo Breed Characteristics

  • Group: Non-Sporting Group

    Aussiepoo has a good personality and strong social skills. Aussiedoodles are compatible and versatile. In short, aussiepoo has a very happy temperament. These happy little animals don't like to stay in one place. You have to allow aussiepoo to walk around the house and the compound. You need to make sure that your yard is securely fenced so that aussiepoo won't block you. You can strap the aussiepoos, especially when you take them for a walk.

  • Barking Level: Medium

    Aussiepoo is one of the breeds who will be the first to suffer from separation anxiety because aussiepoo craves love and attention. If you deny that, aussiepoo will be bored and barking. So don't keep aussiepoo waiting. In aussiepoo, there is a problem of excessive barking, but aussiepoo only happens occasionally. This quality can make aussiepoo a family watchdog if some training is provided.

  • Characteristics: Smallest Dog Breeds

    However, the little aussiepoo may also be good for you, because you can easily track him down. Two of the origins of aussiepoo are smart dogs. Australian Shepherds are known as herders, and aussiepoo is often chosen in search and rescue.

  • Coat Type: Medium

    The risk of aussiepoo allergy is also low. This is because, in fact, mixed poodles are mostly hypoallergenic and poodles are used to breed with different dogs. Aussiepoo's beauty needs are also minimal, you will not need to invest a lot of time or money in his grooming.

  • Shedding: Seasonal

    Aussiepoo is considered to be a low maintenance dog. Dogs themselves are a seasonal haircut who will need to brush twice or three times.

  • Size: Small

    You can sleep with a little aussiepoo on the floor, but how clever aussiepoo is! Aussiepoo waits until you fall asleep and finds your bed or head! However, it's an advantage for you, especially on cold nights. You don't need a heater. Your dog's warm hairy skin is many times better heat source.

  • Trainability: Agreeable

    As for the main features of aussiepoo, aussiepoo is very smart and trainable. Aussiepoo can learn skills in just a few days, and it seems that aussiepoo will never run out of energy. Aussiepoo is also quite loyal, so you don't have to worry if you let aussiepoo out of the box.

  • Activity Level: Regular Exercise

    Your aussiedoodle is a energetic, medium and small dog. He needs 40 to 60 minutes of physical exercise a day to control these levels of energy.

  • Grooming Requirements: Moderate

    Since aussiepoo parents' mini poodle is hypoallergenic, it is possible that your hybrid PET may be, perhaps make this dog a great choice for those with respiratory problems or asthma. Your hybrid Mini aussiedoodle will need to have aussiepoo's ears checked and cleaned weekly as part of the beauty process.

  • Exercise Requirements: Significant

    Walking or jogging every day, playing in the dog park along the way, playing in the backyard with fences, or playing grab or Frisbee games will make your hairy family very grateful.

  • Affection Needs: Cuddly

    This aussiepoo developed this trait after crossbreeding with its Australian Shepherd. Aussiepoo is strongly influenced by separation anxiety. But this is not a negative feature. This is because once you bring aussiepoo to your home, aussiepoo will make friends with you soon. Aussiepoo sees everyone around him as a companion and roommate. Aussiepoo always likes to see family around, just as you like to be with family or friends. It's more of a human trait.

  • Purebred or Mixed: Mixed Dog Breeds

    Aussiepoo is a mixture of feature Australia shepherd and mini poodle. At first glance, people may think it's a hybrid and pure breed, but in fact, the miniature Australian Shepherd is not a hybrid or hybrid. The dog is made by breeding the smallest of the purebred pups to obtain a smaller version of a larger breed. Both of aussiepoo's parents are very clever.

  • About Aussie Poo Breed

    Name: Aussie Poo

    Height: 12-18 inches

    Weight: 15-35 lbs

    Lifespan: 12-14 years

    Coat Density: Normal

    Coat Texture: Wavy

    Puppy Price: $400-$600

    Temperament: Active, energetic, and enjoys playing

    Suitable for: Children, family cats, other dogs and animals.

    It's an entertainment for you, especially after working all day. In other words, aussiepoo is a comedian. Aussiepoo can jump around, as if its body is made of sponge material. Aussiepoo is very kind. More often, aussiepoo will bring you happy gifts.

    Because of the high level of intelligence of aussiepoo, training your aussiepoo graffiti is not so much a challenge as a pleasure. Aussiepoo is eager to learn and begin to understand simple and complex commands, just a few repetitions. For aussiepoo, dog training is a way to stay relaxed, which is one of the main features of aussiepoo. The behavior of this mixed poodle is very similar to that of aussiepoo's pedigree parents, especially the Australian Shepherd dog, whose main job is grazing. Although you should not understand this behavior as an attack, it is intolerable for pets. With these signs, you should start training your puppy with instructions such as sit down and stop.

    Meanwhile, aussiepoo is a traditional water hound. This work orientation is also reflected in aussiepoo. Aussiepoo likes to be assigned tasks. Aussiepoo works hard to please aussiepoo's owner. Because aussiepoo can easily get along with humans, aussiepoos are one of the best choices for dogs. Aussiepoo can also be used as emotional support, because aussiepoo has a fairly balanced temperament. If you want to travel to the beach, you don't have to leave your aussiepoo, because aussiepoo likes swimming. In fact, if you take aussiepoo to any water area, aussiepoo may show off its Olympic skills. If that's the case, you don't live near the coast, and having your aussiepoo play with your garden hose or sprinkler will give aussiepoo a lot of fun. Aussiepoo is famous for its long soft hair. Aussiepoos don't shed too much, which makes them more fluffy than most dogs. Because of these characteristics, many owners compare aussiepoo to plush toys, and I won't argue, because the original varieties of aussiepoo have the same texture and fur. Another interesting feature of aussiepoo is that aussiepoo likes to share. Aussiepoo likes to bring gifts to his owner, even to his dog companion. However, you will not be able to get aussiepoo's toys or anything aussiepoo carries, because aussiepoo is fast running, once you want to accept aussiepoo, aussiepoo likes to chase, aussiepoo will not give up easily. Once aussiepoo is away from his family or host, he will show strong separation anxiety. This is a feature of aussiepoo that may have been cloned from aussiepoo's Australian Shepherd gene. Although this may seem like a negative feature, aussiepoo is useful because aussiepoo can help aussiepoo get along well with everyone.

Aussie Poo Breed Daily Care

Aussiepoo is a good choice, especially if you want a hypoallergenic dog. Aussiepoo's personality is terrible, and aussiepoo is a good family dog as well. Lovely is the cherry on the top. In order to improve the cleanliness of aussiepoo, you should make sure to clean aussiepoo's residence, whether it's cage or room, at least once a day. In addition, make sure you clean aussiepoo's food and water containers every day. This will ensure that aussiepoo is always clean. It's important to note that the mini aussiedoodle depilates, although aussiepoo is as soft as a cat. If aussiepoo doesn't have a beautician, aussiepoo will leave a mass of hair where she sleeps or lives. If aussiepoo has a beautician, you won't even notice the hair left by aussiepoo.

Aussiepoo requires regular cleaning at least once a day and manicure at least once every two months. Daily brushing and manicure are also an important part of aussipoo's daily beauty care. In order to improve the cleanliness of aussiepoo, please make sure to clean aussiepoo's residence, whether it's cage or room, at least once a day.

Aussiepoo needs a special diet to stay healthy and strong. Aussiepoo requires a variety of nutrients, including protein, minerals, vitamins, fiber and carbohydrates. He has medium-sized dogs that weigh between 25 and 70 pounds. Therefore, aussiepoo needs enough calories to maintain its energy level. Make sure your aussiepoo has weight so you know how much dry or wet food aussiepoo should eat in a day. Aussiepoo is advised to eat two meals a day. Aussiepoo should include at least grains, vegetables, meat (or major protein source) and fruit in each meal. You want to make sure that you find the right quality food and that it doesn't expire. You should also pay close attention to the ingredients of aussiepoo food. Some processed and commercial foods contain large amounts of 4-D meat, that is, meat from dead, dead, disabled and sick animals. It's bad for your dog's health. Combine the dog's diet with some regular exercise.

You can give your  Aussiepoo   up to two meals a day, each with a balanced diet of grains, vegetables, protein and fruit. High quality dry dog food is also acceptable. Every time your dog turns the dog's eyes to you, resist the urge to feed aussiepoo; keeping your pet's healthy weight helps prevent pancreatitis.

Rupture of anterior cruciate ligament Aussiepoo refers to the instability of dog knee joint due to the degeneration of ligament fibers. The main hallmark of aussiepoo is if he lands awkwardly after jumping. For treatment, surgery is appropriate for dogs to restore normal joint function. Cushing's disease This is a disease caused by a hormone secreting tumor in the adrenal gland or pituitary gland of a dog. Symptoms associated with the disease include exercise intolerance, rapid weight gain, hair loss, skin pigmentation, and increased appetite. If you are aware that aussiedoodle has these symptoms, please do not hesitate to consult a professional veterinary specialist who will give you an appropriate solution, including diagnosis and medication. Pancreatitis It's a kind of pancreatitis. Aussiepoo may be caused by feeding high-fat food, some drugs or trauma. Aussiepoo's symptoms include vomiting, and he may show symptoms of abdominal pain. Aussiepoo is treated by intravenous infusion in dogs. To avoid this disease, make sure you feed with an ultra-low fat diet. Lvermectin sensitivity This is a common condition in Australian Shepherd dogs and is easily inherited by aussiepoo. Ivermectin sensitivity prevents the drug from entering the brain and spinal cord. As a result, he will respond to a variety of drugs. Blood tests are used to assess defects before veterinary specialists prescribe appropriate treatments and medications. Canine hip dysplasia It is an inherited dog disease that develops hip joint disease, leading to hind limb claudication in your aussiedoodle, especially if aussiepoo is young. Early detection of signs and symptoms is a little difficult, but it is easy to find through X-ray examination. The inspection enables veterinarians to develop the necessary strategies to help your puppy return to a normal life. Epilepsy Epilepsy mainly affects aussiepoo for more than 6 months. The signs and stages of aussiepoo are difficult to determine. Compared with other diseases, aussiepoo is less harmful, because many infected dogs live a normal and complete life in the disease. The best way to identify and solve these genetic diseases is to take him to regular health examination, whether he is young or old. This will help your veterinarian discover the disease, and aussiepoo is still in its active stage of development. This aussiepoo was born after aussiepoo's Cross parent, the Australian Shepherd. Aussiepoo is strongly influenced by separation anxiety. But this is not a negative feature. This is because once you bring aussiepoo to your home, aussiepoo will make friends with you soon. Aussiepoo sees everyone around him as a companion and roommate. Aussiepoo always likes to see family around, just as you like to be with family or friends. It's more of a human trait.

Aussiepoo is also good at interacting with children, family cats, other dogs and animals. Early socialization helped to achieve this. The mini aussiepoo is friendly to everyone, which may affect aussiepoo's ability to become an effective watchdog. Aussiepoo is smart and has a desire to be happy, which makes aussieroo easy to train and use positive training methods. It's not a dog who performs well when he's alone for a long time. Aussiepoo has a strong ability to develop annoying disruptive behavior with boredom. Aussiepoo will like a home with family members. Aussiepero is active, energetic and enjoys playing.

maintain aussiepero's mental impairment. Agility training is not recommended before the age of 1 to reduce the risk of permanent damage to its young and tender bones. In urban or rural environments, aussiepoo can live in apartments, apartments or family homes with or without fenced yards. Because aussiepoos have traditions of hunting and tracking, it's best to strap aussiepoos when pets are outside the house or outside the yard, unless you like chasing aussiepoos, because aussiepoos follow the latest and most interesting smells. These cubs are a great choice, any climate, with a coat that enables aussiepoo to endure hot and cold weather. The dog is for a loving and careful owner. Aussiepoo needs more attention and care.

Playing physical and mental games with your aussiepoo can also help him instill good manners and temperament. Dog brain training will help you train your dog's brain cells, and you'll be surprised at the results of aussiepoo and how aussiepoo helps release your dog's "hidden wisdom.". When you train your dog, aussiepoo will begin to pay attention to you and obey you as never before. Expect your dog's intelligence to increase at least 10-15 times. My friend Catherine shared her whole story and the results before and after she used it. Aussiepoo is also quick to learn. So if you use a positive reinforcement method, aussiepoo is easy to train. With patience and consistency, he will show the results you need.

You need to train aussiepoo to be more sociable and better adapted to the environment and the people around him. Aussiepoo learns fast and is always eager to learn more. Aussiepoo comes in a variety of color combinations. Even if a female has more than three pups, all pups will look different.

Aussiepoo's dental examination and home brushing at least two to three times a week, if not daily, will help prevent periodontal disease and its associated tooth shedding. As part of the beauty process, toenails should also be checked weekly and trimmed as needed. Mixing does not require a bath unless it is necessary to keep the oil required in the coat. The odor and drool levels of aussiepoo were rated low. Aussiepoo can inherit the temperament characteristics of one or two parent varieties. Your mixed fluffy family members will be a great family supplement! Aussiepo is described as brave, energetic, gentle, intelligent, loyal, outgoing, protective, quiet and social.

Aussie Poo Breed History

Aussiepoo is a hybrid breed, which is made up of a miniature Australian Shepherd and a mini poodle, creating a dog with superior intelligence! The history of hybrids themselves dates back to about 20 to 30 years ago, and it seems that the purpose of development in the United States is to accompany, agile and obedient to training, although some hunting options may also be used, given the genetic nature of the parent species. 

Australian Shepherd

The miniature parent of Australian Shepherd, at first glance, appears to be a hybrid itself, but in fact, it is a cautious and purposeful breeding of the smallest pure Australian cub that breeds to other smaller pure Australian cubs, allowing breeders to carefully create a smaller version of Australian Shepherd while maintaining the same breed characteristics and keen sensitivity The varieties with a larger feeling. Breeders should be praised for their cautious and purposeful breeding ideas that have led to the original intention of dogs. The miniature Australian Shepherd breed was introduced to the United States in 1960s, and the micro version was developed in 1968. The above breeding concept was used for agriculture and grazing. Aussiepoo and mini curly dog combine to create our characteristic hybrid, mini Australian curly dog. The mini Australian Shepherd is quite smart and is very suitable for any dog activity you may want to let your pet. These activities can include agility, grazing, obedience, disc dogs, flying balls and family members who always like hairy. After years of debate, whether mini dog is a breed independent of large dog, the United States Dog Club and the United dog club have previously classified the two breeds into a group. Finally, in 2011, the American Dog Club listed the mini Australian Shepherd in the basic gold club stock service. Once the registration number reaches 150, the Australian Shepherd can be recognized.

Mini poodle

It was created more than 500 years ago because people wanted a very famous small version of the standard poodle, and wanted a poodle that was easier to care for and less expensive to feed. Thanks to its ease of training and aussiepero's intellectual level, the miniature was very popular with circus in the 1950s and 1960s. Mini version of poodle is still a very active dog, and has similar hunting characteristics with the standard version. The standard version is one of the oldest known dog breeds. Your mini Australian curly dog is a hybrid combination of a mini Austrian shepherd and a mini (sometimes toy) curly dog, so you can take one or two parent breeds for appearance features. Your mini aussiedoodle may be small and medium, 12 to 18 inches tall, weigh between 15 and 35 pounds, have soft ears, almond eyes, almost black or blue colors, medium sized snouts and scissors. Soft, silky, until curled, with white, blue, black, yellow, brown, red, silver and gray colors.

The facts I mentioned above just want to give you a glimpse of the fun of having an aussiepoo. You have a lot to learn about this half breed so that you can understand aussiepoo better. Unfortunately, aussiepoo is not recognized by dog clubs like AKC, because aussiepoos belong to designers. However, the origin of aussiepoo is well recognized. Aussiepoo may have existed naturally long before breeders decided to intentionally mix the original varieties of aussiepoo. However, there are no written documents as evidence, so we can only understand the mixed blood history of aussiepoo. This cute medium-sized dog was first developed in the United States in the late 1990s or early 21st century. As I discussed earlier, aussiepoo originated from Australian shepherds and poodles. Because both breeds are very smart and hardworking, aussiepoo has become one of the ultimate canine geniuses. If the parents of aussiepoos are a mini poodle, they are more likely to be smaller. Aussiepoo is usually 12 inches tall and weighs 44 pounds. This variety is known as mini Australia or mini Australia. At the same time, if the parents of the poodle are standard size, the Australian poodle will measure 23 inches tall or almost twice the size of the mini version. The aussiepoos also weigh relatively more, 49 to 70 pounds. In addition to the mini and standard sizes, some aussiepoos are particularly large. Aussiepoo is characterized by its broad trunk and strong back. Aussiepoo is an energetic dog, so an Australian Shepherd needs at least 90 minutes of exercise every day. If you are a sofa potato, this may not be your ideal variety. Because these dogs are highly athletic, you can take aussiepoo out for your daily jog. You can even go to the local swimming pool for a while, because aussiepoo likes to go into the water. This breed will also perform well in the dog's athletic and agility training. As mentioned above, a healthy aussiepoo should have a life span of 10 to 12 years. One way to make sure your beloved dog has a long and happy life is to give aussiepoo a proper diet.