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Yorkie Poo Dog For Sale

Yorkie poo can be a combination of two or three colors: black, white, Tan, mink, apricot, silver, gray, red or cream. Yorkie poo is a lively, affectionate and playful dog who likes to be with people. It is full of love, loyalty, is a real companion dog, like to participate in family activities. Thanks to yorkie poo's Hound pedigree, yorkie poo is confident, but usually she is easygoing and less demanding than many of her smaller breeds. Yorkie poo is smart enough to be a perfect partner through continuous and active training. Yorkie poo tends to be vigilant and willing to see the world from her host's warm lap, but she also likes to explore new things on her own. Occasionally, a white or black yorkie poo appears, but this is rare. Most of the yorkie poos have at least two colors.