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Ausky:Dog Breed Profile

Auskies are the super active and playful breeds with the capability of acting as herding animals. They inherited balanced qualities from their parent breeds - the Siberian Huskies and Australian Cattle Dogs. Colorful as they are, Auskies are very similar in appearance to Huskies. They have very dramatic behavior and are intelligent animals to come across. You can easily socialize with these magnificent canines.

Much of the dramatic, funny, and active temperament is from their Siberian parents. They are mid-sized dog breeds, who can do much more when trained as little pups. Head tilt and howling are the most wonderful things to watch while these furry animals grow from puppyhood to adulthood.

They almost never get tired of jumping or running around. Both of the parent breeds having an active and dominant nature, Auskies are very protective of their owners. Get an Ausky if you need the best fun-loving apartment dogs. You sure can’t get enough of their little mischievous perks.

Ausky Breed Picture & Video

Ausky Breed Characteristics

  • Group: Herding Group

    Both Australian Cattle Dogs and Siberian Huskies have a notable herding instinct which is transferred onto their hybrid mixes - the Auskies. Their protective, energetic, and agile traits have added them to the herding group.

  • Barking Level: When Necessery

    Auskies are a frequent barking breed, yet will try to warn you if they sense any strange people nearby. The one most remarkable trait that every Ausky dog owner likes about them is their howls, which keeps the fun streak high.

  • Characteristics: Best Family Dogs

    Auskies are quite affectionate pets and usually get around with everyone without any problem. Yet sometimes they may have trouble adapting to houses with smaller kids. But with proper care and training, both kids and Auskies can live together with a happy and strong bonding among them. Since Auskies are a sociable animal, giving the right attention to them will eventually develop healthy and friendly relations.

  • Coat Type: Long

    They have a short or long coat of hair with a double layer of thickly dense undercoat, which is very soft and fluffy.

  • Shedding: Seasonal

    Auskies shed moderately throughout the year and require weekly once or twice brushing. However, they shed a lot in the spring, which might call for a daily brushing at that particular time of the year.

  • Size: Medium

    Auskies are medium in size and have a muscled body. But if you notice closely, they have a tad bit longer body as compared to their height.

  • Trainability: May Be Stubborn

    Dramatic as Huskies, Auskies can become stubborn and start to growl and deny learning and interacting. They are very moody and have funny tantrums to throw at you and keep you on your toes during training sessions.

  • Activity Level: Regular Exercise

    Auskies have an inborn zestful character, so it is essential to let them enjoy a good amount of playtime outdoors by accompanying them to walking, jogging, running, etc. Taking them to dog parks and encouraging them to interact with other dogs helps them develop better socialization skills. Give them an hour of exercise twice a day to keep them cheerful and active.

  • Grooming Requirements: Moderate

    Hairline might differ in terms of inheritance, so will the grooming requirements. If Auskies have shorter hair like the Australian Cattle Dog, brushing and bathing is required once a week. However, developing a longer coat requires frequent grooming.

  • Exercise Requirements: Significant

    An hour of activity and exercise is sufficient to keep Auskies in the prime of their health. These cheerful dog breeds love amusements and sports, so it is better to adopt them if you can provide them with a good amount of activity space. Trying new games like fetching, soccer, tug of war, etc. as they can be highly receptive to playful activities.

  • Affection Needs: Cuddly

    Ausky puppies can be snuggled and cuddled up to bed as they like affection and care. If you have two little Ausky pups, usually they can be seen playing around and snuggling up in your house or garden. Considering their wilful nature, it is better not to leave them alone.

  • Purebred or Mixed: Mixed Dog Breeds

  • About Ausky Breed

    Auskies are highly intelligent and love using their stamina in adventurous hiking, games, running, and other activities. Having the characteristic herding group traits, they can carry some loads to help their owners at work. As an instinctual behavior, Auskies like to chase cattle animals and bring them in groups. Training this nature is quite helpful if you have farm animals.

    They can grow to an average height of 17-23 inches and have a life expectancy of 11-16 years. With their muscular built body, these lively dog breeds usually weigh around 40-60 pounds.

    Auskies are incredibly smarter and can pair with someone who loves outdoor activities. Their personalities are very entertaining if they are brought up with other companion pets; they can surprise you with their excellent bonding skills. Supervising them at a younger age tends to develop remarkable traits in them quite easily. If you have room for funny and kinky companion pets, you will love Auskies.

Ausky Breed Daily Care

Hair: Since Auskies hairline may differ depending on their inheritance of the coating type from their parent breeds, their grooming requirement is low to moderate. Brushing and bathing them from once a week to frequent grooming depends on their fur coating. These are a type of designer breeds and taking the utmost care of using certified shampoo is highly advisable.

Nails: Monthly trimming their nails once or twice is sufficient for good hygiene.

Teeth: Brushing their teeth regularly keeps them less susceptible to dental risks.

Ears: Auskies floppy and hairy ears require cleaning regularly to avoid serious infections. Try cleaning them with a damp and clean cloth to clear off debris.

Eyes: If your Auskies love rolling and playing in the dirt, you should keep a regular check of their eyes to see if there is any redness or infection. Regular cleaning of their eyes will keep them healthy.

Recommended daily amount: In view of their vigorous activity level, Auskies should be fed adequately with kibble or dry dog food so that they grow properly. Also, try to feed them with fruits and vegetables recommended by the vet to provide full nutrition.

Occasionally giving them treats like meat or fish is good to keep them relaxed and happy. However, it is recommended that you have a prior consultation with your vet to give the appropriate quantity and quality. Cleaning their food bowls is an essential factor to maintain a healthy hygiene.

What food to choose: High protein diet is highly recommended.

How to keep good shape: Regular exercise and a balanced diet.

How many times to feed your dog: Twice a day.

In general, Auskies don’t develop much of any health issues. There are some common sicknesses that Auskies might suffer from, however, these are treatable. The parent breeds of Auskies are usually healthy and less prone to disease. Additionally, mixed breeds don't have many health issues.

To note one particular and rare abnormality is developing two different iris colors. Many consider this to be a beautiful and remarkable eye problem in them. However, this also might be a symbol that they can develop eye issues in the future. Below are some health problems, which require a talk with your vet.


Condition: Suffering from a chronic ear infection, Auskies might lose their hearing ability. It is, in some cases, found that they are born with congenital deafness.

Treatment: If the deafness can be reversed, your veterinarian will suggest you the medication or surgical treatment to do so. In the majority cases, the condition might be irreversible and would require additional prognosis and training to continue living a normal life.


Condition: Auskies might develop a white layer on their iris, which is the prime signal of cataract.

Treatment: In this condition, surgical removal of cataracts is necessary to retain their eyesight.

Auskies inherited the moody and dramatic temperament from Huskies which makes it challenging to train them. They are quite wonderful and hilarious to watch with their adorable howls and growls. At times, it becomes difficult to leash them and take them outdoors due to their willful nature.

It is better to train Auskies right from their puppyhood to control their stubborn temper and make them more friendly. Denying them their favorite treat or shoe brings out their human-like vocal howling or barking at times.

As Auskies are very lively animals, you need to keep them away from muddy areas. They love rolling and playing in muddy areas due to their funny and mischievous nature. They need to be trained and handled well with love and care since they are dramatic little creatures.

Give them a proper bath. Take them to long walks and give them plenty of space to jump and play. Pet owners should not leave Auskies alone as they are very moody, and you might come home to find your favorite shoes and cushions chewed and tore.

Ausky Breed History

Ausky is challenging to adopt and train, but can be very protective of their human counterparts. Ausky or Australian Husky is the perfect mix of Australian Cattle Dog and Siberian Husky. Their lineage can be traced back to Russia where Siberian Huskies were developed in the beginning. Auskies can be hard working and are best seen performing herding activities. More than a house dog, the intelligence and protective trait makes them better as watchdogs. Their exceptional features like energetic and playfulness combined with dramatic tantrums are an amazing package in a mid-sized furry body.