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Alusky:Dog Breed Profile

The Alaskan Malamute and the Siberian Husky are the sources of the strong breed- Alusky. Aluskies are big but wonderful and intelligent. An Alusky almost looks like a wolf. They are loyal and friendly dogs. Moreover, they are active, easy to train, and smart. Their playful nature will surprise you. They tend to roam around outside and like outdoor activities and exercise.

The origin of the Alusky breed is the United States. They are found in various colors and combinations. One of the best aspects of Aluskies is that they are very intelligent. Hence, they can grasp any skill with ease and in less time. However, Aluskies often show stubbornness. That is why first-time dog owners will feel it difficult to handle them. Aluskies like to please their owners with their activities.

These dogs can exhibit an independent nature. Hence, it is essential to have a proper training routine for them. Former large dog breed owners will more likely to find it easier to take care of and train Aluskies. The Alusky breed shows the traits of both of its parents in terms of health and personality. They like to socialize and interact with other dogs.

Alusky Breed Picture & Video

Alusky Breed Characteristics

  • Group: Working Group

    Alusky dogs are willing to please the owner. Moreover, they are intelligent and easily trainable. Being a part of the working group, one can make use of Alusky dogs as sled dogs. Dogs of this breed call for various tasks so that they can weed out boredom.

  • Barking Level: Infrequent

    Aluskies make different types of noises, such as chirping, barking, howling, whining, and so on. Nonetheless, they rarely bark. When people get busy in their daily activities, you can see an Alusky barking.

  • Characteristics: Smartest Breeds Of Dogs

    The Alusky dog breed is intelligent and smart by nature. They are also friendly and willing to take part in various activities. They are charming and adorable. Moreover, they are loyal to their respective owners.

  • Coat Type: Long

    Aluskies have a double coat, which is dense and thick. However, their coat color can be a combination of different colors. The fur of Aluskies can come with various colors, such as silver, red, light brown, golden, brown, salt, and pepper, cream white, gray, or combinations.

  • Shedding: Seasonal

    The shedding seasons of the Aluskies are the summer and the spring. And owners should brush them on a regular basis to prevent heavy shedding. Although Aluskies do shed seasonally, they can also shed at other times as well.

  • Size: Large

    Aluskies come with a big size along with a maximum of 28 inches of height. An Alusky dog features 60-100 lbs of weight.

  • Trainability: Eager To Please

    Aluskies are an eager-to-please dog breed. Moreover, they are smart and intelligent. So, owners should not feel it too difficult to train Aluskies. It will be easier for people to hold enough experience in maintaining large dogs. Nonetheless, Aluskies may also show independent or obstinate nature. Therefore, it is a must to have a consistent and solid approach in their training. Aluskies may not set an ideal option for people, who have not handled dogs earlier. Hence, first-time dog owners can opt for some other dog breed.

  • Activity Level: Energetic

    When it comes to the large dog breeds, Aluskies come into the picture. They are energetic dogs. Aluskies also like to do exercises on a regular basis along with mental excitement. In short, they like to take part in several activities throughout the day.

  • Grooming Requirements: Moderate

    Aluskies call for proper grooming. Moreover, must take them for bathing whenever they become dirty. Also, it is important to check their ears from time to time. Owners should brush their coats multiple times a week. Thus, it gets possible to maintain Aluskies’ thick coat. The summer and spring seasons make it necessary to brush Aluskies on a daily basis. It helps to lessen shedding.

  • Exercise Requirements: Significant

    The Alusky breed can gain weight fast if they do not get enough exercise. These dogs prefer digging, running, and socializing with other dogs. In short, Aluskies like outdoor activities a lot and it includes hiking, jogging, or walking.

  • Affection Needs: Balanced

    Aluskies are affectionate, loyal, smart, and energetic. They are a large dog breed. However, it is essential to supervise the children constantly whenever they are with Aluskies. That means kids must not be left alone with these dogs at home.

  • Purebred or Mixed: Mixed Dog Breeds

  • About Alusky Breed

    Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky are full-blooded dog breeds. Dog enthusiasts performed a cross between these two breeds and Alusky is born. It is a large dog breed with a vigorous and friendly nature. Moreover, Aluskies exhibit amazing stamina, playfulness, and power.

    Aluskies possess spacious muzzle, upright ears, dense coat, extremely furred tail, and almond-shaped eyes. Moreover, they have a dark nose and a similarity with a wolf in appearance.

    Most of the Aluskies contribute to different activities, such as racing, sledding, carting, search & rescue work, and so on. Aluskies are charming, outgoing, playful, and active. They like to interact with new people.

    Moreover, they befriend with people once they meet them. However, Aluskies do not make an ideal option when it comes to a watchdog.

Alusky Breed Daily Care

Hair: It is important to maintain the good health of Aluskies’ dense coat. Hence, owners need to brush them multiple times every week. Shedding seasons (summer and spring) need additional care and attention. Therefore, owners must brush their coat daily to prevent high shedding.

Nails: Alusky’s nails need to be clipped once or twice per month.

Teeth: Owners need to brush the teeth of their Aluskies two to three times per week. Moreover, their nails need to be clipped once or twice per month.

Ears: Owners need to clean the ears of their Aluskies on a daily basis. It will help to protect their ears from infection. And taking care of Aluskies’ ears should be a necessary part of their grooming.

Eyes: Aluskies are susceptible to eye problems being a hybrid canine. So, owners should consult an experienced vet to protect their Aluskies’ eyes.

Recommended daily amount: You should feed Alusky between four to five cups of high-quality foods daily.

What food to choose: You need to opt for dry dog food. You can select from one of the reputed brands in the market. However, the food must comprise of whole food ingredients excluding artificial compounds or allergens.

You can also choose a top-class canned food for your Alusky every day. In that case, it is essential to lower the quantity of dry food. Otherwise, overeating and obesity can be the result.

How to keep good shape: Since Alusky is a large dog breed, you must offer high-quality food serving to your pet. The food must be canine-specific and filled with the correct amount of nutrients. It will ensure their health and energy.

How many times to feed your dog: You can divide the amount of food to feed your Alusky multiple times.

Being a hybrid canine breed, the Alusky is susceptible to some health issues. These ailments are similar to their parent breeds.

Common Disease

Hip Dysplasia: It is a common hereditary disease inherited from both the parents. The disease occurs due to the abnormal function of hip joints. The dog may experience pain, inflammation, and lameness.

Treatment: This condition can be treated under the supervision of a veterinarian, who may perform physical exercise, prescribe, anti-inflammatory drugs, and a balanced diet.

It is not possible to assume the long-term health status of an Alusky. It is because it is not possible to say whether an Alusky will carry ailment from its parents. It is critical to keep track of their health condition to find out early symptoms.

Since Aluskies are an active, smart, and intelligent dog breed, they are easy to train. However, owners must have enough experience in managing large dogs. However, these dogs can also show independent as well as stubborn nature. Therefore, a solid exercise regimen needs to be there.

Besides, the owners must have enough patience and maintain a positive attitude throughout the training period. A proper reward system is also recommended. Aluskies do not like harsh training approaches.

Puppies must get obedience training to know about the customs of the home. It will also help them to get accustomed to basic commands.

When it comes to the active hybrid canine breed, the Alusky must be there in the list. Owners need to manage a regular exercise session for their Aluskies. Exercises also help these dogs to get rid of boredom.

Moreover, it is also important to ensure that Aluskies must get enough outdoor activities, such as playing, walking, running, etc.

Alusky Breed History

Alusky is the result of the cross between two full-blooded dog breeds- Siberian husky and Alaskan malamute. Their appearance has similarities with a wolf. Both of the parents of Aluskies were trained to be sled dogs. And their offspring are very intelligent and skilled.

Besides, Alusky dogs are extremely active. They make a perfect breed for people, who have plans for outdoor activities (running or walking) with their dogs.