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Snorkie Dog For Sale

The name Snorkie sounds pretty, and you should expect a beautiful dog for such a name. And yes, this little canine is awesome, has the looks, and has a big heart. The little pup will win your heart the moment you see it, and though it's a designer dog, it is more popular than many other breeds on the market. There are lots of good things and experiences when you own a Snorkie. His fans also call him Shorkie, the names Schnauzer and Yorkie.

What you need to know is that Shorkie is parented by two purebred dogs. These parents are the famous Yorkshire Terrier and the Miniature Schnauzer, the one more reason to fall in love with this dog. Besides its sweet name, the Shorkie is intelligent, thrives well with socialization, and is a loyal additional member of the family.

One more thing about Shorkie is the regular urge to relieve himself. Hence, if you love it and want it in your home, be committed to making your little pup succeed in potty training as he needs to use every three hours. Snorkie is a hypoallergenic dog breed that is more compatible with allergic people than other breeds. So it is family members friendly dog breed. 

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