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Yo chon Dog For Sale

Yo chon is a hybrid of pure Bichon frise and Yorkshire Terrier. Yo Chon is a hybrid designer from the United States. But we don't know much about this cute, furry dog except for the country where he was born. Sadly, as with almost all crossbreeding dogs, there is little historical information about this breed. One of the main reasons why Bichon frise's history is full of mystery is that mixed breed dogs are not always considered design breeds. As a hybrid, we can never be sure.

Yo Chon is very loving and gentle. Yo Chon is well known for his incredible kinship with all family members, and it doesn't take long to warm new people. They usually get along well with their children, but because of their short stature, they should still be monitored. Although yo Chon can learn to get along with yo Chon pets, they have a high desire to prey and usually chase smaller animals, especially any pet rodent. Most dogs will tolerate yo Chon dogs, although some may try to maintain their advantage.

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