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Whoodle Dog For Sale

The Whoodle is a lovely, fun, and curly-haired dog. If you love a dog with such a description, the Whoodle makes an excellent choice. It's one of the cutest dogs around and looks like a teddy bear doll. A Whoodle is a crossbreed of poodle and wheaten terrier, and hence you'll expect similarities or traits of the parents to be present. They are elegant like the poodles and friendly and warm like the Wheaten Terriers. This combination brings forth adorable puppies that everyone would love to cuddle.

The Whoodle features a straight and wavy coat with excellent silk characteristics. Therefore it's soft and with reduced shedding. When you compare to other breeds, your house will be free of hair, and this will save you the vacuuming headache. On the same note, the hair can grow long and hence need for regular grooming and brushing to keep it neat.

If you live in an apartment, the Whoodle is a good choice since despite being active, it's also calm and adapts very well for indoor living. Here, we have a comprehensive review of the Whoodle dog. Keep reading.

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